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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - ESO Beta Edition

Hello and welcome to MMOFTW for February 9th, 2014. I'm your host, Bill Murphy, and this is the week that was in MMO news at The NDA, or part of it, has dropped for the Elder Scrolls Beta and this week we're devoting MMOFTW to that cause, plus the fact that Broadsword games has broken off from EA Mythic and is now working on new content for Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot... did EA just do us a favor? Watch on and find out. This is MMOFTW.

Duration: 5:38
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Alverant writes: So where's the Vanguard sundowning news we were promised two weeks ago? Sun Feb 09 2014 11:49AM Report
Kerlan writes: Can someone post a tutorial video of basic BlackSmithing. Sun Feb 09 2014 11:55AM Report
FelixMajor writes: I am tired of ESO already, seeing it, playing it, hearing about it.  Can we move on already? Sun Feb 09 2014 12:14PM Report
Scot writes:

I like the look of the combat, but so far the videos have told us little else about the MMO.

EA do us a favour? Right. :)

Sun Feb 09 2014 12:27PM Report
Prod1702 writes: @Das1337 unless Zarak11 is part of the press he/she is still under NDA and not able to talk about the game yet. Sun Feb 09 2014 12:33PM Report
Telondariel writes:

Das, one thing you need to take in consideration (unless you already do) is that there is a very vocal contingent here that will post in every thread, as many times as possible, their baseless, negative view of..anything.  This time the current target is ESO.  For the most part, it's like the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  No substance, and when you hear it often enough from the same people it looses its impact. 


There is still a Beta Weekend.  I'd check it out for yourself while there is still time. 

Sun Feb 09 2014 1:20PM Report
Lord.Bachus writes: I allready played Skyrim in 3rd person... i prefer it way above first person...  And it improves the gameplay in TESO drastically Sun Feb 09 2014 2:04PM Report
Allacore69 writes: Lord.Bachus - I agree Sun Feb 09 2014 2:12PM Report
renatinho11 writes: hi, do i have to pay to play this game? Sun Feb 09 2014 2:42PM Report
orakus writes:

the level cap for the weekend beta is definitely not 20 yet less "20 + lvl".. i'll admit it's a little sketchy for release 2 months from now but it does have it's moments..

i don't think i'm breaking nda by saying that the ability to play however you want (plate wearing summoner/sorc with minions and wades in with a 2-hander), definitely blurs away from the holy trinity we've gotten used to in mmos today.. for both good and bad imo!

Sun Feb 09 2014 3:48PM Report
Moirae writes: Das1337, he can't talk about it. He's under NDA.  Sun Feb 09 2014 5:28PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: Actually you're breaking the NDA by saying anything other than "yes I am in the beta" any impressions, details whatsoever are considered a violation of the Beta. I got warned already so just want to give a heads up. Sun Feb 09 2014 5:34PM Report
Athena_Starfire writes:

Not paying a sub..


Sun Feb 09 2014 6:12PM Report
Slaymore writes: Love the game. Sun Feb 09 2014 7:12PM Report
Kratier writes: "hurr durr NDA HURRR" meanwhile they give out betas to any old idiot with a web connection Sun Feb 09 2014 8:02PM Report
Mtibbs1989 writes: It's quite interesting to see some of the posts. People are already tired of the game before it even releases, lol. Sun Feb 09 2014 8:25PM Report
giga1000 writes: The mod community is what made Skyrim finished and a great game. I see the same issues with ESO as Skyrim pre mod community a large empty world with lots of bugs. The character textures look bad in a horrible way. The game looks like it was made graphic wise from 2001. As for combat I liked Skyrim but not until the mod community made it great. I do like stealing things that are apart of the world which I wish more games would have as a basic feature. The npc walking around look horrible with no life to them. I will be skipping this game because with out the mod nation it will be a big empty world with massive bugs period. Sun Feb 09 2014 8:44PM Report
d_20 writes:

I'm tired of people complaining about being tired of the game. There are some other threads you can post in.


I like the game and I'm looking forward to getting started for keeps. At least the people who know they don't like it won't be cluttering general chat with complaints and WoW comments.

Sun Feb 09 2014 8:48PM Report
Bloodyjoker writes: trust me  do not play this game  it definitely gonna hurt your eyes, the graphics is terrible Sun Feb 09 2014 10:09PM Report
cydoneq writes: there are more than one right answer, its called opinion. There are many out there. You have to catch them all. Sun Feb 09 2014 10:17PM Report
Machination writes: I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be playing it come launch. Cheers! Sun Feb 09 2014 10:26PM Report
Spawnblade writes:

Only game I've preordered in the last 5 years.  It's that good.  I thought it was going to be terrible too.


Mind you, I'm an avid Elder Scrolls fan.  Have spent a great deal of time modding other elder scrolls games, so maybe that's why I like it.  Hopefully Zenimax ignores the twelve year olds upset about having to pay 15 bucks a month (seriously, I've eaten sandwiches more expensive than that.)

Sun Feb 09 2014 10:45PM Report
lordtwisted writes: I just hope all of those people spending time playing the beta are actually filling out bug reports. Sun Feb 09 2014 11:08PM Report
lordtwisted writes: I was going to pre-order it, but after experiencing the problems with groups I had this weekend, I decided to wait. Sun Feb 09 2014 11:09PM Report
Tanr writes:

This game is great.  I have pre-ordered and it was an easy decision after playing.  I think Wow and all its' clones have conditioned most people into thinking that's how all mmos should be.  People freak out with a slower paced game that isn't cluttered with a monster every 10 feet.

I honestly was expecting to hate this game. I am a huge TES fan and I had already written it off figuring they would find a way to screw it up just like all the other highly anticipated, big IP mmos. Well, I fricking love it!  If you are a TES fan and are expecting and TES feeling mmo then get this game. You wont regret it.  If you are expecting a game to appeal more to the WoW fan base then you should probably be reserved about it.

Finally a game that isn't just another WoW clone.

Sun Feb 09 2014 11:57PM Report
Notimeforbs writes:

I completely agree Tanr.  This game is just, simply put, different than any MMO I've played since SWG Pre-CU.  I've already pre-ordered and haven't been this anxious to play a full version of an MMO in a long while.

I'd say a lot more, but... I don't know what is NDA restricted or not.  All I can say is that the beta I played was nothing but good stuff once I got my bearings on how to play.

Mon Feb 10 2014 12:31AM Report
ZChambersS writes: The only comment I am going to make is this, I have played the game and if you say the "graphics" are "terrible" you either A: Have a machine that cant handle the game very well or B: You have not played it, because the graphics are by far the best of any MMO I have played and in some ways, actually most ways the graphics are better and more detailed/ clear than Skyrim. Mon Feb 10 2014 12:49AM Report
tarodin writes: that eve online song.... love it... can't stop listening to it :S :S Mon Feb 10 2014 2:42AM Report
Ghavrigg writes:

Anyone else do a spit-take when they read the breaking off from EA Mythic to do more content for DAoC and UO?

I am gonna be watching DAoC closely. Maybe they'll finally do a classic server.

Mon Feb 10 2014 2:51AM Report
osc8r writes:

This review about covers it:

i.e. they have taken out the kill quests, and rreplaced them with lots of 'walk and read text' instead.

If you are a massive elder scrolls fan or enjoy stories you MAY not die of boredom.

Mon Feb 10 2014 5:55AM Report
Torgrim writes:

Lokks nice and dandy in FPV, looks hidious in 3rd person view.


Mon Feb 10 2014 6:59AM Report
primetheus writes:

I see another person saying the graphics are bad ..I cant realy believe theyve played the beta ..nah def they cant have that or they play on a pentiun 4 with on board graphics .

The game is visualy stunning granted i can wallop all settings to max nand have good fps but seriously its the best mmo graphics wise there is bar none and im currently beta testing 3 in total and have played over 40 throughout the years so im not just throwing my idea with no grounds .

The gameplay maybe  little slow for some but its more of a cerebral experiance like TSW its a good ol fashioned RPG that has an awsome multiplayer functionality ..join a few guilds maybe a pvp one a raid one and rp one and never play solo again

Dont think ive broken the nda but if i have i just get so mad that all true fans are being shackled by the nda and only the haters are willing to breech it rise to an unbalanced negative reaction

just pre ordered my physical imperial edition and i have never been so hyped to get back and play a game as i am with ESO

Tue Feb 11 2014 12:36AM Report writes:
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