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Videos Videos - MMOFTW News Recap for December 21st, 2013

What big name game closed down this week? When is Diablo 3's expansion launching? How much money has DayZ made in less than a week? And just what is an Attack Squadron? All this and more, watch and learn. This is MMOFTW.

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Sky.Falcon writes: Yea WAR could of been a fantastic game, too bad it didnt live up to its hype.  Sat Dec 21 2013 11:27AM Report
fantasyfreak112 writes: WAR made a slew of WoW'ish changes in the last few months of development. WAR failing is a good thing as it sends a message that you can't just mindlessly clone WoW and expect to be successful. Sat Dec 21 2013 12:19PM Report
Bakkoda24 writes:

WAR didn't start out as a WoW clone. It was it's own perfectly successful franchise, just like Warcraft was for Blizzard. WAR's problem was that RvR became unbalanced because of population changes between servers. End game RVR required large amounts of players to do anything, and without them there was no reason to RvR at all. They started hemorrhaging players because RvR was the only bearable part of the game, since PvE was near nonexistent.

The endless trial was a good incentive but selling items that leveled you to 40 with a mouse click, in my opinion, killed the game for a lot of people.

Personally, I'd like to put the blame on EA for rushing Mythic but I know that's naive of me. There was major mismanagement all around.

Sat Dec 21 2013 12:30PM Report
Alomar writes: Warhammer closing is sad news indeed, I only gave it a try when it went f2p, wish I had played it at launch. Sat Dec 21 2013 12:34PM Report
daydreamerxx writes: Wasnt wow actually being developed as a warhammer game. Then later turned into what became wow? Sat Dec 21 2013 1:27PM Report
HolyTrevor writes: i miss playing WAR back when it first started, shame it didnt have all the stuff they said about before launch and the fact that i bought the collectors edition sooo thats the last time i fall for the hype Sat Dec 21 2013 1:35PM Report
Torcip writes: No, the original Warcraft RTS i believe was supposed to be a warhammer game so much so that they started working on it to be a warhammer game. But then the team decided they wanted their own IP to control so they made some aesthetic changes and released it as warcraft. Sat Dec 21 2013 1:42PM Report
Akumawraith writes:

Chalk another epic fail to EA and lets call it a day.  Note to Future developers... avoid EA at all costs if you want a chance at succeeding.

Note to the Game devs...  good luck.

Sat Dec 21 2013 2:10PM Report
Effin_Rabbit writes: Sat Dec 21 2013 2:47PM Report
zellmer writes:

I keep seeing DayZ as one of Steams best selling games the last few weeks, and kept wondering how in the world it was possible after the many problems/fiasco's with it..

But it's somehow managing to sell its game, and you can see the stats for people playing it are like 45,000 people.

Sure it's nothing compared to like Dota 2's numbers, but it is still  almost shocking to see people still giving it a chance..



Sat Dec 21 2013 4:16PM Report
Zilego writes: @zellmer: You're thinking of the WarZ, which claimed to have a lot of features that they actually didn't, and banned everyone who said otherwise. That game was a mess. Sat Dec 21 2013 5:19PM Report
lindhsky writes: I don't know why but it makes me sad that WAR had to go. I know that I wouldn't come back to it but still. I had a lot of fun in it and I have never longed for a game before like I did for WAR. Before it's launch it had DAOC written all over it and this in my favourite pen and paper roleplaying world. The classes were amazing in this game and I had a lot of fun. They did a few things wrong that made people leave. And when my friends leave I just feel lonely, sad and nostalgic when I keep on playing so in the end I always leave as well. Even if I like the game. Sat Dec 21 2013 6:01PM Report
wiroxe writes:

@Zilego: DayZ SA is in Alpha-state and released on steam, sales are still going on! =D

Even though I never got into it and played WAR more than in the beta, Im still amazed it survived for as long as it did! Best of luck to the devs in the future!!! =D

Sat Dec 21 2013 6:43PM Report
Netspook writes:

Not surprised that WAR failed, I'm just surprised it took so long to close it. The game was made by morons completely out of touch with the community.

Sat Dec 21 2013 10:18PM Report
Matticus75 writes: Failure of WAR IMO, was a really dated game engine, low end tech, WoW could do a lot more than what that game offered, really in a nut shell, large budget allocated toward hype with a "gamers will play any crap" attitude of looking at things, with a small budget toward game development itself. In the end it was trash Sun Dec 22 2013 1:29AM Report
Mitara writes: Whoever decided to make a true clone of wow and just call it warhammer. At least it seems that developers are starting to realize that clones isnt the way. Sun Dec 22 2013 5:22AM Report
NobleNerd writes:

anyone who played WAR for any length of time would not call it a WoW clone. It had many great features that WoW never offered. It's failure was in reacting to slow and at times not at all to much needed fixes and improvements to the core mechanics. The nail in the coffin was when more time was spent on the arena moba style game instead of fixing WAR.


It is a game that will be missed.

Sun Dec 22 2013 9:14AM Report
Gravarg writes:

I played WAR for awhile and I'll miss it.  The tier 4 keeps were a blast when you had a bunch of players clashing together, but as people left it became empty.  I remember a few weeks after launch running around with my guild having huge battles with our enemies.  It brought back memories of DAoC and the huge 100v100 battles we had back then... They began to change the game into something it wasn't to get more people, and it backfired :(


I hope that CU or some of the others can capture this moment and take this sub-genre of RvR games to the next level like WAR tried to do.  I absolutely hate PvP, but in these types of games, it is some of the most fun I've ever had in any MMO.

Sun Dec 22 2013 10:07AM Report
Zzulu writes:

Not a very good game.

Was hyped as a PvP game and launched with like three times as much PvE content

Sun Dec 22 2013 10:51AM Report
Scot writes: There's no point in getting an IP unless it allows you to use the word "iconic" in every other sentence. :) Sun Dec 22 2013 11:09AM Report
finalburst writes: wnat's next Anarchy Online in that list of failures?R.I.P. War. Sun Dec 22 2013 11:48AM Report
TOWROK writes:

@ People like <span com_who"="">fantasyfreak112 are always going to think  most mmo's are a clones of WoW. Even if you were to convince this one minded person you have a endless line of others to convince and tell them how things are.

Sun Dec 22 2013 2:00PM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:



S4 and the endgame is what killed this one, complete total imbalance :( 

Still I had a ton of fun on it and wish it had gone better.

Sun Dec 22 2013 10:51PM Report writes:
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