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Videos Videos - MMOFTW News Recap - November 2nd, 2013

This week's MMOFTW seeks to answer a few questions: what's Neverwinter's new class? When is The Secret World's Issue 8 coming out? What does Bless look like in action? All this and more! Learn yo-self!

Duration: 5:01
Views: 6,845  14 comments
Game: General
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GwapoJosh writes: I actually sneezed during one of the Bless videos and had to restart it.. I missed most of it lol Sun Nov 03 2013 1:11AM Report
ChaaK writes:

I like those video guys, but you could please refrain from saying like 8 times "see more on" in a 5 min video?


I don't mean to be a jerk, but the logo and 2 times would be more than enough

Sun Nov 03 2013 3:21AM Report
Rockniss writes: Thanks for the updates. I'm looking forward to all of it. Sun Nov 03 2013 6:08AM Report
Sacria writes: bless isnt an action mmorg, it's traditional tab targeting. Please dont lie. Also: "please refrain from saying like 8 times "see more on" in a 5 min video" Sun Nov 03 2013 12:15PM Report
Razephon writes: Oh look, an MMO that I'd like to play but won't be here until at least 1-2 years thanks to it being developed in Korea and Western Publishers being slow as hell to pick these titles up for localization in the west.  Sun Nov 03 2013 12:51PM Report
Hokie writes:

See I think he should say "see more over at" more often. As a matter of fact I'd like him to do it like they do on the radio commercials.


Once again thats;SeemoreoveratMMORPGdotcomSeemoreoveratMMORPGdotcomSeemoreoveratMMORPGdotcom"

Course thats just my opinion.


Little bit of news I hadnt read about. I look at Wildstar and I really want to like it, but the whole over the top, for my tastes, cartoonie graphics are making it tough.

And then I read something about just locking your player into its one iconic weapon.

Im hoping I read that wrong and each class can use other weapons, but has one iconic weapon only they can use.

I also have this really bad feeling they are going with super condensed zones, like Rift did. Where you can almost see a 10'x10'grid pattern to how they paced the mobs. Where you cant wander 10' off the road without being mobbed to death.


Sun Nov 03 2013 1:32PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: I have a strong feeling the Ranger is going to be really OP. Gonna be like a Rogue with twice the abilities and range. Sun Nov 03 2013 5:56PM Report
Hayasa writes: All those class gameplay short videos are actually cut from a longer video showing more than just the classes. Don't know exactly why the whole video is not shown instead of 8 second cuts from it. Sun Nov 03 2013 9:20PM Report
Hayasa writes: I'm refering to Bless, of course. Sun Nov 03 2013 9:20PM Report
Alber_gamer writes: Bless looks god, but sadly it's probably still very long till western release. Learn more about this at! Sun Nov 03 2013 11:19PM Report
Gravarg writes:

Bless looks good, but it will take way too long to get it localized to here :(

Mon Nov 04 2013 12:11AM Report
kkwikmick writes: Rexxar!!! Mon Nov 04 2013 7:11AM Report
Goromhir writes:

what was the last game ? 

Without Sound this video is really useless if theres no text with names of the games


Mon Nov 04 2013 10:16AM Report
LittleBoot writes:

Wildstar is looking superb; the graphics actually are one of the things I really like about it.    

The Bless shorts reminded me of the GW2 combat videos that were released a couple of year ago; and I have reached the same conclusion that they will turn out to be at best a wild exaggeration of actual game-play and at worst blatant miss-selling.   

Mon Nov 11 2013 1:09PM Report writes:
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