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Videos Videos - MMOFTW News Recap - October 5th, 2013

What game is allowing players to buy level 85 characters? What new hero landed in Marvel Heroes? Will Landmark be a real MMORPG next to EverQuest Next? When does Destiny's beta begin? All this and more in the video!

Duration: 4:51
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Telondariel writes: So, in EQ2 you can buy plat (by selling SC card purchased with real money), buy raid gear with that plat (SLR groups selling gear from the raid zone itself), and now you can just buy an (almost) maxed level char with 280 AA points.  I love the depth of the game, but I'm really hating how far it's devolved into -almost- P2W. Sat Oct 05 2013 2:44PM Report
arctarus writes:

The purchase for max level is rubbish ! Players won't know the mechanics/roll behind the class if they suddenly being pumped up to the max level , this will cause a lot of problems when you group with such players in instances etc....


Sat Oct 05 2013 3:36PM Report
miguksaram writes: So what I'm getting out of the EQ Landmark vs EQ Next is one appears to cater to the sandbox player base while the other is more theme park.  If that ends up being true that is a pretty original way of allowing "one game" cater to both crowds without having to worry about making changes that might impact the other crowds enjoyment. Sat Oct 05 2013 4:13PM Report
IridescentOrk writes: Destiny hands down. Sat Oct 05 2013 5:45PM Report
Wizardry writes:

SOE ,anything for a buck is really sad,they are degrading themselves as a developer.If so many are asking to ignore all the content and just start at level 85,it sends a really strong message that their content creation  is sub par and the FUN level is not there.This also says a lot about  gamer's,more worried about a level number than just playing a game and having some fun.

The Prestige idea is a really cheap way to create longevity to a player.Marvel Heroes lacks so badly i find it a very weak effort to improve the game.A new colored name is all it really does,can't get any more lame than that.

I wish gaming had some good news for us,something that looks like  great effort and passion in gaming.Sadly the MMORPG genre has lost all passion and become nothing more than a business.

Sat Oct 05 2013 7:10PM Report
Gravarg writes: SOE, so greedy.  They don't need RMT in their games...they ARE the RMT lol. Sat Oct 05 2013 8:02PM Report
Swedish_Chef writes: Wait, so why does the image header for the article / video feature what appears to be a very poorly stylized portrayal of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite? Didn't see that in the video at all... Sat Oct 05 2013 8:14PM Report
Binny45 writes: To all the people asking questions, go google the dev videos from the SOE convention.  Should answer a LOT of your questions. Sat Oct 05 2013 8:41PM Report
Jyiiga writes:

Ok first story... So taking the leveling out of an MMO. Seems odd and counterproductive. You have no journey, no story and you are now a level 85 newbie.

Second story. Don't care I am a PC gamer. Wise up you Bungie newbs.

Third. Neverwinter says they planned this from the start. Which makes sense cause all MMO takes a player dump after a few months. Still an insanely shallow and boring game (at cap) and the toolset is trash.

Very happy to hear that about Landmark. Thumbs up.


Sat Oct 05 2013 10:53PM Report
Incomparable writes:

"The purchase for max level is rubbish ! Players won't know the mechanics/roll behind the class if they suddenly being pumped up to the max level , this will cause a lot of problems when you group with such players in instances etc....


They can introduce mechanics to train people to use rotations. Thats what MMOs need in general. Imo, its better to have some learning curves, but if you are concerned with people learning for raids... well people are retarded. They will look up guides, and some guides on specs are rotations are from retards.

for example when i play swtor, the rotation for a sniper is very different from other classes. I read other guides, almost all, and none of them mention that distinct difference. That is why an official guide from the devs with actual training simulations with mobs and npc of different difficulty for solo and groups is required in general.

Also devs should not have pvp/pve specs which are exclusive. Since that just makes balance an issue. And for some reason, in swtor, the pvp spec which is clearly bad for pve, is not necessarily any better for pvp, but its a pvp spec because its bad for pve.

Sat Oct 05 2013 10:59PM Report
Akulas writes: Might have to give up EQ2 permanately which is a shame. Still though might look into a template for a Warden and have a mess around just for fun since most my characters are at 90 anyways and they offer 1 free heroic character. Might do the faye quest to fly so I don't have to worry about getting a flying mount for this char. But don't think I'll be returning because I don't like the direction it's gone with buyin characters. Sun Oct 06 2013 1:35AM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

Usually when game is well known for its single player and suddenly gets a multiplayer mode everyone says it is tacked on and the company could have used those resources to improve the single player instead.


THis seem to be the case with EQ Landmark. They are wasting too much time and resources on Landmark and i am afraid we will receive a half assed Ever Quest Next that will solely rely on player created content to evolve. I hope i am wrong because that does not sounde good in any way i see it.

Sun Oct 06 2013 2:24AM Report
Scot writes: A bad PUG certainly won't get you down when you can buy a max level avatar. P2W wins over gaming ethos once again. Sun Oct 06 2013 4:00AM Report
Megabubble writes:

"Your definition of P2W is poor at best. Apparently your definition of "winning" is having an unmaxed character in sub-par easy mode slr'd raid gear. Sorry bout your idiot opinion, but no amount of paying is going to help you win hardmode progression raids."


I don't think it's that big of a stretch to call paying to skip 85 levels "paying to win".  But whether you want to call it "P2W" or not, imo buying your way into endgame has to be the stupidest thing I've seen yet in MMOs.  Most developers - the ones who are proud of their creations and want to show them off -  try to find ways to *encourage* gamers to play through their content.  As someone else commented, this says a lot about how the developers feel about their game, particularly the leveling portion of it.  "We know it's crap, so feel free to skip it all and get right to the "good stuff" we made" is the message it sends afaic.

Sun Oct 06 2013 6:09AM Report
Megabubble writes:

"Wait, so why does the image header for the article / video feature what appears to be a very poorly stylized portrayal of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite? Didn't see that in the video at all..."


Yeah, that screenshot was actually why I clicked to even watch the video, I was wondering what game it was... anybody know?

Sun Oct 06 2013 6:11AM Report
Binny45 writes:

You're missing the point with Landmark.  It is a tool that will allow players to have a say about what could potentially go into the game.  This is a good thing!  It shows that SOE is willing to listen to it's player base.

Also Landmark is not being released along with EQNext, but rather will be released well before EQNext even goes to beta.

Sun Oct 06 2013 6:57AM Report
DMKano writes:

Well at least we know why during the EQN reveal they called the human female Jolina - look at her lips, Angelina Jolie's got nothing on her.


Sun Oct 06 2013 7:50AM Report
usuckmmorpgcom writes: Please tell me that the game footage of EQ2 is slowed down, because if it's not, then...well...LOL. Sun Oct 06 2013 9:26AM Report
jesteralways writes: That image header is from one of the dev vid of EQN. go check out all the  dev vids in the Ever Quest : Next section of this site. Sun Oct 06 2013 9:56AM Report
Mothanos writes:

The more news is released the worse it gets.

Seems the golden age of mmo's are realy over.

Glad Eve Online gives me my mmo fix, FF ARR is also worth every inch of mmorpg.


No other mmo's releasing soon can match those 2 i think.

EQN is just a cash cow from the get go.



Sun Oct 06 2013 3:17PM Report
Binny45 writes: I'm curious as to what EQ2 has to do with EQNext or Landmark? Sun Oct 06 2013 3:19PM Report
Lateris writes: SO collections-  the spirit of exploration./  Sun Oct 06 2013 10:13PM Report
corun writes:

85 is far from EQ2 max level, you still have a long way to go to max that character and learn it. And level 1 to 85 is actually quite fast if you have a mercenary. So I don't really see how this is pay to win.

Most people using this service will probably be max level players anyway, bumping an alt char.

For a new player, getting all the abilities from 1 to 85 at the same time might be a little overwhelming though.

Mon Oct 07 2013 12:16AM Report
erictlewis writes:

A lot of the new level 85 characters have a flying mount and that is a dead give away.  I seen a lot of so called new players who are not in a guild, actually being berated and talked down too.

It has created a new subclass of player and a lot of vets don't care for it.  

It has actually added new folks to the game, and a few minutes in chat and everybody can tell who they are.

Cant wait to find one of them in a pickup raid. 

Mon Oct 07 2013 12:49PM Report
CatheyBarrett42 writes:

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Sat Oct 12 2013 2:45AM Report writes:
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