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Videos Videos - MMOFTW News Recap - September 28th, 2013

This week's MMOFTW covers a host of news. When will EVE's next expansion hit? What is WildStar's shiphand mission system all about, and how will Runescape deal with gold selling spam? Watch and learn!

Duration: 4:28
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Game: General
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Scot writes: 38 Studios shows how fragile the MMO industry is, hopefully their staff have gone on to decent jobs. Wildstar needs to come out when the team thinks its ready, how many more too soon launches do we need to have before that's realised? Sat Sep 28 2013 1:31PM Report
Wizardry writes:

The industry imo is not that fragile,it is the developers who are shooting themselves in the foot.

It seems every single developer thinks the three letters RPG means quests,levels,yellow markers and tons and tons of hand holding.

Iy really is VERY simple,step back and think of yourself as a legendary Warrior,would you be doing ANY of these simple designs in your ventures?No of course not.

CCP continues to NOT GET IT,or there is no push to change.Simply making new content that is super easy to design and fits easily into their simple design is not showing us a very good effort and they have had 7+ years to attempt some effort.Ships,new space,new statistical ideas for battle are all very simple to add,so there effort is very weak.

Wildstar is not going to bring anything new to the table,simply adding a red carpet texture on the ground will not cut it,it is still more of the same old with a different face.

The MMORPG genre is incredibly stagnant,nobody is willing to budge outside the simple copy and paste ideas we have seen over and over.Any developer that wants to have success will have to start with some new thinking and better effort or rely 100% on luck.

This is why a game like GTA V is having success,it is not doing anything great,it does not cater to anyone in particular,it simply allows players to pop in for any amount of time and act goofy/silly.Kick ,punch,shoot someone,jump off ramps,out of airplanes,commit suicide and post it on you tube videos.

Developers seem to struggle with any kind of seriousness,so they cater to gamer's teenage silliness.

Sat Sep 28 2013 3:03PM Report
Alomar writes: Bringing Copernicus to "fruition" exactly what I said in the comment to the article. Great minds think alike, really hope someone can turn this IP around from what has been the saddest developer story I know of to date. Sat Sep 28 2013 3:58PM Report
monkey_crusher writes:

Wildstar looks genuinely funny. Excited to try it out.

Sat Sep 28 2013 9:47PM Report
Brialyn writes: Wildstar looks great! Can't wait for it to release.  Sun Sep 29 2013 12:37AM Report
Amphib_Ian writes: Wildstar looks intriguing! Pumped to see how the forums trend! Sun Sep 29 2013 4:12AM Report
Mange1 writes: Wildstar id def an amazing game, probably the biggest one to look foward to releasing in the next year. Sun Sep 29 2013 12:21PM Report
JasonJ writes: WTF does GTA 5 being a success have to do with the MMO world? Not a thing...when everything was supposedly going great in the MMO world there were still a ton in a half of very successful non-MMO games. Sun Sep 29 2013 9:20PM Report
acidblood writes: No WildStar needs to come out when it's actually ready... I'm as excited for it as the next person, but nothing kills an MMO faster than a bad launch build with missing content. Sun Sep 29 2013 10:58PM Report
Akulas writes: Hope Wildstar Online is solo friendly or has some open group content since I can't really be bothered with raids anymore. Would be good if we could get a early 2014 release but we'll see. Tue Oct 01 2013 1:51PM Report writes:
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