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Videos Videos - The Future of Online Games Panel - PAX East 2013

Future of Online Games Panel - from PAX East, 2013. brings together some of the top games and developers in the industry to discuss the next decade of online games and their growing mass market appeal. Game Developers from some of the top online games including: Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Pirate 101, WildStar, EverQuest Next, and Neverwinter will be on hand to answer fan questions and talk about the new games coming out for 2013 and beyond. PANELISTS: Garret

Duration: 57:57
Views: 8,281  26 comments
Game: General
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BillMurphy writes: Poor Matt... the camera lads cut his head off. Mon Mar 25 2013 10:21AM Report
Topherpunch writes: More interested in Sandbox than Matt anyway. Mon Mar 25 2013 10:49AM Report
Dreamo84 writes: What a beast of a panel. Just needed someone from Blizzard, and Turbine. Mon Mar 25 2013 10:54AM Report
Scambug writes:

This all sounds good. It seems the industry leaders have finally understood that player driven/generated content is the way to go.

Looking forward to learn more about EQ Next.


Mon Mar 25 2013 11:17AM Report
Arcona writes:

there is better sound here, begins about 6 hours 40 minutes

Mon Mar 25 2013 11:41AM Report
jtcgs writes:

Zero developers from South Korea so this actually has more to do with the dieing gasps of Western gaming than it has to do with the future of to no new ideas are coming out of western games, they are all coming out of Korea.

Well at least WildStar and GW2 is being represented by those under heavy Korean design influence.

Mon Mar 25 2013 2:05PM Report
FromHell writes: fast forward to the chris roberts parts...  Mon Mar 25 2013 2:19PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

Poor Ryan Dancey. Was in the room, is making an MMO more so than most up there that depends on player content and wasn't given a spot at the table. :(


Mon Mar 25 2013 2:49PM Report
Wraithone writes: Bill, thats only to be expected, when he made that remark about "Let QA eat cake..." ^^ Mon Mar 25 2013 3:07PM Report
aleos writes: welcome to our table of stupid ideas and greed? Mon Mar 25 2013 4:29PM Report
Rinna writes: I liked the interview, I thought it was really well done.  Lots of great creativity in that room for sure.   Mon Mar 25 2013 9:08PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: Thanks Aleos, I was wondering when the dumb stereotypical comments would start. Mon Mar 25 2013 11:29PM Report
SysFail writes: That was great, 's itamazing to hear that the big boys are now headed in the sandbox direction, rather than the themepark route, the future does have promise. Tue Mar 26 2013 4:42AM Report
coretex666 writes:

It seems that these people somehow realize that there is an inclination towards sandbox games in the market or at least that the demand for sandbox games / sandbox aspects is increasing.


It makes me wonder if Blizz's new MMO will also be a sandbox or at least a mixture of themepark and sandbox. I mean they obviously do not ignore what is going on in the market. On the other hand, they started the development of "Titan" long time ago.


Am also curious how EQ Next turns out. Really looking forward to hearing some more information about the game.


The other games: Wildstar, GW 2, Neverwinter, Star Citizen and TESO are not very attractive for me.


Tue Mar 26 2013 10:19AM Report
VancePants writes:

Sandbox, Free 2 Play... these are good, solid business concepts that are leading the future of gaming. When technology reaches a certain point, everything boils down to content. 


Great talk.

Tue Mar 26 2013 3:21PM Report
Newnan writes: the guy on the 2ed on the right TALK SO DAMN MUCH lol. other then that very interesting Tue Mar 26 2013 4:54PM Report
tristanryan writes:

Great video, and im slightly exited for the future!


What im curious about is, what changed their mindset? For the last 20 million years we have had themepark after themepark shoved down our throats and its not like in the last month people have started screaming sandbox.

Vets have been saying this all along, for a damn decade.

What changed their mind, specifically? I guess what im trying to say is ill believe it when i see it. I guess im jaded.

Tue Mar 26 2013 11:40PM Report
tristanryan writes: missspelled excited, sorry. Tue Mar 26 2013 11:41PM Report
tristanryan writes:

At pax2012 was these same guys touting themepark? Just curious..

Tue Mar 26 2013 11:47PM Report
tristanryan writes:



"CoH" is the only major game that comes to mind being shutdown? Have we forgotten the mother of all sandboxes that was literally ripped apart, glued back together, and then had its throat slit for a successor that wasnt worth 50 cents?....okay.


I think the guy on the far far right might be putting a bit too much stock into smart phone gaming. Maybe im just different. I couldnt even imagine getting immersed or engrossed into another world while im sitting on break at work or other random locations.

I dont see hobby train enthusiasts taking their models out with them when they run to a friends house. Gaming (imo) is something ya do at home on a pc when work is done and your day is winding down or your weekend is starting up. Granted, current tech is quite impressive. But come on. If you are going to fit an MMO on a phone then, imo, its not even going to be worth playing.

Let the mini game enthusiasts stick to farmville and mafia wars or whatever is the current popular "game on the go".

Leave the MMOs to the PC. Im starting to feel like the old guy saying "back in my day...." Am i the only one that feels this way? Do people really commit a 15 min break or a subway ride to honestly jump in a game (mmo) to do what? Empty your inventory? How could someone possibly accomplish anything worth while on a mobile device as far as a real game is concerned? If you have time to play why not sit down at a PC? If you dont have one in your vicinity b/c you're at work (and supposed to be working) or driving (keeping eyes on the road) or at lunch break (why dont ya eat instead?) Is that 10 minutes that you can actually commit to game time really worth it?

I think when it comes to "mmo on the go" some people might need to optimize their priorities maybe. Thats another thing i feel "old" on. I cant imagine booting up an MMO anywhere other than home and i realize i could possibly be in the minority here. Once again, farmville =/= WoW or the like.

Tue Mar 26 2013 11:57PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Everyone is using the typical PR speech,telling us what we want to hear.

They al lmenton living worlds,but NONE have focused on the obvious....ECO SYSTEMS.Phasing in content is NOT dynamic content and it does not make the world look realistic becuase second time through it is an exact copy.Also players soon learn all the triggers.

Social is ther scary sounds like every game wants to turn gaming int othe NERD network with al lthis FACEBOOK an dTwitter advertising and really that is all it is ,a design to make more money.

Focusing on pvp is bad,it is not role playing.he did get it right when talks about a huge investment to actually make content,about time someone speaks the real goal of developers.

Wed Mar 27 2013 6:30PM Report
Wizardry writes:

So the truth as mentioned by one guy is to focus on the MUCH easier design of just adding in pvp and the statistical easy stuff like ladders and such.

This means more and more devs will make less content by still try to sell their product off as being a AAA effort.../sigh.

User content is one tossed around for a long time,i personally liek the idea,but it has to be implemented top notch quality,it can't be simplistic things just for the sake of saying "we have user content"

.Example EQ2 is now selling user content ,in their cash shop,that is two blemished,one to try and rip users off for more money and two,the actual content is already of abundance in the game,example cloaks,we don't need anymore,definitely not cash shop ones.

Wed Mar 27 2013 6:35PM Report
azzamasin writes: One hour is no where near long enough to listen to some of the brightest minds in MMO gaming.  I could of listened to this panel talk for 7 or 8 hours. Wed Mar 27 2013 10:28PM Report
therain93 writes: Still plenty of love for City of Heroes out there. Sun Mar 31 2013 9:20AM Report
dwturducken writes:

So, the whole "not ending up back on the page you were on when you signed in" thing really sucks.

Anyway, just wanted to show my appreciation for this posting, and to the person who posted the link to the original PAXEast video that had better audio.

As for the guy 2nd from the right, he's the guy who created Wing Commander. He's up there with Will Wright and Sid Meier, guys who changed how we play video games.If he wants to run his mouth about the #$&% phone book, I'm gonna listen.

Mon Apr 01 2013 10:20PM Report
tute writes:

So wonderful to still hear City of Heroes mentioned/remembered and moreso to hear it mentioned with so much respect and admiration.  Thanks to the speakers and the crowd for remembering the game I loved so dearly for 8 years.

Jack, I hope you are serious about wanting to bring back your creation.  I'm willing to spend more than ever if you could accomplish this.

Wed Apr 03 2013 12:54PM Report writes:
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