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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - S2E4 - ArcheAge and Trion Together!

This week's MMOFTW covers the ArcheAge / Trion publishing agreement, open betas for Smite, Dust, and Path of Exile, Elder Scrolls big announcements, Hartsman's leaving Trion, and Planetside 2's Ultimate Empire Showdown. Plus, in our community spotlight, we talk about whether you need tutorials in an MMO.

Duration: 5:25
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Game: General
Direct Link: writes:

2013, the return of the sandbox.

This idea will make a lot of people on this website feel horny :-)

Mon Jan 28 2013 9:51AM Report
leaf16nut writes:



Thank you Trion, I really hope you can get Archeage to us in 2013, I'm sick of all these themepark MMOs; maybe with the success of Archeage developers will finally open their eyes and create something different...

Mon Jan 28 2013 10:17AM Report
Thadris writes: I thing every game, single player or multyplayer, FPS or RPG or any other type need a tutorial. There will always be new players that might not know how all things function, they might be a minority but I still think for the game to be noob frendly it needs a tutorial. How ever that does not mean that the game needs to force you to do a tutorial, it should be optional, and if you skip it and think you might have missed some unique game mechanics you should be able to do it at any point in time. Mon Jan 28 2013 10:20AM Report
Gravarg writes:

Archeage wasn't really on my radar that much.  I knew about and read about it, but figured it was another korean game (although I knew who was creating it and knew what he has donein the past). Now that Trion is going to be publishing it, It's right up there with ESO on my list of must plays hehe.  Trion is my favorite company right now.  They work hard to bring new content to Rift on a consistant basis.  I can always tell when new content is coming to Rift without even reading the news or any website.


As for Tutorials, I do think they're necessary.  I like how Pirate101 did thier tutorial.  You start out learning the very basics for a whole 2-3 minutes, then as you progress through the storyline, the pirate and monkey pop up and tell you something you should probably look at.  If you miss what they said or dont' know what they're talking about, there's a red arrow ontop that shows you that you missed sometihng.  You just follow the red arrow/circle and click on the tutorial which will show you everythign you need to know.  My 5 year old nephew can play it with little help or questions hehe.

Mon Jan 28 2013 10:45AM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

Ya, unfortunately I think the tutorial is necessary. A company never knows how many new gamers are playing, or how new they are. They want to make sure the experience is as easy as possible for them getting started.

Skipping should be an option, but at the same time people will skip it only to not realize some important feature etc. and then complain.

Mon Jan 28 2013 11:15AM Report
erictlewis writes:

Tutorials now days are over done. I think most folks know how to move.  Now they are needed it they changed basic functions.  

As far as Hartsman leaving Rift, I would like to know his real reasons, not that half done faked up post we all read over in the rift forums, as we all know that was company speek and not Hartsmans speek. 


Mon Jan 28 2013 11:36AM Report
tollbooth writes: If i can skip the tutorial I will.  Over 15 years of mmo experience usually means I get the gist of how to play. Mon Jan 28 2013 12:10PM Report
CyclopsSlayer writes:

"As far as Hartsman leaving Rift, I would like to know his real reasons, not that half done faked up post we all read over in the rift forums, as we all know that was company speek and not Hartsmans speek. "


While I have no insider info or anything, it just seems awefully coincindental timing for the arrival of AA and departure of Hartsman. Things that make you go, Hmmm...

Regarding tutorials. I would like to see them broken up into chapters and individually skipable. Know WASD? ..skip..  Never used Active dodging?   Some things in games that are new or unique need explanation or training, but those things common across all of them for the veterans not so much.

Seriously though most game manuals are full of useless verbage, Why present it as the journal of your great grand uncle Bob, and not just as a quickie guide to game useful keystrokes?

Mon Jan 28 2013 12:17PM Report
xenorace writes:

This was a big week in news for MMOs. I do not have much to comment about other then a few topics:

With sandbox MMOs obviously making a comeback I can say tutorials needs to either be very brief OR nonexsistant. Why? It's a sandbox. Even small children need no instructions on how to actually play in a sandbox (a box with sand in it). Give us the tools, and an open world, sprinkle in a little background story for factions and the land, and you have a sandbox game. If somebody needs a tutorial to play sandbox game, they probably are not meant for it in the first place.

I really hope that ESO is done right. We do not need another copy/paste MMO. No themepark hold-your-hand. I am really hoping ESO is more open and sandbox. The comment they made about the crafting is a good start too IMO.

Mon Jan 28 2013 1:40PM Report
tollbooth writes: Here is a decent video about tutorials.  Dev's think players are idiots in general.  That's why games are getting easier, and tutorials are getting longer. Mon Jan 28 2013 3:14PM Report
tollbooth writes: derp, sorry forgot link - Mon Jan 28 2013 3:15PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

Tutorials unless you have new features are not that needed. Most playeres, even fps and rts know how WASD keys work. If you have a new feature like in GW2 where the UI is different then sure have some popups, but make them minimal and non-intrusive to gameplay.


Trion is on my watch list. I believe the leaving of Hartman is just a tell-tale sign of something deeper. Rift was a great game, but as I have revisited it recently I have found many changes to be alarming. I hope they do a good job with Arche Age, but with Elder Scrolls Online, FFXIV and Neverwinter getting ready to go beta and release it will not be on my front page of things to do.


Who reads game manuals anymore? Who even gets a manual much anymore? Most of my games are not bought through hard copy.

Mon Jan 28 2013 4:32PM Report
birdycephon writes: I like to play through the tutorials because, first of all, they are easy, second, they might tell you something that may be unique to the game you are playing, third, they may tell a story, and fourth, I might get something out of them I would otherwise be missing if I skipped the tutorial. Mon Jan 28 2013 5:37PM Report
Mitara writes: Where is the tutorial for MMOFTW? Mon Jan 28 2013 6:13PM Report
Hokie writes:

To short.

I wanted more.

There was more news out there.


C+ at best episode.


Otherwise you did a good job of lightly-covering what you covered.


Thanks as always.

Mon Jan 28 2013 8:34PM Report
holdenhamlet writes:

Wow.  Amazing.  I've been following Archeage and playing Rift off and on for a couple of years.  

Trion, despite having a bad day or two, is an excellent company and if anyone is capable of handling what may be the first really awesome sandbox mmorpg, it's Trion.

Get it out already Trion!!!  I'm about to be hooked on Diablo 3... 

Mon Jan 28 2013 11:30PM Report
Scot writes:

Tutorial design assumes players are new to MMO's. They are not designed for gamers who have played them for years.

Tue Jan 29 2013 2:30AM Report
alakram writes: yay Europe included in the trion publishing thing! Tue Jan 29 2013 5:15AM Report
kosac writes: Archage is not western game.. we need western style game not asian grind.. but with features what ArchAge have ;) Tue Jan 29 2013 7:33AM Report
Rider071 writes:

the sweater hath returned! bwahahahaha!  \o/

great work on the latest episode, Bill!


(serious on the love for the sweater, mine looks very similar if not the same, lol)

Tue Jan 29 2013 9:20AM Report
Rider071 writes: Tera has a pretty cool tutaorial as well as EQ1. EQ1s tutorial is probably the best in any game I have ever played by far though, it is pretty in-depth, rewarding, and I would go so far as to say, all games should take that kind of effort into it. Of course it's a choice to use it or not in both EQ1 and Tera, which is as it should be. Tue Jan 29 2013 9:28AM Report
erictlewis writes:

so whats happend to this weekly eddition.   I all been seing is the live one.


Fri Feb 15 2013 9:56AM Report writes:
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