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Videos Videos - GAME FACE: Tera goes FREE TO PLAY, TSW activity, new Neverwinter class!

Pokket takes a look at TERA's F2P announcement, TSW's player activity increase and Neverwinter's new class!

Duration: 6:26
Views: 5,522  34 comments
Game: General
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Pivotelite writes: It's funny what F2P does, since the announcement TERAs in-game population has probably doubled and old guilds are already reforming. It's quite odd, wonder how it will be when F2P actually goes live. Fri Jan 11 2013 4:09PM Report
Pivotelite writes:

In the trailer they said they wont limit the action bars or make you pay to enter existing dungeons taking a shot at SWTOR and Aions F2P models.


They werent stating they would do that.

Fri Jan 11 2013 4:11PM Report
Rthuth434 writes: pipe down piv...this doesn't make the game good. just less dead. Fri Jan 11 2013 4:54PM Report
shantideva writes: Just kinda waiting for Al bundy to show up and mistake Pokket for Kelly...=) Fri Jan 11 2013 5:05PM Report
Pivotelite writes: Rthuth where did I say in my post the game was good? Please continue hating for no reason thanks. Fri Jan 11 2013 5:39PM Report
Demogorgon writes:

Seriously Rthuth?! Get a life... thats all I can say.


No, there isn't action bar unlocking in TERA Rising. Girl, when you aren't sure about something, its better to just not mention it. Friendly tip there.

Have a good day. :)

Fri Jan 11 2013 6:40PM Report
kage71 writes: Haha this chic was all over the place. Next time you decide to do a video dealing with information please for the love of pete STAY ON YOUR SUBJECT. Fri Jan 11 2013 6:50PM Report
Eir_S writes: I'm not sure if any of this is BIG news, but maybe now that Tera is free, I'll give it another shot. Fri Jan 11 2013 7:03PM Report
Vandrago writes: Never watch her vids anymore after her swtor vids. Fri Jan 11 2013 7:50PM Report
Talrune writes: I think the no action bar comment they make in trailer is a joke playing of swotr think they were being sarcastic. Fri Jan 11 2013 8:02PM Report
Reas43 writes:

O lord.  Pokket, please, reedit all those action bar lock mentions in that thing.   It was like a joke poke about what sort of stuff they WONT be doing.

You could say "Founder" = what a current subscription is now. After the transition and after all retail copies are sold out it's just Elite and Standard.  Both have access to everything, Elite simply has perks over what a current subscription would have. 

For example, at endgame the number of dailies doable is locked at 10.  After transition Elites will have 20 while Standard remain 10 as it currently is.

And, yea . . . the action bar thing . . . they won't be taking them out.

Fri Jan 11 2013 9:23PM Report
Sys7em writes: I will be giving Tera another chance for sure! Fri Jan 11 2013 10:04PM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

I picked up TSW from GMG for like 6 bucks after the B2P announcement.  I love the setting, but I still am not in love with the combat.  I can see myself popping in from time to time when I get bored of other games I am playing. 

As for the after Gameface discussion,  you'd have to have a very high quality game with a smooth release and them pumping out content as fast as Trion does with Rift in order to sustain itself and not go F2P after a short while like every other game we've seen come out in the past couple of years.

Fri Jan 11 2013 10:42PM Report
Nonderyon writes: again the "action bars", lol, SWTOR give some crap about limiting that, now some of them copy it? xD just lol Sat Jan 12 2013 2:50AM Report
mcrippins writes: Already resubbed to TERA as well. Such a great game - hopefully this idea expand the community. Sat Jan 12 2013 4:17AM Report
Feroquiera writes:

I was interested in TERA from what they showed of it, but there were things putting me off subbing. With those on the way out, and times changing for that game, I'm enthusiastic about hopping in and giving it a look first-hand. :) I like the fact that while it's a fantasy setting, it's not carrying itself on regularly seen western established genre tropes.

A brief comment on the video. Is it prepared in a hurry? Just because the multiple editing cuts, at times even within sentences, makes it less easy to watch. Also, it would be nice for info to be doublechecked for accuracy before repeating it. This is the first of this series that I've seen.

Sat Jan 12 2013 5:34AM Report
DMKano writes:

Tera - ugh, what I hate about the combat is how much work you have to do to bring down one BAM... it's not hard, it's not challengint, it's tedius. Yes I can do it but 2min to kill one  thing after 300 keyboard presses... it gets old.

Neverwinter - just looks so old to me, I'm so ready to move away from sword/fantasy stuff at this point, and I watched the videos and it's not exciting to me. Feels just like I've seen this 1000 times before.

What will it take for a game to not be F2P/item shop... easy the game must not be WoW. Seriously, no new game can survive as a sub period, and the only one that can is WoW, not because it's good or worth it, because people are willing to pay for it. Other games just don't have the clout that WoW has nor the rabit fanbase that is willing to throw money at Blizzard.

I think it's painfully obvious that the time of sub games has passed - I expect all except WoW to go F2P in 2013. WoW will forever remain the exception.

Sat Jan 12 2013 5:41AM Report
DMKano writes: lol the typos in my post above are epic - LOL Sat Jan 12 2013 5:42AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes: I'm pumped for neverwinter too. The world and lore alone suck me in like no other. Sat Jan 12 2013 6:30AM Report
sketocafe writes: Won't be trying TERA. Too busy with TSW and looking forward to Age of Wushu. Sat Jan 12 2013 7:17AM Report
Thane writes: concvict, if you stopped watching her vidsa, what are you commenting on? silly person. you proved yourself wrong. Sat Jan 12 2013 8:23AM Report
Dreamo84 writes: I have to admit she did kind of drop the ball on that Tera info. They were very clear about NOT locking things like action bars. A lot of people are going to get the wrong idea from this video now. Kind of a shame. Sat Jan 12 2013 9:01AM Report
erictlewis writes: I will just have to disagree with her saying tera is beter than tsw.  Sat Jan 12 2013 9:03AM Report
JRRNeiklot writes: Ug.  You lost me at "daily abilities."  It was a stupid idea in 4th edition and even stupider in an mmo. Sat Jan 12 2013 4:12PM Report
Lokero writes:

First time I've watched a Pokket video.  She reminds of what you'd get if you were to divide Morgan Webb by Felicia Day.

Anyway, I think TSW's poor numbers and beginning are largely to blame on their past failures.  If they had never, ever released Age of Conan for instance(due to what a disaster it was), I'd bet they would have drawn in alot more people.  

It's sort of a shame because it's a cool setting/plotline, and it's the kind of setting FunCom is built for.  The TLJ series was amazing, after all.

All that said, I never even touched the game because I made the mistake of buying AoC and wanting nothing to do with them after that.

Sat Jan 12 2013 7:24PM Report
Ahil6 writes:

Interesting last point Pokket. I would still buy and play a subscription based game, but old dudes don't seem to drive sales much. The younger crowd has less and less experience with subscription games, it's more of an anomaly to them.

So I think f2p is probably the future, but it's not a future I am looking forward to. Seems like quality, depth, and the community all suffer with f2p titles.

Sun Jan 13 2013 6:35AM Report
Po_gg writes:

Sorry for the off, but you look so much like Jeanette in Masquerade Bloodlines with this hair... :)

I think I'll reinstall and play it over again with a malkav this time. It's better than Tera anyways. (just for saying something ontopic too :) )

Sun Jan 13 2013 9:08AM Report
HighMarshal writes:


<span com_body"="">The dailies in the game will not work and can not work like they do in the PnP version. They will be abilities that you charge up and use. Then you charge them up again.

Sun Jan 13 2013 3:04PM Report
kosac writes: no Neverwinter.. this is no more dnd :( Mon Jan 14 2013 6:02AM Report
mistmaker writes: i didnt have the sound on, but that blue haired girl looks cute, would be interesting to see her with normal hair color/style. ok, that wasnt about any game or about what she was talking but thats what i thought.... ;-) Mon Jan 14 2013 2:56PM Report
Pokket writes:

"I have to admit she did kind of drop the ball on that Tera info. They were very clear about NOT locking things like action bars. A lot of people are going to get the wrong idea from this video now. Kind of a shame."


My opinion is, if a lot of people are getting the wrong idea, then the information didn't come across clearly. If you're going to take a jab at another video game, it needs to be clear and concise or it can be mistaken, But reading the comments, of course now I know... AND, like I said in the video, I saw nothing about it on the site, so assumed it wasn't put in.

Mon Jan 14 2013 3:23PM Report
Reas43 writes:

" … so our philosophy from the beginning of this change was to add to what we already offered, instead of restricting what we already have. So for example: we've added vanity items, and convenience boosts to a new in-game store, instead of charging for existing dungeons or taking away your hot-bars . . ."


What part of that was not clear or could be misconstrued?  If some people are getting the wrong idea, it was BECAUSE of your video.  And we'd like to think that we can rely on the enthusiast press to check crucial facts like action bars when making these types of presentations.

I'm sorry, really, at no point was that anywhere near not being clear. 

Mon Jan 14 2013 8:01PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: whats a good pick up line ? Mon Jan 14 2013 9:14PM Report
jtcgs writes:

Tera in and of itself is a bad game with action combat in an oversized world...

Tera with elite status players creating a player class structure is worse.

The idea that you should place one customer over another is insane in any other business why is it MMO game makers dont get it even though there is not a SINGLE freemium game on the market that does as well as true F2P games? I swear this industry is filled with idiots disconnected from reality.


Mon Jan 14 2013 10:45PM Report writes:
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