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Videos Videos - The Great Weapon Fighter Class

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have released another class video. This time the Great Weapon Fighter is spotlighted in a video showing off the massive damage that these front line warriors can deal. Check it out!

Duration: 1:24
Views: 1,870  15 comments
Game: General
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rlsquared2 writes: The voice over sounds like the guy from Shadowcaster .. .old 90s pc game from origin... Wed Jan 09 2013 5:17PM Report
Grinnz writes: Even as much as I like it, not sure if I like how their player classes are going... Wed Jan 09 2013 8:27PM Report
grimfall writes:

Remember when you were playing D&D and you made that swing that hit three monsters for 450, 478, and 446 damage?  Me neither.

Not sure I like the hyping of of the 4ED attacking rules that were already boosted up to equate to WoW abilities.

I am still going to give it a try, but I think they missed pretty bad on the combat.  D&D players are cerebral... by trying to grab the mortal combat kids with action combat and big numbers, you're simultaneously alienating your player base.

Wed Jan 09 2013 9:43PM Report
Xstatic912 writes:


The 4e were the only rule set let let screams mmo all over it, the other rule that D&D online used was too boring (in my opinion)..

There is something satisfying about seeing BIG numbers (POWER)...

Wed Jan 09 2013 11:59PM Report
BillMurphy writes: Yeah, that spinning sword skill looks like something I want to do... just to see the numbers. Can't wait for the beta. Thu Jan 10 2013 6:04AM Report
Paladrink writes:

No D&D 4e did not have those numbers, if you ever think that there is going to be a MMORPG that uses such a big numbers without simplifying them you're wrong, try to fastly calculate big numbers on a 4-6 player table... at most you'll get megadamage system like Rift/Palladium.

Now the 4e does have flavor on MMO style, and contrary to what people think because they have played it only once on a tabletop the game is actually quite formidable on encounter and fast peaced action. Might not be so much on roleplaying but if your DM is somewhat skilled or someone on your table has a little brain, and remember the first D&D/Roleplaying rule you'll be able to shape your game and have incredible fun with this edition.

Remember what Gary Gyax told on chainmail? or D&D Advanced 2nd edition? well, thats the rule im talking about.

Thu Jan 10 2013 8:45AM Report
Doogiehowser writes: Love the combat. I am sold. Thu Jan 10 2013 9:14AM Report
Metanol writes:

With every update, the game continues to (sadly) disappoint me. Every video feels less like D&D and more like a Japanese Action RPG.


@grimfall: Amen!

Thu Jan 10 2013 11:51AM Report
achesoma writes: Looking fun.  Can't wait to see some leader/support roles.  I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for a bard.  I'm curious to see how a bard would playout in an action combat MMO.  Thu Jan 10 2013 2:18PM Report
Silverthorn8 writes:

Having just read Gauntlgrym (the prequel book to Neverwinter) which this game is based on. I can tell you Those numbers are pretty much in line with Drizzt, Artemis Entreri and the new protagonists/antagonists powers.

May be possible that those number you are seeing are max level stuff.

Thu Jan 10 2013 4:01PM Report
Aren_D writes:

People saw 4 abilities and they are sold?

Cheap,cheap gamers these days :(

Fri Jan 11 2013 12:11AM Report
Doogiehowser writes: Better to cheap than being such a downer all the time. Fri Jan 11 2013 6:07AM Report
Blacksir writes: Neverwinter from first moment when i see is take in Perfectworld yard i know i can say bye bye old good game what will be transfrom in a used brand name in new Mortal Kombat game
if this movie is a good news a think whit a developer to be soo proud then tomorow i will make a movie with how my finger scrach my ear & i will say is a orc in action pfff
gaming industrie this day have soo low standard sadly
Fri Jan 11 2013 8:00AM Report
Trionicus writes:

I understand they're trying to move this new Neverwinter game in line with "The Sundering" where the city of Neverwinter is over run by demons or some such. I think that is pretty much where the similarities between Forgotten Realms and this game ends.

In my old(er) age I've been liking more strategy turn based "thinking" types of games more and more. The old style Neverwtiner Nights, both 1 and 2 offered the ability to pause the game and actually plan your tactics. More importantly they gave you the freedom to really build a customized character. The moves and stuff were absolutely NOT visually appealing but the  skill structure was more in line with table top D&D. I'm not a fan of being boxed into fixed classes, certainly not in the WOWified way but I don't want to have to sacrifice visual appeal for game dynamics.

All that being said, I'll still keep an eye on this game out of curiousity but I'm still hopinh for a Neverwinter Nights 3.

Fri Jan 11 2013 12:46PM Report
rodingo writes: So basically the only thing this has to do with D&D is the name "Neverwinter" ? Fri Jan 11 2013 10:23PM Report writes:
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