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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - S2E1 - On City of Heroes Profits

This week's MMOFTW runs the gamut of news from the first full week of 2013: SWTOR's same sex relationships, WoW's 5.2 update and DotA Battleground, Defiance's first beta, and whether City of Heroes made a profit before it closed.

Duration: 6:35
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Sabbicat writes: Console MMO's. I dislike how they have impacted certain PC titles. The UI for DCU was cumbersome for a PC gamer so it would streamline for Consoles. But that is my thoughts. Tue Jan 08 2013 8:45AM Report
adam_nox writes: DCUO wasn't cumbersome on PCs, it was just made for a gamepad, and had much better combat than other mmos.  So it's more like PC's holding back consoles if anything. Tue Jan 08 2013 9:00AM Report
erictlewis writes:

look at the mess that was dcuo,  console mmo's no thanks.  I tried it and well yes it just was not good.  You need to go one platform either pc or console, but not both.  Just my 2 coppers worth. 


Tue Jan 08 2013 9:15AM Report
Darkages writes: Agree with the coment that Console and PC UIs dont mix well. If they could fix that problem then i would'nt mind. Tue Jan 08 2013 10:21AM Report
NetSage writes: They could have a different UI for each version of the game.  But they that would make sense so we'll never see it:P. Tue Jan 08 2013 12:21PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: DCUO is an amazing game, great controls if your PC can handle the graphics. Tue Jan 08 2013 1:06PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: congrats on season 2 :D yay! Tue Jan 08 2013 1:06PM Report
Senadina writes:

And yet another agreement that console and PC UI's are two different beasts. Very concerned that Defiance has a radial menu( at least on the 360 version Som previewed here.)  I can only hope they change that for PC.

 Seeing as how there is no cross-platform play, there should be no issue ( other than time and money lol), in designing seperate UIs.

Tue Jan 08 2013 1:22PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: i think people dont even understand how many skills they don't use in game :) AoC I have 4 skills that destroy anyone. Tue Jan 08 2013 2:06PM Report
Mtibbs1989 writes: Hey, MMOFTW, Before you go and stating Icefrog's "masterpiece" give credit to the original creator will you? Phreak, the current designer for League of Legends. He originally created DOTA and handed it off to Icefrog. Tue Jan 08 2013 2:16PM Report
MaxJac writes: We have seasons? I hope we don't get canceled. Thanks for the show. Tue Jan 08 2013 2:30PM Report
BillMurphy writes: I think you mean Steve Guinsoo Feak? Sure, but DOTA's rise after Guinsoo (an awesome guy) left was was all due to Icefrog. Tue Jan 08 2013 3:18PM Report
Mtibbs1989 writes: Yes, Steve Guinsoo Freak aka (Phreak) should be given credit for his creation. Ice frog simply added to what was already a very popular custom map. Tue Jan 08 2013 3:46PM Report
Mtibbs1989 writes: On a side note, will you all be doing a MMOFTW on Age of Wushu?   It's hard to believe that I don't see much attention to this game.  Tue Jan 08 2013 3:50PM Report
Mtibbs1989 writes: in addition, Feak handed over Dota after the release of patch 6.01 the most recent update for dota was 6.77. That's a lot of work that's not acredited to someone who did so much work towards the success of DOTA. Tue Jan 08 2013 4:06PM Report
Battlerock writes:

mmo on console yes please, but only xbox 720 and link my account and make sure mouse and keyboard is a viable controller for the console thanks and here is my money in advance, in fact here is more than you asked for since you made a dream come true.  

goodbye silly pc maintanance and upgrades and all the waste of time I could have been killing stuff instead of working on you.

Tue Jan 08 2013 4:58PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

FFXI was ok on both platforms, but it is not the new type of combat that is desired in MMOs for the most part. DCUO was not enjoyable for the UI and combat setup so unless something is worked out to make UIs maximized for both platforms I say NO THANK YOU!


PC gamer all the way!

Tue Jan 08 2013 5:13PM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Mtibbs: We've done three previews of it, with an in depth review on the way. I'm not sure if we'll do a whole episode on the game, but we will definitely keep it in mind for MMOFTW when something news worthy happens. I think it's already been in the live show twice and the recorded one several times. Tue Jan 08 2013 5:56PM Report
Mtibbs1989 writes:


 Although you might have mentioned it twice in your videos. With very little info given to the players about the depth of the PvP. It seems that the only thing that truly intrigues you in your short mentionings of the game is the kidnapping system or offline job systems that are within the game.

Tue Jan 08 2013 7:17PM Report
TheQuinch writes:

Just to chip in on the City of Heroes tidbit, the idea that NCsoft couldn't have scaled the studio down to "profitability" {if we assume that it wasn't to begin with} just doesn't make sense. Doubly so when Paragon Studios was working on another MMO alongside City of Heroes {which was, of course, eating up resources but not making any income}, or the fact that in 2006, the game was pared to only fifteen developers and didn't even slow down.


So I'm sorry, mr. Davis of NCsoft, that's still transparent BS.

Tue Jan 08 2013 7:37PM Report
Scot writes:

SWTOR needs to make good design and business decisions to survive. Bringing in same sex relationships is going to bring in how many new players? Or how many will leave if this is not done?

MMO’s need to concentrate on good gameplay, not spend resources on ticking some politically correct boxes. It was promised, but with the downturn in revenue they need to wise up.

If the game was doing fantastically then fine make sure that promise is fulfilled, but it is not.

Wed Jan 09 2013 4:05AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @MTibbs: These videos, and the live version on Twitch are meant as news recaps and talk shows (respectively).  The in-depth details about AoW will come in the written previews and eventual review from Som. So hang tight! Wed Jan 09 2013 5:14AM Report
Mtibbs1989 writes:


 I'll be quite interested in seeing the review for AOW.

Thu Jan 10 2013 7:33PM Report
Mtibbs1989 writes:


 Of course, if your in need of some addition information while doing your playthrough of the game such as guild wars, instances, and such contact me in game. I'll be more than willing to allow someone to tag along with our guild to get a bit of experience.

 My ingame name is: Ginsuo

Thu Jan 10 2013 7:36PM Report
Yavin_Prime writes: I want MMOs on concoles, do I think it'll happen soon, no. I would keep an eye out for Everquest Next when ever that get's announced. Fri Jan 11 2013 3:38PM Report
Highbl00d writes: The game genre of DotA(or MOBA) actually originated from the Starcraft map 'Aeon of Strife'. Not Warcraft. DotA began practically as a port over from Starcraft, but instead of dying down like Aeon of strife and Footies, it flourished. Tue Jan 15 2013 7:34AM Report writes:
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