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Videos Videos - MMOFTW Live - Ep 5 - Diablo 3 No PVP!

This week's episode covers everything from our Player's Choice Awards, FFXIV Beta, TWZ Controversy, Rent-a-Gaming Lackey, Diablo 3's PVP, and Player Run Events.

Duration: 50:20
Views: 4,699  29 comments
Game: General
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Godwulf writes: Great episode. Loved It! Sat Dec 29 2012 10:32AM Report
NobleNerd writes:

With some of the changes in FFXIV I am a little disappointed that they are going more WoW-esc, but I am excited for an actual playable game engine. There will still be things that are FF-ish like notorious monster fights and the such. The UI and unit frame setup is god awful and I hope there is customization for it. The "jumping" they have ingame is ok, but still restricted from what I hear. it is not open world jumping. Still invisible barriers that hinder you. Also no water interaction or swimming (really? In 2012-2013 an MMO that has no water interaction?). All in all I will give it a try when it comes out. I am a FFXI player and love the FF world. If you bought the original game you will get at least 1 month free and not need to buy a box version to play (unless that has changed).

TWZ I am not much of a zombie game player so never played, but I have followed everyones frustration and I say "make em die". A company that is that arrogant deserves tar and feathering in a public event.

Rent-a-Lackey is just play ROFLMAO! It will surprise me if it survives very long.

Sat Dec 29 2012 10:40AM Report
Grakulen writes: Rent a Lackey has been around since 2009. I don't know how no one saw it sooner. I think they were mostly over in Europe. Sat Dec 29 2012 11:01AM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

I enjoyed listening to this while playing. I honestly don't see what is so great about the game of the year MMO award. Do we need to have a MMO every year? Why no, most improved MMO of the year? That seems more award worthy than having yet another MMO shoved out the door every year.

I laughed at the " WarZ'd" term (getting a false product than what was advertised). I really hope that the players are listening to the whole mess that they are funding and stop funding unfinished games. It needs to stop.

Sat Dec 29 2012 12:28PM Report
plaxidia writes: Player run events.. /drool  EQ1 we had dragon kill open raids. Lady Vox raid anyone. Had a person named Nelladona who ran them on my server. OHH and the Giant vs Dwarf battle for the ring (no I dont remember the name of the ring ;) )   But I agree with Bill that Devs need to give players the tools to create these events again. It makes for a more close knit and active community. The people are out there who would jump at the chance to run them just need to be given the option..  Sat Dec 29 2012 1:00PM Report
drivendawn writes: Insulting people who cept paying for XIV nice. Its obvious you guys don't know much about the game. You don't even know that all the people that originaly purchaced the game get the game for FREE. What a joke cast. Sat Dec 29 2012 2:13PM Report
nolins12 writes: I've noticed several player-run events over the years in LOTRO, not as many nowadays due to a declining player-base, but I took part in various LOTR trivia contests, They had a chicken session play event in the pvp zone on April Fool's day a few years ago. On one server several years ago they had a huge orcs vs dwarves pvp battle as well. Sat Dec 29 2012 4:22PM Report
Seero writes: I find it ironic how hard these guys are campaigning to get people to not play The War Z as a means to "stop companies from getting away with this" and in the next breath they praise Darkfall. Have we forgotten the controversy-ridden launch of the original Darkfall? Sat Dec 29 2012 4:24PM Report
Gravarg writes:

I voted for Pirate101 :)


I'm no where near a kid, but the game is simply the most fun out of any that were on the list.  Fun is the number 1 reason by far that I play MMOs.

Sat Dec 29 2012 5:04PM Report
Sys7em writes: Great Episode, keep up the good work :) Sat Dec 29 2012 5:50PM Report
mcrippins writes:



  Next time you need some content for UO - here are some for ya!



Sat Dec 29 2012 6:54PM Report
Kerravon writes: Regarding your mysterious crash. I had a SSD as my operating system drive and it kept crashing at random intervals. You might need to update the SSD drivers which is what I did to fix it. Just google the brand and model name. Sat Dec 29 2012 9:42PM Report
Honken101 writes:

Player driver events... Isn't that what EVE is about? I mean one corp attacks some alliance 0.0 space, they have to defent, take down a POS and so forth?

Sat Dec 29 2012 10:59PM Report
Rider071 writes: fun stuff, always appreciate you guys doing this and keeping us informed. Sun Dec 30 2012 12:52AM Report
marlebismark writes: I have to say I'm sick about what these guys think about "eastern" europe. I live in Slovakia which is next to Czech republic and I need to say we are not doing as bad as you might think. People here are doing well get your stuff toghether and stop this rasist crap. Sun Dec 30 2012 5:43AM Report
sschrupp writes:

I have the G930 headset too, and yeah it's freaking annoying how it does that random reset.

*beep-tick-beep* "Ah hell... uh, hey guys my headset did it again, did I miss anything??"

Sun Dec 30 2012 9:00AM Report
Grakulen writes: You are also next to the Ukraine with an average GPD per capita of $7200 USD.  Next to the Ukraine is Moldova which has a GPD per capita of $3200.  Slovakia is over $23,000.  Slovakia has done well since you joined the EU. The problem is all the other former Soviet states that have become their own independent countries and haven't been accepted into the EU have not done as well.  Most of them are equiped to be industrial nations and other countries are stepping in with direct investment and setting up manufacturing plants. I'm sorry if this offends you but it's a fact. Nothing we said was racist. It is economics. Sun Dec 30 2012 9:10AM Report
n3v3rriv3r writes: Ah double standards. Funny how perspective changes on the base of interests.

Arrogant company? What about EA and Bioware? They deserve to succeed?

p.s. Yes TWZ must fail, but so must dozens of games you praise and rate spectacular, even they dont have half the thing the developer advertises.
Sun Dec 30 2012 9:23AM Report
nyxos.gaming writes: What chair does the bottom guy have? Sun Dec 30 2012 9:50AM Report
redrip writes: EXCELLENT EPISODE!! 10/10  Sun Dec 30 2012 2:24PM Report
agentsi1511 writes:

Who is the guy on the bottom? Why is he so misinformed about mmo's? FFXIV ARR was annoced almost a year and a half ago.. Not 6 months ago. Which means it was also probably in development the moment they saw things go downhill and needed restructuring. 


On top of that..He just seems so..hateful.. about everything. Bill and the bald guy were great though.

Sun Dec 30 2012 3:24PM Report
drivendawn writes: Bill did a good job as a moderator problem was he was trying with 2 ill informed not to mention insulting people. They should have had Rayhl Smith or Susan Ford not a bunch of people who dont know or care about ARR. Sun Dec 30 2012 3:35PM Report
agentsi1511 writes: Yeah, I'm still kinda in shock at how condescending they acted. "WoW is such a trash game, I only played it for like a month" I mean, why kind of person says those things..Whether you like it or not is fine, just respond in a more professional manner. "Oh I played diablo 3 for what 5 days, game was dog poo". Who do these guys think they are? Seriously.. If either of these two are in another video.. I'm not watching it. Sun Dec 30 2012 6:31PM Report
iamrta writes: Great show Sun Dec 30 2012 10:36PM Report
Novuhz writes:

The reason the PvP of that Diablo 3 was fine... it's because it's low lvl pvp wich is balanced the problem is the huuuuuge unbalance at lvl 60 pvp this is why they aren't going to implement.

Too much crying spam on forums would show up, nerf xxx class, buff xxx class. Huge gear advantage gaps... etc. D3 pvp team deathmatch will never be balanced.

Mon Dec 31 2012 7:53AM Report
Foreverdream writes: Great video Bill! but the bottom guy is just a complete ill informed douch. Tue Jan 01 2013 2:00PM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Zixizor: Actually, I think the original model of D3 PVP was to have it preset gear, and players would change the builds between matches.  Think GW2 sPVP.  Everyone on the same playfield.   Thu Jan 03 2013 11:16AM Report
GeNTgEeK writes:

@nyxos.gaming: It's called a DX Racer chair. Used a lot in Europe and Korea

agentsi1511: That's my opinion. and I said "I don't like that game at all" It was my personal opinion, nothing more than that. I'm not a fan of WoW, that's all.

I apologize for all of the people I angered in this video. I said everything that I knew. I do not follow the Final Fantasy scene and only know what I read and see. I did not see anything about a remake of FFXIV until 6 months ago. And that why I said 6 months.  It was never my intention to anger people but sometimes opinions do that.

Thu Jan 03 2013 11:41AM Report
GeNTgEeK writes: @<span com_who"="">n3v3rriv3r I dont' play many EA games. I don't supoprt their practices either. I refuse to play BF3 becuase I have to go to a website to play singleplayer. I play my FIFA and NHL and that's about it. Thu Jan 03 2013 11:43AM Report writes:
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