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Videos Videos - GAME FACE: THQ goes bankrupt, SWTOR marketing fail, and WarZ drama llama

Hillary "Pokket" Nicole gives her take on the BIG news stories of the week. See what she's got to say in this latest Game Face broadcast.

Duration: 9:02
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Game: General
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GwapoJosh writes: The WarZ dev said that we "misread" the info on steam. He is saying it's our fault..  How the **** can you defend him?! Fri Dec 21 2012 7:45AM Report
punkrock2 writes: Awesome video and hope you feel better. I am glade to see you take a stand for MMORPG gamers and trying to set it right. Fri Dec 21 2012 8:03AM Report
DMKano writes:

ScamZ - the house of cards is coming apart so the original "ride the coattails of DayZ and cash in quick" scheme is becoming obvious. This game was rushed and developed within several months hence the bugs, crappy code and missing features.

its a scam, make cash quick scheme at the expense of us gamers

Fri Dec 21 2012 8:31AM Report
kabitoshin writes: Hope THQ can still put out Stick of truth Fri Dec 21 2012 8:35AM Report
JudgeUK writes:

SWTOR - right on the button. Now if only EA (or Disney?) listen to this and bring out content for the mmo player.

.....and adjust the ftp model slightly.....

Fri Dec 21 2012 8:38AM Report
Thane writes: GwapoJosh wtf is wrong with you, sergej never said that. he actually appologized for the wrong infos. no idea where you get your infos. Fri Dec 21 2012 8:45AM Report
zellmer writes:

So, what happens to the over 5 million dollars THQ made with the Steam sale...

As far as WarZ's "dubious" tactics/plans and SWOTR's pathetic excuse for f2p, not much needs to be said..

Fri Dec 21 2012 8:48AM Report
GwapoJosh writes: Thane, thanks for showing concern for me *hug*  but nothing is wrong with me.. I'm ok :) Fri Dec 21 2012 8:59AM Report
erictlewis writes:

Well she got it right about swtor,  but honestly definding warZ for having misleading info; I think they are getting what is comming to them.  The one guy who did the interview did not back off and we need more folks who are not willing to be yes men when interviewing a dev. 


Fri Dec 21 2012 9:11AM Report
adam_nox writes: I don't understand THQ, they put out a lot of blockbusters like saints row 3, but they can't cover costs?  Where's the money trail? Fri Dec 21 2012 9:18AM Report
Zinzan writes: Without a subscription fee whats wrong with marketting SWTOR to it's strengths? Essentially it's a co-op single player game in an mmo setting. Fri Dec 21 2012 10:11AM Report
Terranah writes:

You covered the three things I've been thinking about this week.   


Can't believe THQ filed chapter 11.  They have some good games, my favorite being the Saints Row series.  I have all three games.


SWTOR is marketing to their strength.  I think they realize their strengths lie in the singleplayer/co op, that's why they go there. 


WarZ lied about their feature list.  They deserved to be called out.  Any defence is just an excuse.  There's a difference between marketing which can stretch the truth and outright lying.  WarZ lied. 

Fri Dec 21 2012 10:53AM Report
jtcgs writes:

While I did enjoy the SWTOR rant, its wrong for the most part.

The part that is right is that Bioware doesnt know what they are doing or who their target actually is. The rest is wrong. The game wasnt made for MMORPGers, it was made for fans of KOTOR, single player RPGers first. They said from the beginning it was going to be a NEW kind of MMORPG, a hybrid.

Sadly, as most people that dont know what they are doing tend to do, they forgot what they were doing and started focusing on the MMO aspect of the game later in development and now the game is...well...its half-assed. There is no way they can keep up with the story element AND end game content to satisfy both types of players...hell, games cant even keep up on end game content in games that ONLY do end game content.

Fri Dec 21 2012 11:18AM Report
supernatural069 writes: First I will admit that I bought WARZ, and was mislead that said the game is very enjoyable. The only thing I have a problem with is the looting system, one should be able to loot found items yes no argument there. But this is were I do get up set if I purchase say a bat for RL money and then die or am killed PVP the item I purchased is gone. I don't care if you take everything away aside from what that which I have purchased with real money. This is just a form of money grab, buy the item but its not yours come on, Survival Horror is one thing having to run away from Zombies and other players is fine to, but why the hell are you the DEVLOPERS screwing over the paying customer. Don't use the argument that its not pay to win, you can't buy gunns currently in the store. This is what it is a way to hurt the people that are your loyal customer and fan base, and I'm not even mad about the misleading advertising I'll give you the Developers the benefit of the doubt. I don't think anything was done to hurt gamers but in the end, you will hurt you customer and fan base. And this is what will kill your game please fix the issues. Thanks. And Loved the Vid Hillary. Fri Dec 21 2012 10:32PM Report
JudgeUK writes:

"The part that is right is that Bioware doesnt know what they are doing or who their target actually is. The rest is wrong. The game wasnt made for MMORPGers"

Well it's pretty accurate to say it was intended to be for  mmorpgers, as it was marketed as an mmo. (There are many instances of EA saying it is an mmo). But as Pokket says they missed the target so in that sense the swtor comments where entirely correct.

As for the ftp model. I understand the marketing to strengths comments in other posts, but surely they should be trying to get as many people playing, or returning, as possible. The current restrictions are putting people off from playing the game, the evidence is on several forums.

I am not saying there should be a give me everything free mode, but there are better examples of ftp models already in existence.

An easing of some of the current restrictions could only benefit the game, which is really in need of any kudos at present.

Sat Dec 22 2012 6:13AM Report
Razperil writes: THQ made quite a few really good series. Darksiders and Darksiders 2, The WWE yearly ones, UFC and many others. It would be a pretty big loss if they go under completely. I don't know about many of you, but I enjoy quite a few of their games. If they are lost, so many series will be too. I'm rooting for them to make a recovery. Sat Dec 22 2012 9:48PM Report
grimgryphon writes:

Pokket, just a word of advice...

Using a lot of "minimizing" phrases ("sort of", "kind of") makes you seem as if you don't believe what you are saying.

Say what you mean...mean what you say. You'll be a lot more convincing that way.

Sun Dec 23 2012 11:30AM Report writes:
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