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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep 27 - The Meanest Thing You've Done?

In this week's MMOFTW, Xsyon goes F2P, SWTOR Devs are Listening, End of Nations changes hands, EVE Online seeks Retribution, and The War Z goes Beta. Plus in our community spotlight we ask you what the meanest thing you've ever done in an MMO is. Watch it!

Duration: 5:42
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health001 writes: EQ 1 NTOV i used monk and FD on a 100+ raid and wiped them .Reason for the A$$ move ,too cockblock the other guild :) Mon Dec 10 2012 8:48AM Report
Dauzqul writes:

I used to camp my Bruiser on one of the flight-path bird towers on EverQuest II (Nektulos - the one on top of the gigantic cliff).

The second a "goodie" would dismount from the bird, I would punt them off the tower as if I was kicking a field goal. I would then climb down the mountain to loot the chest :)

Mon Dec 10 2012 9:15AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: I used to steal stuff with my theif in shadowbane. Also, EoN was aweful, it needs a lot of work . Mon Dec 10 2012 9:45AM Report
FromHell writes: +1 for watching the video in 0.25% speed mode! X´-)) Mon Dec 10 2012 10:07AM Report
Lord.Bachus writes: DAoC camping lowbees in RvR just to get killspam Mon Dec 10 2012 10:44AM Report
erictlewis writes:

In lotro back in the day there were bosses you could kill to get shards.  One of these bosses was camped heavy.  There were 4 of 5 folks camping it most of them hunters.  I wiated for them to toss down there traps, and I drug a few mamoths and a couple of drarfs into their traps, they were busy fending of the stuff I had drug into their traps when the boss popped allowing me to own him with my LM.  I know that is a cheap way out but everybody was doing it. 


Mon Dec 10 2012 10:53AM Report
Gruug writes:

Xyson f2p? Too bad. Had high hopes for the game.


Mon Dec 10 2012 11:29AM Report
Maelwydd writes:

Playing AOC and a couple of players where spawn camping. They were mid level in a low level zone and were basically killing all the low levels around. I was playing my level 80 thief at the time and watched what they were doing for about 30 minutes till I got bored and logged.

I saw them questing a few days later and so kept killing them and spawn camped them till they got so annoyed they logged started sending me tells, crying that they just wanted to quest, how I was being a dick for attacking low levels etc...

They got so pissed off they both logged off.

While it was deserved I felt bad for spoiling their fun for a bit but to be honest I am sure they couldn't care less about the people who's time they wasted so in the end I got a sad sort of satisfaction out of it. Griefing a griefer shouldn't be neccessary but it was fun to hear them cry.

Mon Dec 10 2012 11:48AM Report
Mischiff writes: In WOW, Westfall had an escort quest. A Horde warrior kept killing the NPC and people trying to do the quest, so I came over with my 60 Thief ( level cap at the time) and killed him till he tried to run out of the zone, followed him through Duskwood, he finally logged off before he made it to Stranglethorn Vale. Mon Dec 10 2012 2:13PM Report
rawfox writes:

In Face of mankind we've been 3 young Brothers and fell over a young EuroCore.

He was carrieing valuable goods, Drugs, for his faction.

We told him "Get off your clothes" and he did.

We told him "Now dance" and he did.

He said, he had no clones left and would perma die when we would kill him.

He had to give us everything and he was in a good belive we would let him alive.


... you can imagine ...

Mon Dec 10 2012 2:18PM Report
LydarSynn writes: LOL- you guys have lost all credibiity by saying WarZ is moving along. It might be moving along but all in the wrong direction. The game is over run with hackers. The exploits are also ridiculous. Also, it is nothing more than a FPS (more prciesely a mod of War Inc.) with terrible zombies thrown in. Mon Dec 10 2012 4:21PM Report
Wizardry writes:

I have rarely done anything mean i am not a mean person.

I did however  walk away from helping a player and felt really bad because i did,even though my reason was warranted.Everyone around me said i should have never helped the person in the first place,none the less it made me feel really bad.

Mon Dec 10 2012 5:46PM Report
Raventree writes: The worst thing I can think of doing is when I was killed by a high level player on my lowbie, so I switched to my max level toon and killed him repeatedly until I had made my point:  If he could do it, so could I. Mon Dec 10 2012 5:58PM Report
discord235 writes: In SWTOR me and a friend hid inside an enemy building and another friend (who was logged in on an enemy character) convinced some guy that he would give him a bunch of free credits if he met him in the building. Of course he did and we proceeded to kill him. Funniest part was our other friend played it off like he had nothing to do with it so the guy kept asking for his credits... Mon Dec 10 2012 6:00PM Report
Brenelael writes:

In the original EQ a friend and I both played DEs and we were hanging out in Nek discussing were we were going to level when a low level human stumbled into the zone and asked us for directions to Lavastorm. Well knowing that humans couldn't see 2 feet in front of them in in that zone we agreed to guide him there. Well we switched to Dark Speech and started talking about what a noob he was and we led him straight to the bridge guards who promptly killed him. We laughed and headed back toward the Commonlands. Well he popped in again and told us he had died and could we help him get his corpse. Again we agreed and again we led him to his demise at the hands of the guards. he must have caught on at that point because he didn't come back for round 3... lol



Mon Dec 10 2012 6:20PM Report
DMKano writes:

Training anoles in eq1 - done it as recently as this year but been doing it since 1999. Always the same issue somebody comes along and tries to take over your camp, stating they were there first (and you've been there for 2 hours lol), so after you tell them that you haven't seen them in 2 hours and they are full of it, you get trained usually. So the answer is to log in my bard with fade (was doing it with my monk previously) and just train them back for a nice dose of revenge.

actually had a high level SK from a top guild try to pull this crap on me, so after he trained my lowbie Mage, I brought in my bard and trained half the zone in him... And he lived, trained the other half, he finally screwed up and died lol.

Mon Dec 10 2012 7:00PM Report
free2play writes:

In PreCU SWG, me and 5 other friends jumped a Dark jedi. He wiped the group quite fast, all but our Jedi and he was on his way to beating our Jedi. I came back from the cloner and stood on top of the other Jedi for 10 minutes spamming the screen with smack talk about how he tried really hard, he almost won, it was a good fight, too bad he sucked so bad. Just kept spamming and eventually our Jedi beat him. Guy logged out and didn't log in for a good 2 weeks after that. No idea how many exper he lost. It was that phase of Jedi in SWG. It was a really dirty stunt and while our group was kind of half chuckling in chat, you could tell everyone thought it was a really dirty stunt.

It must have been one of my In between EVE intervals. I find when I come out of EVE on a break, I am ruthless and evil x 10,000 in whatever game I pick up.

Mon Dec 10 2012 8:05PM Report
evilastro writes:

Few things:

1) Training mobs onto people in EQ1

2) Casting Animal Form on other healers in raids so their group wipes and ruins their parse as my Fury in EQ2.

3) Killing a whole group of players that jumped me on my Shadowpriest on WoW, then proceeding to camp them for 3 hours. Some of them made alts on the Horde side and begged me to stop, which just made me enjoy it even more. For the record, they were all slightly higher level than me, which made it even more amusing.

Mon Dec 10 2012 8:17PM Report
Braindome writes: I led a noob into Draynor Manor in Runescape and took him to Dracula's coffin and told him to open it cause it had good loot inside and watched Dracula pwn him, muaha. He only dropped like a spade and some junk but yeah, it was a good Runescape initiation. :D  Mon Dec 10 2012 8:29PM Report
cyber7chink writes:

Killing NPCs (the escort quests) that the opposite faction need to help to protect to complete quests, while no one is flagged.


Mon Dec 10 2012 11:56PM Report
akiira69 writes: The meanest thing ive done in a MMO....hmm abusing the Lag Necklace(Raeta's Necklace) in Hub then Marketplace Asheron's Call. The reason it is called the Lag Necklace is beacuse when you equip it, it causes butterflies to spawn around you nad if you rapidly equiped and unequiped it, it would lag out an entire area. Tue Dec 11 2012 12:28AM Report
winter writes: Meanest thing I've ever done is probably point out that Asura look like disgustingly gross little Demons/imps/gremlins and give awaay GW2 Wintersday secret that Ticks is is a insane parastic asura that feeds of of childrens life force and that tocks is his Demon henman/allie :) Tue Dec 11 2012 1:02AM Report
Barsoom writes: In Aion "fire Temple" I was tanking for a team and my wife was healing. We had a DPS glad in the team that wouldn't wait for me to taunt/pull mobs. We got to the boss at the end and I said wait a second and told my wife if he doesn't wait don't heal him and I will not taunt. He didn't wait. He died ;-) Tue Dec 11 2012 3:08AM Report
Zarriya writes:

"What is the meanest thing I have ever doen in an MMO?"  MMORPG, by asking this of the community you are asking all the idiots to brag about their "accomplishments."  I would think that would use its forums to help make the MMORPG community a better place, but sadly you chose to sensationalize and  even applaud bad behavior.

One of the reasons I play with my guilds is that we all help each other and that keeps me playing longer in a game than any other reason. 

Tue Dec 11 2012 6:32AM Report
tman5 writes:

PreCU SWG, our guild was throwing a party.  I was the bouncer.  There was one player who was a "hanger on" of a guild apparently roleplaying he was a drunken lout and picking fights.  Which was fine at first,  when I beat him down and tossed him out of the guild hall.  But he kept coming back.  And coming back.  And coming back.  He didn't respond to private tells to knock it off so finally, I just got tired of it and death blowed him (Damn, I just read that last line.)

He squealed about that in private chat as apparently he had binded to a distant cloner (this was prior to mounts and vehicles) and of course took equipment degrade.  I felt bad and sent him some credits as compensation.   But what was I to do, keep knocking out the same "drunk" all night?

Tue Dec 11 2012 7:06AM Report
NIII writes:

Haven't posted in a while, but with this community spotlight, I feel like I have to.


At this point in time, I would like to apologize for all of the people I've screwed with on APB while driving around and goofing off.


Not the meanest, just sayin'.

Wed Dec 12 2012 5:39AM Report
TheBlackbeard writes:

WoW: Manually running my lvl 50 pet into Goldshire while hiding my Orc Hunter behind a building or a tree. When the lowbies all started ganking my pet (thinking it was a mob) I'd jump out and one shot them all.

Diablo 2 (Not really an MMO): Disguising item dropping programs as a Map-hack and sending them via email to other players, then looting their goodies as their computer went haywire dropping everything to the ground.

Wed Dec 12 2012 9:05PM Report
Hodo writes:

Two things..


Ultima Online I once got a higher level mob to chase me into a guys house.  Where I then shut the door and left it there.  

My favorite was in Face of Mankind, JesteR was having a community meeting in an apartment ingame.   I managed to get the entire faction that was online to yell everytime he spoke in game, "JesteR STOP TOUCHING CHILDREN!" 

He banned everyone in the faction for 24hrs, and perma-banned me.    Oh so worth it.

Thu Dec 13 2012 2:03PM Report
TinkerGnome writes:

UO - Mushroom patch.

I would stand outside Brit bank offering "free" gates to whatever location I decided on at the time. Person walks in the gate only to appear in an explosive mushroom patch. If the person moves at all the mushrooms explode, killing them instantly.

After someone took the gate, I would wait a min or so and follow. 8/10 I would find a corpse. Simply loot everything they had on them at the time (without moving an inch) and then recall to my house. Wait for the criminal flag to go away and repeat.

I did manage lo loot some nice items doing this. Full set of  Ranger armor, dye tubs, power & even a vanq weapons now and then. Did a few other scams but this was my all time fave by far..

Fri Dec 14 2012 6:28AM Report
Hejiet writes:

I can recall a few things but the worst of it was...


When I used to play Ragnarok Online, I had made a few Acolyte and one time this dude wanted to play with me all the time so I acted as if I was a girl.


Eventually he gave me his account info saying that if I wanted to dual box with his toon I could do it. Since RO doesn't have BoP I took all his stuff and money the next day.

Sun Dec 16 2012 1:08PM Report writes:
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