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Videos Videos - GAME FACE: LoL Pre-Season 3 Changes, Riot Bans and More

This weekend's Game face covers the LoL Season 3 changes, Riot Bans, and more. Watch it!

Duration: 9:21
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Game: General
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DMKano writes:

Trion is a no longer just a publisher for End of Nations - look at the official Facebook page for the game, Trion brought EoN dev in house and will finish the game themselves. Trion took over development from Petroglyph probably because they were not pleased with what Petroglyph was doing to the game. Good move IMO, as the game in its current state is not very good.

Petroglyph dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully Trion can fix it.

Sat Dec 08 2012 8:31AM Report
DMKano writes:

Here's the quote from the Facebook page:

"As End of Nations was reaching the pre-launch phase in its life-cycle, we officially brought the game development in house to Trion’s San Diego Studio and will complete the development internally. Our team has been hard at work implementing many changes based on your feedback from the beta events. Keep checking back for more updates as we are looking forward to showing off some of the cool new things the team has been working on."

Sat Dec 08 2012 8:38AM Report
Thane writes:

lol "as the development is nearly dont, we are now taking over"


smart move ^^  quite mean tho.

Sat Dec 08 2012 9:05AM Report
Thane writes:

done* ^^ 


why the hell cant we correct typos in here?

Sat Dec 08 2012 9:05AM Report
Crazy_Stick writes:

We live in a time where it is increasingly hard to convince people to invest money in a game up front for a variety of reasons. Publishers and developers need to pay the bills. The problem is that in any business there is a need to push a product for every dollar you can get in return even at the expense of product quality. It’s the Walmart syndrome all over again. Free to play is often pay to progress (or get ahead as you say) and the only measure of going to far is determining the point at which people will stop paying. Otherwise, everything is fair game, even portions of the UI.

Sat Dec 08 2012 2:34PM Report
Crazy_Stick writes:

Also, we have all played so many games where you slay the monster, loot the corpse, and level up that it simply never occurs to us that we are the PVE NPCs for the Dev team games too. That’s right, slay player Bob with need for item X, loot his wallet, and level up a pay grade. It’s not just a game for us either and I am not sure who is getting the better of whom anymore. But then again they have to deal with people like EA that are leveling off them too and squeezing the life away...



Sat Dec 08 2012 2:51PM Report
CrowsCry writes: In the topic "pay to win" I totally agree with your opinion. For someone like myself. Who has only so much time to play games. It's nice to pay real money to keep up with the hardcore gamers. As long as there is a balance to it. I am all for it Sat Dec 08 2012 11:35PM Report
Wizardry writes:

LOL is a perfect example of luck.This game is a VERY cheap game that will make multi millions just because it offers a team versus team pvp challenge that gamers like.

Imo it is a step backwards,pvp games like COD/Unreal/Gow/Quake have made huge steps forward in graphics ,this game is promoting browser based quality or lower.

IMO the maps are way too small and linear to make this a PRO gaming platform.Then we have this so called ban,it took them the 9th problem before banning the account?Then how do they stop him from returning under a new account?

Sun Dec 09 2012 2:09AM Report
thinktank001 writes:

Your use of the term F2P is misleading and dishonest.   F2P is a feature of games with the P2W business model.   


I usually drop a game using the P2W business model when 1 cash shop item dominates the entire game.



- I dropped Maplestory shortly after exp cards.

- I dropped Rappelz shortly after enchanting bonus increases and increased belt slots 

Sun Dec 09 2012 12:31PM Report
Gruug writes: Totally agree with Pokket's assement of P2W. And yes, it is a major feature of of most F2P and Item shop MMO's. I personally would like to see both just go away. However, people just don't get it that THEY are being taken advantage of OR that "FREE" is not free. Mon Dec 10 2012 12:08AM Report writes:
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