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Videos Videos - Game Face: The War Z big patch, Project Blackstone(?)

Pokket discusses the latest happenings in some of today's biggest titles including The War Z, Project Blackstone and more! Discussion: What element would you like to see more in games?

Duration: 6:34
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Game: General
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Eladi writes:

besites housing It seems hardcore and Sandboxy to sit on chairs..  Themeparks like folks to sit on the ground.

To me sit able chairs/ledges and sorts all over the game  shows if a game developer  tought about game worlds or game trails

toodles back at ya


Tue Dec 04 2012 5:11PM Report
Margrave writes: Always the best hair Tue Dec 04 2012 6:16PM Report
Sephiro writes:

The game that was succesfull at doing both was Dark age of Camelot. You played the Pve game until you where the max level and for some gear. Then you played the PVP game for fun and to open up dungeons. The success of this game and its pure fun factor are what I see many games attempting to mimic but failing for a variety of reasons. 

Minecraft style building and construction. This is something I would like to see done well, let us build things from scratch. 

Puzzles and old school RPG style elements, similiar to the first person dungeon games.

Raids! I wan't to work with a team to smash something and earn rewards. Eq style, WOW stye, but betta!

Keep and land captures let players have a chuck of land that they fight to keep like DAOC .

Mulitple classes that when they group up form a great deal of synergy. EQ style

Quests for items that have meaning and story plus reward.  Maybe you have to find these like easter eggs. 

Houseing, mounts, vehicles, anything the character can own, maintain, build and basically become emotionally invested in.




Tue Dec 04 2012 8:11PM Report
Terranah writes:

There's a million threads on what we would like to see.  I've been asking for the same things since Precu SWG became NGE.  Tired of being a broken record. 


Devs either don't listen to forums, don't care, are dictated to by grey suits, or just lack the vision to make it happen.  There is some hope though...Repopulation and Archeage are two games I am anticipating, but they are a ways off.

Tue Dec 04 2012 9:02PM Report
Vernam writes: Had this strange dream a week back where I was talking with some wise and all-knowing being that I could only talk to through a message board on the internet. After I asked for advice on that message board I got a response back and it was from Pokket, which instantly caused an Xbox achievement message to pop up in the corner of my vision that read  "Achievement Unlocked: Response from Pokket". I think I've been watching too much Game Face. Tue Dec 04 2012 10:16PM Report
aspekx writes: what's the game at 4:35? Tue Dec 04 2012 11:34PM Report
shantideva writes: look at my kitty! Wed Dec 05 2012 3:28AM Report
DEXA88 writes: Srosly you look good stop doing this to your hair p: Wed Dec 05 2012 4:06AM Report
Calmmo writes:

what's the game at 4:35?


That Would be Rift Storm Legion

Wed Dec 05 2012 8:25AM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

As I mentioned in your weekly article, alot of the features that I want from Pre-NGE SWG are being implemented in The Repopulation which is awesome.  I really enjoyed the community interdepedence in SWG.  As a Ranger, I would take orders from doctors on what type of meat they would need for buffs and people would post on the forums which planet had the creatures that would give the best yield.   On top of that it would change every week or two so you aren't mindlessly grinding the same mob over and over again.

Newer games IMO are severely lacking in social aspects which bring a community together. Most times if I group with people they barely even talk to you with the only exception being Vanguard. 


Wed Dec 05 2012 9:50AM Report
heynow writes: New it wouldnt be long before you were showing your pussy on cam - good on ya! Wed Dec 05 2012 10:26AM Report
HighMarshal writes: /\      I almost posted that, but I figured that if I waited long enough, I wouldn't have to! Wed Dec 05 2012 12:15PM Report
Betaguy writes:

Nice Undead Priest in the background on the shelf holding the Staff of Benediction ;) 

Was that your toon sculpted into a statue?

Wed Dec 05 2012 3:10PM Report
shamall writes: I still wonder why no other mmos picked up on the random mission/dungeon generator that anarchy online had. Wed Dec 05 2012 11:40PM Report
NameWasTaken writes:

OMG... Look at Pokkets pussy!

I'm surprised she has not dyed her pussys hair to match her own. :P

Thu Dec 06 2012 7:07AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: make love and babies in game, creating a family system with players, and have new players the choice to be born into a family, Thu Dec 06 2012 9:29AM Report writes:
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