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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep 27 - Complex Crafting Ever Again?

In this week's MMOFTW, we talk about Guild Wars 2's upcoming December event, Mortal Online's F2P conversion, World of Warcraft's refocus on WAR, Darkfall's Tasos interviewed, and Age of Conan's crafting overhaul. Plus in our community spotlight we opine on the notion of complex meaningful crafting. Check it out!

Duration: 5:54
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Alminie writes:

Complex Crafting is a must!

whats the point of crafting if it's not worth while, and you can't make things that are of real Worth!


too often in mmo's you get to max crafting and it's not easy to do so, yet what you can make at end game is not even close to as good as you can get from drops?

that just plain Sucks!.

"we need worth while crafting!"

Mon Dec 03 2012 9:13AM Report
hfamgamer writes: Best crafting IMHO was SWG pre NGE. Yes there were reciepes with a list of components, but it was the quality of those components that made the difference. And if I was forced to be a tailor by some holocube, I was gonna be the best damn tailor I could. Mon Dec 03 2012 9:20AM Report
mcrippins writes: I would definitely like to see a re-review of Mortal Online. I tried to get into that game a while back, but had a few really annoying experiences. Would like to know the game in its current state. Mon Dec 03 2012 9:25AM Report
iamrta writes: Crafting in Firefall is going to hurt your brain. Mon Dec 03 2012 9:34AM Report
zevni78 writes: *cough* WURM *cough* Mon Dec 03 2012 9:46AM Report
GwapoJosh writes: All crafting these days is just assembling *yawn*  I want complex crafting!!! Mon Dec 03 2012 9:49AM Report
Wraithone writes: One of the most in dept crafting systems I've seen was Horizons (Now Istaria).  That was in fact a crafting game, with some combat system icing. ^^ Mon Dec 03 2012 10:00AM Report
crazytwan writes:

Pre NGE SWG had it right. Never seen better since. Had to actually prospect for quality materials to make items good enough people bought them. Crafting spaceships, housing, everything it it. entire villages player crearted. Setting up mining operations. Bleh, we'll never see that again. No one thinks we want it.


Mon Dec 03 2012 10:50AM Report
Thorkune writes: Bill...Your comment about harvesting, gathering and then "You figure it out" is exactly what I would love to see. Mon Dec 03 2012 10:58AM Report
Geminiv writes:

One of the adjoining problems with most crafting systems is the defeated system and how you keep everything on death and how it's never broken an only worth scrap, so you would need to make yourself (or find someone to make for you) a new favourite weapon/armour. Also where most crafting systems fall flat is it's not "end game gear" so it's not really worth making it anyway. Having to-do dungeons runs for gear instead of obtaining a crafting component we get this instant reward of max level shiny. Then there is of cause the levelling system there is never a point to making low level items it’s just a means to an end now if levelling 1-20 took you a good week or two, instead of what feels like 2days  later maxed level making all low items pointless.

Although I do like the fact customising armour looks is hopefully a catching trend as making your avatar more personalised is always a bonus is my eyes.

Mon Dec 03 2012 11:00AM Report
Lahuzer writes:

Should definitely do a new review on MO, just like you did with Darkfall if I remember correctly. Things are alot different since then, and is worthy of a new review. Just make sure the tester tries out everything from crafting to big scale PVP. Maybe go solo first, and join a guild later down the road as well.

And thx for the interview with Tasos. Was fun to hear, even though a day late and I couldn´t see it live and chant away like the rest. But nice to see it afterwards. Your 4given. ;)

Mon Dec 03 2012 11:10AM Report
Lahuzer writes:

Also, how do I make the "subscribe now"-window over Bills face go away in the top left corner? I am subscribed already, but it still shows.

And about the crafting, try the crafting in MO out. Cause in my eyes it´s the most complexed crafting out there right now. Where you make potions etc by yourself as well from plants etc that you pick in the world. So that alone is worthy a new review of MO. ;)

Mon Dec 03 2012 11:22AM Report
kevjards writes: when i first started playing Vanguard after leaving WOW i was lost at what to do..i never asked a person and spent hrs just figuring things the end i felt great crafting flawless weapons considering i didnt have a clue at the start..crafting is one of the musts of a game and it must be complex .the crafting was one of the major reasons i stayed plating vanguard for 2 yrs.i thought it was amazing.i do like gw2 approach with the stick 4 items together and see what you can come up with.if only someone could capture something like that fully i would be in heaven Mon Dec 03 2012 12:34PM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Lahuzer, there should be an "X" to click on the subscribe box, if you really want to see my face.  :) Mon Dec 03 2012 12:54PM Report
Lahuzer writes: @BillMurphy, Nein. I thought it should be there. But when I hover my mouse over it, it only highlights even more, and I can see even less of that pretty face of your. Also the adress to the subscribe page is shown. But no freaking "X" to click!!!! The pain!!!! The agony!!!! Mon Dec 03 2012 1:11PM Report
Hodo writes: Complex crafting is a must, but it can be done baddly.   I look at some games in the past where it was done well,  Wurm Online, Ultima Online.    Some games are close like Xsyon and Salem... Others are WAY off the mark, like Age of Conan (current build),  WoW, and a few others.   Crafting should be something like a game in itself not a secondary activity you do between levels. Mon Dec 03 2012 1:15PM Report
mistmaker writes: swg ftw best crafting and ressource system ever Mon Dec 03 2012 2:02PM Report
Shadanwolf writes: I will rarely play any game that doesn't have decent crafting. Mon Dec 03 2012 3:12PM Report
Fluxii writes:

How ironic that you mention EQNext.

EQ2 had one of the most complex/robust crafting systems for it's time (ever) that actually was "dumbed down" because people bitched so much about it being "too hard" or "too long" or "too complicated".  Or yo actually had to coordinated with other crafting professions to get things made... the horror.

Mind you I'm not a big crafter, the easier the better in my book, but when I see this trend of people complaining SO much about things like "more robust crafting" I just have to laugh becuse as soon as they get it, you're going to have the other side saying WOAH... scale this back, we want everything easier.

Another thing people fail to remember is EQ2 was and still is one of the only games with player housing.  Meh... but w0w was SO much better at everything I guess according to all the lemmings. *shrug*

Mon Dec 03 2012 3:33PM Report
AlBQuirky writes:

@Lahuzer: It's YouTube, so if you get the bottom options to pop up (by hovering your mouse at the bottom), there is a "chat wibndow" looking icon that toggles on/off "notations", which is what the "subscribe please" banner is.  I hope that helps :)

Good show this week, Bill.  I think you re-review MO.  It may be quite different now with differing options.

Mon Dec 03 2012 3:41PM Report
Lahuzer writes: @AIBQuirky: That was it. Thx. Mon Dec 03 2012 4:06PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

"Hold on to you potatoes"!! 

For sure there needs to be a complete overhaul and design of the crafting mechanic in MMOs. I also am close to that thought of gives us materials and let us figure out how to make stuff. There needs to be a greater focus on player driven items that in turn spark the player driven economy. Too many times (like in WoW) you would have an item you could craft, but only to find out a vendor sells the item anyways so no need to make it and sell it.

It would be nice to see a developer actually spend the time to design the whole world around a player made, player driven world and economy.


Mon Dec 03 2012 4:14PM Report
erictlewis writes: WE dont need to se mo free to play on this site. Every time I turn around you hear about their users complaining about how the gm's are corrupt and how bad the game is,  nothing has changed to fix how the gm's are corrupt.  Mon Dec 03 2012 4:27PM Report
jleeii writes: A complex crafting system is what I am loking for as well, but it has to be viable and worth it as has been stated here too. If you could start off with the barest of items and quests and dungeons drop ok items but more crafting material and you have to craft yourself through levels/stages w/e, then it would be worth it. INstead of getting everything given or hadned to you from quests and raids, you make it all from day one and beyond, with the complexity of looks, feel, and stats, then I would be in 7th heaven! Mon Dec 03 2012 5:30PM Report
Jester92 writes: Though very broken, the most complex and amazing crafting system I have seen to date in ANY mmorpg was in that very same mmorpg list you described, Mortal online is that game, minerals are gathered and items can be crafted out of just about anything, and its all about finding a balance in material yields strengths weights densities etc to make the best weapons.   Wearing a suit of gold armor? Entirely possible, Extremely expensive and Extremely too heavy and ductile to be used in any viable combat! BUT STILL POSSIBLE! Wooden swords for practicing? GO FOR IT!  If more developers worked on a decent crafting systems, monster drops one day go back into gathering creature parts and experimenting rather than trying to find out why a velociraptor dropped a greatsword. Mon Dec 03 2012 5:38PM Report
blockahfatty writes: MINECRAFT+FINAL FANTASY+ = WIN!!!!!   Mon Dec 03 2012 5:44PM Report
Tindale111 writes: I seem to remember Lotro had good crafting but EQ2 and Vanguard were my favourites the worst ive seen is swotor unless you were/ are a biochemist the rest were pointless EQ2 gets it right because you can make stuff for your guildhalls and home as well as all the spell scrolls armor etc hope they will keep this up in everquest next or whatever they call it have to say GW2 is quite fun tho especially chef and i can only hope they put housing and guildhalls into this game .Dose anyone know what crafting is going to be like in the Elder scrolls and am i the only one that think that their trailer looks great ?   Mon Dec 03 2012 5:52PM Report
blockahfatty writes: and yes, please re-review mortal online.  i need to know if its worth the download.   Mon Dec 03 2012 5:52PM Report
Akrux writes:

Complex crafting is coming in the sci-fi mmo called The Repopulation. Very complex.  Crafted items are the best items in the game. High tier mobs and bosses drop rare components but crafter skill will still trump any item drops. The games also features no levels, no classes, housing, player built cities and a three way  PvP fight for dominance.

The Repopulation should enter beta early 2013 with launch later 2013 hopefully.

Mon Dec 03 2012 6:38PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: shadowbane crafting rocked ! Mon Dec 03 2012 9:38PM Report
Cheboygan writes:

Saga of Ryzom - best crafting ever - harvesting has never been outdone either

if only that crafting/harvesting system could be directly transplanted directly into a game that people actually play - sigh

Mon Dec 03 2012 10:34PM Report
piehole writes: I would like a combination of Vanguard and UO. The crafting style from Vanguard and like in UO, if you wants to craft you have to give up other professions. Tue Dec 04 2012 6:02AM Report
Thane writes: best "crafting" so far: path of exile. get real, all you mmos. Tue Dec 04 2012 6:18AM Report
mysticaluna writes: I originally made all 9 tradeskillers on EQ2 because of interdependecies.  It took forever to level any of them up to 42-46 back then.  Now it is rediculously easy ...  Wed Dec 05 2012 6:27AM Report
echolynfan writes: Crafting is one of the main things I look for in an MMO - and no one since SWG has had decent crafting. Sun Dec 09 2012 7:01PM Report writes:
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