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Videos Videos - GAME FACE: Blizzard Gets Sued

In this week's Game Face, Pokket talks about Blizzard being sued, the Darkfall art direction for Unholy Wars, an Rift going F2P in Korea.

Duration: 7:52
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keenber writes:

I love your vids and i usally agree with everything you say but there is no way that we should pay extra to secure our games that we pay them a sub to provide a service.

Blizzard are just greedy and i refuse to play any game that they relese anymore.

Sat Nov 17 2012 7:53AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes: I woke up one morning to my CC getting declined for coffee and it turned out that my CC was shut down because someone overseas was trying to use it. About twelve hours later I got an email from blizzard saying something about my battlenet account being compromised. When I logged into it my authenticator had been taken off so honestly f*** them and their 200 million. I bought their first game and their last. Now I don't care if they put out the bees knees with this Titan bullshit ill be passing. Sat Nov 17 2012 8:20AM Report
DMKano writes:

You are correct about Korea but China - they don't have as many games available there. The fundamental issue is that Rift does not cater well to Korean playerbase wants and needs.

As far as DFUW art resources - that's a good thing, also may not take anything from the combat of the game as its 2 different teams that do that anyway. I see that argument a lot from the players bit it's mostly due to lack of understanding how different teams work on different portions of game development. 

Finally $10 for a hardware fob - it costs Blizzard around $6 so blizzard is hardly making any profit, it all goes back to the security resources most likely.

Sat Nov 17 2012 8:23AM Report
Drakaden writes: Battle net get hacked so darn easily i wouldn't be surprised the big culprits are amongst their now large staff, you don't even need to compromise your PC anymore they compromise their now hackable battle net stuff, i stopped touching battle net and any products, this is just too volatile. Sat Nov 17 2012 8:24AM Report
Novuhz writes:


How is blizzard greedy?

They are not making money out of authenticator keychains.

You forget how much money it costs to make them.

Blizz purchases them from VASCO and then sells them to us at cost, also free shipping and handling, also from the back end costs of running the authentication servers.

They lose money on the deal they do not make money out of it.

Let me ask you again how is Blizzard is greedy?

Also no blizz game requires authenticator for you to play.

Sat Nov 17 2012 8:57AM Report
mcrippins writes: I've never understood the gripes about subs.. I always spend WAY more money in supposed 'f2p' games than I do in subs. A typical sub game costs around $15 a month. That's approx 50 cents a day. If you honestly can't come up with that kind of money for a AAA game, than I dunno what to say. Just my 2 pennies. Sat Nov 17 2012 9:12AM Report
MsFit writes: I bought my authenticator long ago because my account got hacked. Since then, I've never had to worry about my account security. In all the years after, not once has my account been compromised. I feel I've gotten way more than $10 worth from the little gizmo, and besides, the pup has ended up as one of my favorite pets. Sat Nov 17 2012 9:55AM Report
Axxar writes: Blizzard sells authenticators at cost because in the long run it's cheaper to lose a little money upgrading customer security than it is to pay technical personnel to help hacker victims. Sat Nov 17 2012 10:08AM Report
VincerKaden writes: Sometimes, it's the lawsuits which are greedy. Sat Nov 17 2012 10:46AM Report
mmoguy43 writes: You have a razor swtor keyboard?? :O!!! Sat Nov 17 2012 11:24AM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

I just use the authenicators on my smart phone so I don't really care about the cost, but from everything I heard they aren't making a penny on them so I don't see what the big deal is and since they offer a free alternative, I think the lawsuit is BS.

Isn't WOW pay by the hour in China?  I'd rather just have a good quality game, pay my 15 bucks a month and niot have to worry paying for anything else in a cash shop.  I find the freemium models for the most part way too limiting and probably wind up costing you more during the long run.  If I do have a F2P game I like, I'll usually sign up when they have some sort of sub sale.

On a technical note, not sure if you caught it, but you had unreadable text during Blizzard segment as it popped up right on top of the topic graphic and at the beginning of the Rift segement, you got kinda a smurfy tone to your skin.  Otherwise top notch as always.  The videos have come along really well since you started.

Sat Nov 17 2012 11:54AM Report
Psychow writes:

Some of the responses (I got hacked, screw them! or They are greedy! Why should I have to play for anyting?) are really really stupid. Please unplug yourselves from the internet.



Normal people

Sat Nov 17 2012 12:15PM Report
EtahEvol writes: Blizzard, in particular DIII, is nothing but a money making enterprise that has completely lost touch with it's fan base.  Expensive game, costant hacks, real money for everything - f*ck them.  I will never buy another Blizzard product. Sat Nov 17 2012 1:27PM Report
grimgryphon writes:

This is what happens when you bring three things together: the trend of overt entitlement, the trend of demonizing corporations, and the trend of being offended at everyhting.

Greedy customers sueing greedy corporations? Pot, meet kettle.

Sat Nov 17 2012 2:13PM Report
SuprGamerX writes: Blizzard sucks no matter how you try and slice it. I never used a authenticator BS thingy in my life and never got hacked. We often speak of which MMO will be the next WoW killer , at this rate Blizzard are the only ones capable enough to pull a NCSoft and shoot themselves in the foot , once they hit the foot , the bleeding will never stop.  Greed goes a long way at killing you sooner or later.    EVE-Online = Free expansions , WoW = need to pay everytime a Xpac releases.  In the end ,who's the smarter P2P player...?   Seems obvious enough.  :) Sat Nov 17 2012 2:30PM Report
Demensha writes: I personally dont mind buying extended warranty (authenticator) for my games. If the cost becomes to much , i move on to other interests. Couldnt catch what you said in the last 2 seconds of the vid:) Sat Nov 17 2012 2:54PM Report
Thane writes: @Mike-mcQueen: you bought rpm racing for the super nintendo? :) Sat Nov 17 2012 5:30PM Report
troublmaker writes:

Before Battle.Net they were far more secure.  They used usernames instead of emails.

Now they use emails and the Battle.Net system and it is so insecure that they are passing the buck on to the consumer.  Instead of upgrading their security they are forcing consumers to pay $6.50 for an authenticator.

If Blizzard was really earnest about security they would give authenticators for free to everyone who purchases the game and only charge them for replacement authenticators.

Sat Nov 17 2012 9:24PM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

Any company that is, or becomes big will automatically be hated...well actually Funcom is rather small and everyone hates them.

Correction, MMORPG fans hate every company ever...

Sat Nov 17 2012 10:18PM Report
Freeaked writes: Oppan FREEMIUM STYLE! Sun Nov 18 2012 1:37AM Report
Freeaked writes: Oppan FREEMIUM STYLE! Sun Nov 18 2012 1:37AM Report
Fluxii writes:

w0w.. that is the most horrid justification for it being "ok" for a company to make "millions" extra to provide basic security to you.


I SHOUD have to have a smart phone to get it free?  OR I SHOULD have to spend MORE money than I already am to not only keep my game from being messed with, but to PROTECT private data? 


A company with the largest subs in the world according to them, that doesn't put out a 10th of the content as EQ2 can't afford to keep my account safe?


And this bullshit you're trying to pass off about how much they cost... get real... they mass made like everything else and cost almost nothing...  I have a bridge in China I'd like to sell you if you think they cost more than pennies on the dollar.


Sun Nov 18 2012 8:09AM Report
Dreamo84 writes: Until my bank or, well anything at all starts offering free authenticators. I am not going to blame Blizzard for charging. Its clearly not a neccessary safeguard as millions have never used them and did not get hacked. Sun Nov 18 2012 11:53AM Report
mikecackle writes:

Ugh, They don't have to provide an authenticator at all. You don't need a smart phone either, there is an emulator for your PC or perhaps even a PC version, never cared to look. This authenticator is for morons who fall for gimmicks and don't know how to secure their PC's or make a proper password. Which is the reason the PC one is not promoted as getting hacked would give them the authentication.. DOH

Sun Nov 18 2012 12:19PM Report
mikecackle writes: I like the 7:48 frame, and 7:49 smile, hints of alyssa milano Sun Nov 18 2012 12:22PM Report
Gishgeron writes: I give up on people with this whole authenticator debate.  Its not for improving their internal security.  Its for your personal security.  They already have measures in place to protect their information on their end...I'm not going to comment on how good or bad those measures are.  What IS certain is that the authenticator does not protect you from things attack their internal information storage.  It protects you from your end...helping to prevent things the END USER is responsible for from stealing that information from the client side.  Under no circumstances should they give that away free.  It is exactly the same as thinking they should package Norton antivirus into the game for you free of change.  You, the player, do not deserve having someone else protect your computer FOR you free of charge. Sun Nov 18 2012 7:55PM Report
ElectricWizard writes: hey Pokket.. your videos are much bettter when youre not on pills Mon Nov 19 2012 1:34AM Report
tman5 writes:

Pokket: It's called "coherency." Learn it.

As to the Blizzard matter: Upgrading security to deflect ever-increasing hacking efforts is the cost of doing business.  Maybe Blizzard needs to consider just what user info they actually need to store on their servers.

Mon Nov 19 2012 12:09PM Report
43%burnt writes:

The authenticator is made for the same people who need the "Don't use your toaster while in the tub" warning lables.

You don't just get "hacked" out of nowhere.

Mon Nov 19 2012 12:52PM Report
Pokket writes:

"Pokket: It's called "coherency." Learn it."


tman5: it's called "common decency" and "common sense." Learn it.


Bee Tea Dubs, I do this on the fly. I don't have a script and I don't practice what I am going to say 90382402 times before I say it. Sometimes "speak-o"s happen.

Wed Nov 21 2012 2:13AM Report writes:
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