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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep. 23 - TSW's First Raid Revealed

In this week's MMOFTW covers the SWTOR F2P launch, The Secret World's first raid, Elder Scrolls Online's introductory video, and whether we would play old MMOs if they just updated their visuals. Special thanks to Five Second Films for the use of their video on our intro. (

Duration: 4:50
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Game: General
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Nitth writes: Hmm, are these getting shorter and shorter? :P Mon Nov 12 2012 7:52AM Report
FromHell writes:

Regarding Community Spotlight:

I would totally jump into a visually updated Star Wars Galaxies 2.


Mon Nov 12 2012 8:31AM Report
health001 writes: had to watch it 2 times.first time keep wandering if he was wearing pants ! and was he smoking some of that legal pot going around :) ? Mon Nov 12 2012 8:48AM Report
saxifr writes: TSW's Raid: Day late! Dollar short! Mon Nov 12 2012 8:49AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Nitth, this one is short, sorry!  Next one won't be.  :) And NEXT weekend we might even broadcast our first Live episode at an undisclosed time (undisclosed in case we cock it up). Mon Nov 12 2012 8:55AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Nitth, this one is short, sorry!  Next one won't be.  :) And NEXT weekend we might even broadcast our first Live episode at an undisclosed time (undisclosed in case we cock it up). Mon Nov 12 2012 8:55AM Report
Jonoku writes: I'm not giving SWTOR another shot. Mon Nov 12 2012 9:14AM Report
mcrippins writes: @Bill would love to play UO again if they gave it a new coat of paint. Hard to believe I still have some of the best memories in gaming from over a decade ago.  Mon Nov 12 2012 9:18AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes: Yeah i'd be all over UO with an upgrade. I think it'd have to go a little beyond looks though, get a good team workin on mechanics and it'd be heaven. Mon Nov 12 2012 10:01AM Report
Maisson writes: As far as updating the graphics on older MMO's, I would return to play them, now graphics aren't everything in an MMO, however when you are starring at this game for hours the graphics better be decent enough.  Alot of the older MMO's have more depth than current ones as far as game mechanics go. Mon Nov 12 2012 10:01AM Report
drivendawn writes: If Ashron's Call got upgraded I totally would have to check it out. Mon Nov 12 2012 10:57AM Report
calzero writes:

SWTOR "freemium" model only caters to those who have never played the game before. If you have spent time playing then any content you would want to explore is sub only like battlegrounds, raids, or even any gear. Most people going back to SWTOR would not even be able to wear there old armor under this f2p model.

I would love to see some of my old addictions come bacak with new graphics. If I could get Everquest backend on a Vanguard body I would be in heaven or GW2 look in a DAoC world they too would get all my money.

I truely miss old times spent in Everquest and I have tried to go back many times. Its never the graphics that lose my interest is the overdevelopment of the game.

Mon Nov 12 2012 11:02AM Report
achesoma writes:

The TESO video really doesn't show squat as far as I'm concerned.  It's the same old rhetoric we hear with any new MMO in development.  The problem with single zone style pvp is that it gets boring fast.  How long do they expect playing "capture the keep" to hold players' interest?  It's a system that has yet to be successful.  And the idea of a mega server sounds pointless if it's going to be instanced and phased all to hell.  Better off having traditional servers with a massive, seamless world.  And please oh please let me explore other faction zones! 

Mon Nov 12 2012 11:03AM Report
erictlewis writes: swtor put so many block in the way to come back under friemuim it is not funny.  The say live through your story lines, but then limit you to to fremium toons.  Not only that but you have to buy unlocks if you were in purple gear.   I got a feeling a lot of folks are going to be turned of more than turned on. Mon Nov 12 2012 1:11PM Report
Gravarg writes: DAoC is the only old game that I would play again if they rebuilt the engine and graphics.  I say rebuild the engine because it could be made to use alot less resources than it does now :) Mon Nov 12 2012 1:51PM Report
Foreverdream writes:

@Bill  Thank you!!! 


Mon Nov 12 2012 2:20PM Report
KroxMalon writes: If LOTRO had a visuals overhaul id be in Mon Nov 12 2012 2:40PM Report
Arcondo87 writes:

getting cheaper n cheaper too....

Mon Nov 12 2012 3:02PM Report
Hallowel writes:

First off, love the new layout and no pants. :P

As for SWtoR - I already resubbed for a month to claim my bonus cartel points. I'll probably go the F2P way though after the month is up as I am not a PvPer anyway and I'll just buy whatever I need in the cash shop, as needed.

On old games getting a complete graphic make-over... YES Please! I quite upset when UX:O was nixed and have been wishing UO would update the graphics with the times. If UO looked like D3, heck yeah I'd play it again. I played it from launch in the Baja Shard in Sept 97 until around 2004.  I just cannot stand dated graphics anymore so now I only play 3D games. 

Mon Nov 12 2012 4:00PM Report
Zoltos writes:

Ultima Online with the looks of Diablo 3? Hell yeah!!!

ESO looks and sounds ok, but not very hyped yet.

Mon Nov 12 2012 5:09PM Report
Mitara writes:

No more SWTOR, they failed to read what we players wanted so miserably that there just isnt a 2nd chance. I bet they havent even fired the game designers of that crap yet.....


I would totally try out an UO with todays level of graphics though. It funny, but... UO has still not been surpassed game playing wise.

Tue Nov 13 2012 6:45AM Report
Grakulen writes: I'd love a reskinned Dark Age of Camelot. Tue Nov 13 2012 8:50AM Report
oxyde writes: I'm with Grakulen.  If they gave DaOC a reskinned and some UI work I would play there for a good long time. Tue Nov 13 2012 9:29AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: I always imagine Bill without pants :) lol . Tue Nov 13 2012 11:30AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: redo Shadowbane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tue Nov 13 2012 11:38AM Report writes:
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