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Videos Videos - Bless Announced by Neowiz

During G-Star 2012, Neowiz announced its latest MMO, Bless.

Duration: 2:23
Views: 2,510  25 comments
Game: General
Direct Link:
Mike-McQueen writes: Sick Sun Nov 11 2012 8:23AM Report
Khebeln writes: As a visal whore i have to say im impressed, tho i dont think its dx11 based as i didint see any teslation. Still it looks sick :) Sun Nov 11 2012 8:44AM Report
Jupsto writes:

This could be a tera trailer and I wouldn't know.

thats a compliment in terms of graphics quality, but what I mean is it looks completely unoriginal to existing asian mmos.

Sun Nov 11 2012 9:26AM Report
Khebeln writes: I like this artstyle so in my opinion orginal or not im up for it. And it looks better than Tera actualy as it uses ambient occlusion and few other effects. It looks a lot better. Sun Nov 11 2012 9:46AM Report
Sephz writes:

Found this, dunno if i'm impressed enough though. :)

Sun Nov 11 2012 9:58AM Report
Eladi writes:

Meh, as some said, looks like tera, got the same art style.

nice game for the anime action /adventure gamers I supose.  but to me it looks to become one of those non-rpg mmo's

Sun Nov 11 2012 10:12AM Report
Khebeln writes: well it cant be more non rpg than most of the ones we got on the market tbh. Even wow forsaken most of the depth of rpg game this days. Sun Nov 11 2012 10:17AM Report
Sinaku writes: Character models look very similar to tera. Combat as well (specially the pole axe person attack style looks almost identical to tera). Not a bad thing and it looks fantastic but not offering anything new from what I can tell. I can see this being a heavily instanced game. Sun Nov 11 2012 11:31AM Report
Whitebeards writes: What are FF and Tera characters doing in Bless? looks so un original. Sun Nov 11 2012 11:36AM Report
Stalkerous writes: I think this is fan made trailer, not the original Bless game trailer. It's combination of FFXIV and Tera compiled. Sun Nov 11 2012 11:46AM Report
Stalkerous writes: Real trailer to Bless is here Sun Nov 11 2012 11:51AM Report
KroxMalon writes:

Good god! looks cool.. yes I can see what your all saying about Tera also i see elements of ff14, archage, BnS. Its like a culmanation of them all lol.

Follow the links through to other videos and it looks impressive.

If I can turn into a lion then i'm in!

Sun Nov 11 2012 12:14PM Report
TheJoda writes: .....wait, this aint Tera?? hmmmm nice clone! Sun Nov 11 2012 12:39PM Report
Pivotelite writes:

I swear every game I see now has those damn slayers and berserkers from TERA.

Raiderz, Bless, even Blade and Soul has a berserker class.

Sun Nov 11 2012 1:01PM Report
Khebeln writes:

Well all asian games have similar style and its all good, its same for eu games. But at least this one got far more gore then Tera.

Problem i often have with eu games, is that they usualy have ugly character design and in general whole visual artstyle even if its high fidelity.

Sun Nov 11 2012 1:09PM Report
gigat writes: Looks good to me.  The graphics look better than TERA.  Art style is better too.  I'll keep an eye on this! Sun Nov 11 2012 4:11PM Report
32style writes: Well the thing with trailers is, that they always look awesome. If the actual game is at least half as fluid as the  trailer, it's gonna be worth playing. Sun Nov 11 2012 4:48PM Report
xAPOCx writes: sign me up! Sun Nov 11 2012 5:56PM Report
miguksaram writes: I'm just waiting for the day when we can get a true "East meets West" MMORPG.  Eastern MMO's tend to have a MUCH higher level of detail in both character and world design but they almost always lack in story.  Western games on the otherhand tend to be the polar opposite.  Obviously this most likely boils down to cost as having both would indeed require money but it's not like there aren't some major players with DEEP pockets out there that could, if they so chose, make this happen.  Until then I guess I'll just keep dreaming. Sun Nov 11 2012 7:43PM Report
Heretique writes: Reminds me of TERA but IMO looks better. Sun Nov 11 2012 9:49PM Report
faxnadu writes: like someone said looks like one of those " form-a-party-at-hub " then enter instance with 3 random dudes and collect coins =p Mon Nov 12 2012 2:33AM Report
Rimmersman writes:


Well RaiderZ has been in development before Tera so if anyone copied something then it's Tera.

Mon Nov 12 2012 7:19AM Report
Indrome writes:

At around 1:12 the images started droning by like so many Transformers action sequences...

I've never seen combat this meticulously animated that looked more boring. I didn't feel a sense of conflict in any of those stand offs. Whatever happened to real fights between almost evenly matched and invested opponents? Seeing some non-iconic idealised dude mow through hordes of ape-/cavemen with his overwhelmingly overpowered abilities does not make for an interesting or thrilling trailer... at all.

Not to say this isn't well done. It just didn't do anything for me for the (very subjective) reasons stated above.

Mon Nov 12 2012 7:54AM Report
snapfusion writes: Korean game developers may be growing up a bit.  Everyone was fully clothed and I didnt see any 12 year olds running around.  May have some promise, Mon Nov 12 2012 7:57PM Report
Blessings writes: Yea... dont worry, they're still there. Tue Nov 13 2012 9:12AM Report writes:
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