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Videos Videos - GAME FACE: SWTOR, Perfect World, and Character Creation

In this episode of Game Face, Pokket discusses the SWTOR F2P launch date, a new Perfect World Expansion, and shares some words on character creation.

Duration: 7:40
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Talrune writes:

Too your last comment I would have to agree I need to make my character mainly in mmo's look as unique as possible so that I stand out and plus gives me I guess more of an emotional attachment to it.  

Yes alot of mmos could use a bit more features when it comes to creating your character.  I wil spend a good amount of time creating mine as well.

Sat Nov 10 2012 11:27AM Report
metal0x writes:

Character customization is a must for all the mmo games I play. The static characters are horrrible IMO. I got to have that individual feeling to my character.


APB: reloaded has a good customization if you can find the advanced button on the character creation screen. The game it self takes ALOT of getting used to (high learning curve).

Sat Nov 10 2012 12:51PM Report
Po_gg writes:

Nope. Less money on questing in favor of char. customization? No way :)

I like content, and mostly play max. zoomed out, so character is not an issue. I mean I never click random (especially not on name, kudos for darth giggles btw), but after I made a toon I don't care about the looks anymore.

Sat Nov 10 2012 12:56PM Report
Kalafax writes: I could be the most bland looking character with cardboard suit of armor and wooden stick for a weapon if it has the stats that I'm looking for, I typically try to make my character look as close to me as possible, but once its made I really dont care to look at them again, as the above poster said I play zoomed out as much as possible for strategic advantage, being awatre of your environment, longer range of vision, and the like, in combat centric MMO's( Which is basicly all of them these days sadly ) your characters looks dont make a dill of a difference in how you perform and practicality is what its allo about. Sat Nov 10 2012 1:08PM Report
Wizardry writes:

/clap /clap /clap  /applaud  congratulations.FINALLY Pokket tells the truth as it is ,F2P is just a misleading venture that devs are trying to pull off.IDK abotu anyone else but in real life when someone tries to mislead you,we usually turn and look the otehr way and never lsiten to that person again.

Perfect World is like the McDonalds of gaming,they are churning out gaming left and right like an assembly line.They do what nobody wants?>>>>saturation,quantity over quality.

[mod edit]

Character customization should be in the gear and the stats,not in the visual becuase 95% of your character is covered up in gear,this is FACT and been that way since MMO's began.

Sat Nov 10 2012 1:09PM Report
Jorl writes:

I've always had problems with Character creation these days because I find that i spend too much time creating a character. I don't likk too many choices and thats what put me off TERA, Guild wars 2.

And I have a feeling I will have the same with the new Elderscrolls online, hope not but I'll see. 



Sat Nov 10 2012 1:51PM Report
erictlewis writes:

Character customization, I want my toons to look like none of the ohters, it is importat to me to not have my toon like like all the others.  This is the thing I hated the most about swtor.  All the toons liked like each other, and all the armor was the same, you could tell at endgame who was who by looking at the armor. 

Now lets talk about the fremium, and I hate to call swtor a fremiaum, it is more of a rip off.  You only get to play 2 toons if your so called free to play,  I had 5 50's most of them in end game raid gear so I will not be able to play any of those at all, unless I buy unlocks.  To me swtor has put in tons of roadblocks even more so than turbine did with lotro and dnd, and soe did with eq2.   They really don't want folks to come back with the kind of plan the put out. 

Perfect world, uggg what can I say they turn out a lot of junk. 

Sat Nov 10 2012 1:54PM Report
Emeraq writes: I agree on the characer customization.. But for me it's not just at the character creation screen, but also after your already well into playing the game with the armor/clothing progressions being the SAME for everyone... I truly wish there were more options for modifiying the look of your gear to set yourself apart in that manner as well. Sat Nov 10 2012 2:42PM Report
VincerKaden writes: Character customization is an absolute must have. I don't want to look like a clone of everyone else. Sat Nov 10 2012 4:36PM Report
garretth writes:

I can spend a whole day creating/deleting my char.  I find (too often) that the character that I make doesn't look the same in the game.


I think we should choose gender/class then go into the game itself to customize.   Customization should be done on a component level...sometimes I want a pony tail with bangs...sometimes not.


MMO's should focus on the customization mount should be customizable, and my costumes, housing, pets (names pls) etc.

When a game provides the tools to the community to customize and make the game personal, then they will ensure longevity and a loyal fanbase.


Sat Nov 10 2012 4:39PM Report
Laguna203 writes: you probably get this alot.. but i think im in love with you... just sayin Sat Nov 10 2012 5:36PM Report
FromHell writes: Gamers need to finally realize that F2P is not "free to play". Sat Nov 10 2012 7:03PM Report
MsFit writes:

I want to customize my character in EVERY game I play. EQ2 has been my favorite for customization as well as CoX.


Two thumbs up for the Firefall t-shirt btw.

Sat Nov 10 2012 8:27PM Report
shellshockro writes: You do know that when you are lying or fabricating information that you glance to the left? Right? Sat Nov 10 2012 9:04PM Report
mcrippins writes:

Nice video Pokket. To join your discussion here about character customization.. I do like to make my character look unique, and I certainly appreciate it when they have lots of options. Some games do go over the top.. but what frustrates me most is that a lot of games that DO offer customization don't show it off enough.


I always think back to UO. UO's initial character customization was very basic, however clothing and items that were in game (often made by tailors) were very awesome. Also with the use of dye tubs you could look very unique, and change the color of all of your items. You also had the 'paperdoll' which would allow players to view what you looked like by double clicking your character.


Not very many games offer things like this and it's frustrating. What's the point in having deep customization if noone can really even see it? Just my 2 cents..

Sat Nov 10 2012 9:12PM Report
lalartu writes:

I just can't take her seriously. I really try, but I can't...

Sat Nov 10 2012 9:14PM Report
Quicksand writes: Completely agree about the charactor creation. I think APB has the best so far. Every game should copy them. Sat Nov 10 2012 9:36PM Report
Hallowel writes:

Character Customization is extremely important to me in MMORPGs. I thoroughly enjoy making characters and making them look fitting for both their class and roleplaying appeal.  I do agree, making that AION took it a tad too far. Cryptic has a very nice and robust customization reputation.  I hope Neverwinter's character customization is spectacular. It NEEDS to be. It's D&D!


Sat Nov 10 2012 10:56PM Report
Alders writes:

How can people seriously want less options when it comes to character creation?  Mind is blown.

The sooner companies give us as many options as possible, the better.  Anything short of at least Aion's character creator is a step in the wrong direction.

And i don't want to hear about diverting funds from this to other facets of the game.  That's a copout and everyone knows it.


Sat Nov 10 2012 11:20PM Report
Butcher_Inc writes:

I can spend hours on character creation and I'm a bloke. In fact I'll often realize a good day or two into the game that my character is fugly and go back, delete and reroll...


The best character creation for me was Aion.

Sun Nov 11 2012 3:25AM Report
crack_fox writes: Totally with you on character customisation. If a game lacks options in this area, it has to really make up for it in all others. That saidr, I detest the overly pretty style of certain eastern titles. I want to be able to create a unique and interesting looking avatar that looks like a grizzled veteran not some vapid himbo. And it would be nice to have more body options so that my mages don't look as 'ripped' as my tanks, ffs.   Sun Nov 11 2012 3:27AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes: Yeah most games launch with about 30% of what they should as far as faces, hairstyles etc likely because they know you will have a helmet or hood in ten levels anyways prob but I agree it's nice to be able to really get involved in your look. I think I played a game with a barbershop once that allowed you to change mid game as well that was kinda cool. But more important to address here is the lack of character customization stat wise in all these games. The lack of viable play style options shoes everyone into the same or very similar builds which IMO is worse than looking alike. Gotta wonder if anyone's ever going to get it. Sun Nov 11 2012 6:23AM Report
Demensha writes: I like to take my time on my main character when customizeing but been a altaholic , once im into my 3rd or 4th alt , the random button has been used . Sun Nov 11 2012 7:24AM Report
shoziku writes:

Aion and City of Heroes had the best CC by far.  Some of it was lost in Aion because the armors still overrided most of the customization, which made end-game folks look alike again.  CoH was phenomenal because their looks did not rely on what you were wearing.   you could be truly unique if that's what you wanted. Champions Online also attained this to a great extent.

NOTE: Guy here.  and I can spend hours simply customizing and not even playing the character I created.

Sun Nov 11 2012 8:20AM Report
Ryowulf writes:

I'm a fan of a detailed C-gen, but not just the face body type/height matters too.

As for Aion, yeah it goes to far, unless your playing Toonville.

Sun Nov 11 2012 9:01AM Report
Senadina writes: Aion, CoH, and CO had the best character customization. I want to be able to make a unique snowflake as best I can. It definitely helps me feel connected to my toon and increase the likelihood that I will continue to play it and not delete it to try a new one. Sun Nov 11 2012 12:23PM Report
aleos writes: character customization is by far one of the most important aspects of an MMORPG. Any game that lacks such features immediately dissuades me from continuing any further because i know i am going to look like everyone else anyway. Sun Nov 11 2012 5:00PM Report
bizoux86 writes: I am often turned off by games that have poor character creation options.  I love creating my MMO characters and want them to look as unique as possible! I could spend hours making my toon look distinct and awesome.  Developers definitely need to focus more on this aspect of games IMO.  Sun Nov 11 2012 9:21PM Report
djice writes: If you are looking for a large database for customization in a game, you mentioned it in this video.  Perfect World has had one of the most elaborate systems I have seen to date.  Very simular to Aion just with more ability to change colors and facial features.  I aggree the game is a little on the low side for overal graphics when compared to todays games but keep in mind it is older(2008 NA, 2005 MY) than most F2P games out there.  I played on the original MY servers and just couldn't get back into it when it came to NA. Mon Nov 12 2012 2:31AM Report
JerYnkFan writes: I like the character customization as I can't stand when every character looks the same.  On games like CO, I tend to spend a lot of time at the character creator, but in Rift I basically hit random most of the time because I find their system severly lacking. Mon Nov 12 2012 7:00AM Report
Knyssa writes:

I'm glad I watched this vid first I was just considering one of those SWToR 'freemium' accts.   Now I won't waste my time.

re: Character creation ; my very first MMO was SWG  preCU / pre NGE and they totally spoiled me.  I took so long to create my character that my room mates gave me a hard time however my avatar was repeatedly approached and told how awesome she was which made the effort totally worth it for me.  I also loved that in SWG even after the CU and the NGE there was still the ability to pay another player to change your hair or make-up or even do cosmetic surgery and change your whole look.  The later introduction of cosmetic armor /clothes that could further individualize a character only made the game experience better IMHO.  I have been disappointed by this aspect of every mmo I have played since

As for those who think there is no point, >","< are obviously missing out on the RP aspect of your MMORPG!

Mon Nov 12 2012 8:23AM Report
pfloydguy84 writes:

Pokket is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen

Mon Nov 12 2012 8:59AM Report
Deewe writes:

Well well, in a galaxy far far away I used to play an image designer character for some time.


I always matched my zabrak tattoo and makeup with my gear color.

One of the best time I had MMO wise, was spending like nearly 2 hours fixing this dude walking carpet ; communicating with text and my lame english.

In the end the wookiee went from a generic ball of furr to a deadly looking creature. The trick was in the eyes ;)


Before that the guy didn't really care for his character look.

After I was done with him, he told me he never imagined he could have such a character and was now very proud of its look.

Now think: long term subscription.


Mon Nov 12 2012 10:20AM Report
trenshod writes: Character customizations are good and all and I'll agree in a game like APB its what keeps ya going. However, in most MMOs its really just added fluff seeing your going to cover it up with armor. Sure in most games you can alter armors but that really isn't what is up for debate. Mon Nov 12 2012 11:51AM Report writes:
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