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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep 22 - Favorite MMO Class of All Time?

In this week's MMOFTW, we cover Smite's new game mode and god, Neverwinter's Control Wizard, Guild Wars 2's November content update, and in our community spotlight we ask what your favorite class of all time is. Let us know! Click any one of the five titles to the right to go directly to that part of the broadcast. This way you can skip what you don't care about (even if it's all the parts where I talk...).

Duration: 5:17
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mcrippins writes: Can't wait for the live episodes! I really enjoy this show, and just want a longer version. Thanks Bill! Mon Nov 05 2012 8:11AM Report
GwapoJosh writes:

My favorite class is the Bloodmage of Vanguard.. So much fun!


And Bill, why no sweater? You were becoming known for your epic sweaters!  Ranging from Mr. Rogers to ones that looked almost Sci-Fi..  Good stuff;)  Makes my Walmart one look pretty weak lol

Anywho.. Keep up the good work!

Mon Nov 05 2012 8:26AM Report
BillMurphy writes: The sweater shall return.  ;) Mon Nov 05 2012 9:20AM Report
logan400k writes: My favorite is still a good ole melee tank class. Up close and personal. Mon Nov 05 2012 9:45AM Report
Ocenica writes:

Always loved tanking and healing.  Seperate toons of course.  Made any game I played much more MMO for me.  When I was DPS, I felt I had to beg to fit into a PUG.  Soooo I guess classes would most closly allign with Paladin from WoW.  Though I would hate to be pigeon hole'd to just that definition.



Mon Nov 05 2012 9:47AM Report
RomaniDagger writes: Give me a high dmg Nuke class like a Wizard and im happy! btw, love these shows! Keeps me informed enough to think im able to keep up with the changes in mmo gaming:) lol! Thanks and you all keep up the great work! Mon Nov 05 2012 10:25AM Report
InFlamestwo writes:

My favorite classes are Dread Knight and Blood Mage from Vanguard: Saga of Hereoes.

Dread Knight: Teleports, Steals health,Executes,Wield giant two-handed axes and steal strenght and magic from his enemies.

Blood Mage: Buffs his team with pacts of blood,Steal health from his enemies to heal allies,Damage enemies by controlling the blood in their bodies to bleed them to death.

Too bad Vanguard sucks.

Mon Nov 05 2012 10:37AM Report
Grakulen writes: I'm a tank at heart but had the most fun in an MMO playing a hunter in WoW's heyday. That being said my favorite class is the Reaver tanking soul in Rift. Love them DoTs. Mon Nov 05 2012 10:40AM Report
Thorkune writes:

Good video as usual.

My favorite class has always been a non pet ranger/hunter. I love my saboteur in Rift.

And...The Neverwinter animations look really cheesy. That video footage reminds me of Alganon.

Mon Nov 05 2012 10:56AM Report
Senadina writes:

Paladin or any melee/healing hybrid class. I like to be self-sufficient and don't mind trading lower  DPS  for higher survivability.

Also like monk / hand-to-hand fisticuffs fighters . No reason, just like the idea I guess.

Mon Nov 05 2012 11:04AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes: I usually go for dwarven warriors, then human paladins, but if the game supports same side pvp then I like to go for the stealthy rogues. Mon Nov 05 2012 11:19AM Report
Drolkin writes: Mastermind in City of Heroes, I have a sad feeling that no game will match that petclass ever. Mon Nov 05 2012 11:40AM Report
spirus7 writes: my trader  in AO! ..r.i.p the good old days =) Mon Nov 05 2012 12:23PM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

Caster multiclassers in DDO, like an 18 wiz/2 Rog  and the 18 FvS/2 Monk

WoW warrior

DAoC Mentalist

EQ Bard (until i got RSI)


Mon Nov 05 2012 12:31PM Report
Steelmonk writes:

I gotta say a Healer... Loved to play my paladin in WoW eons ago, and always top those healing charts, keeping every one alive... And cleric on rift, was pretty fun as well...

I guess thats one of the reasons, am still hesitant on buying GW2...


Mon Nov 05 2012 2:18PM Report
Yavin_Prime writes:

Bill, their can only be one... one host... you that is!


To answer your question I too like pet classes. In WoW I liked Warlock (up untill the latest changes to them) and in other MMOs Necromancers tend to be my choice. Not because of the "death" style magic but more because they have pets. In GW2 I like my Ranger a bunch.


As for Neverwinter. I'm a huge STO fan and I still play it. I'll play NW as well because I am a D&D fan but I haven't been following it so I don't know the classes.

Mon Nov 05 2012 3:37PM Report
Kalafax writes:

Ragnarok Online Merchant class

Mon Nov 05 2012 3:58PM Report
Kruul writes: I loved my BD in DAOC Mon Nov 05 2012 4:35PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

For the most part any type of caster class is my first choice. Warlocks, Mages, Necromancers, etc. 

I am growingly (yes it is a a word :P) excited about Neverwinter. FFXIV and The Elder Scrolls Online are also coming soon. Geez! Next year will be a hard pick as to what I play the most. I am looking to you oh great sweater wearer to guide me in my descisions >.< Keep up the great episodes and I too am looking forward to the live episodes!

Mon Nov 05 2012 4:55PM Report
BruceYee writes: What game is that @ 3:45 minutes in? Mon Nov 05 2012 6:20PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:

@BruceYee, thats Everquest 2.

My favorite class is the Bloodmage from Dragon Age, i would love to have it in mmos. I tried the Bloodmage in Vanguard but the game is so unpolished that i didnt enjoy it there.

Mon Nov 05 2012 7:28PM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes: Bio-Engineer/xxxxxxx other stuff in SWG before anything at all to do with Jedi ever creeped in to ruin the game. Mon Nov 05 2012 7:37PM Report
Pivotelite writes:

My favorite was the warrior in TERA, so much skill required to be effective in PvP and to tank pre-block patch. Was something unlike most other MMOs, a "dodge" tank, you tanked by holding aggro and dodging/interrupting attacks, very few could tank with the warrior in PvE back then.



Mon Nov 05 2012 7:46PM Report
MaxJac writes:

Knight of the Blazing Sun - Warhammer Online: I just love twisting, and sure we weren't the knockback kings that Ironbreakers were but we could still send you higher than a skaven on warpstone.

Mon Nov 05 2012 11:18PM Report
Blakheart writes:

Always enjoy the vid! Speaking of sweaters...gonna order one for myself...I will order one for you and  send it wherever if you think  you would wear it...need size of  course!

Mon Nov 05 2012 11:40PM Report
Blakheart writes: ooops forgot to mention favorite class...tuff for me since fav characters are from UO and AC...which are basically class free. Loved paladin in EQ also. And was a  paladin in my first game...Legends,  which was BBS based text game. Mon Nov 05 2012 11:54PM Report
oubers writes:

tact in AC2 with the turrets.....i miss those classes.


Tue Nov 06 2012 6:06AM Report
Butcher_Inc writes:

Favourite class would be between my WoW Hunter and my Aion Ranger. Also rather enjoyed my SWTOR Operative >.>


Currently playing Thief in GW2

Tue Nov 06 2012 7:23AM Report
emperorwings writes: Usually back line dpser. Used to be a healer then turned into a healer /dps hybrid then slowly went to full dps. These days I chose hybrid classes like bards, druids etc just to mix it up a bit but usually I'm a glass cannon back line dpser. Tue Nov 06 2012 9:06AM Report
arctarus writes:

Personally i prefer to see the whole of you Bill, rather than inside a window, leave the window for the games man...


Tue Nov 06 2012 10:42AM Report
Purutzil writes:

Favorite class (for my damn cookie) its quite difficult to really put a finger on it. It depends a lot.

For raiding damage wise, The feral Druid from WoW (Woltk) was hands down my favorite giving difficult rotation with both a rewarding feeling for doing it and using energy which isn't seen much for hard rotations.

Over-all its very game dependant. Aion I had a blast and completely enjoyed the style of the chanter (staff using melee support that could dish out damage and suppliment allies) a lot and the concept itself is one of my favorites. Its a type you don't see much, people think a staff (bo for martial arts) isn't a cool weapon for some reason and I really find it amazing.

I also enjoy warrior types, particularly the (I know cheesy) 2Hander user classes, with a great one I loved being in Tera utilizing dodge and having to roll away and dishing out damage while in. 


Tue Nov 06 2012 12:49PM Report
Jetrpg writes: sorcs from daoc Tue Nov 06 2012 2:27PM Report
golembane writes:

Juggernaut from AC2. Near the end they really made the class feel different from other classes. A two handed class which could make it's staff act like a shield which allowed it to effectively tank or DPS freely.

I loved going from a Boots run as a DPS to a dillo group on Hero Isle as the tank. It was an amazing class to play and the one I wish another game would recreate properly. The closest I found was a staff wielding brawler in EQ2, but that still didn't get it just right.

Wed Nov 07 2012 3:37AM Report
Nightfyre writes:

Healer and Support if i can get both in one class then that's just a big plus for me.  

So that's why I liked playing Bard in Rift for the buffs and some healing.  Engineer/Guardian in GW2.    

Wed Nov 07 2012 9:00AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: Shadowbane Human Templar , aka Intlar :D Wed Nov 07 2012 10:31AM Report
uggeh12 writes: My favorite class is the Reaver from DAoC, it just brought so much to the fight as a melee-centered hybrid. I loved that 90% of your damage came from positionals and reactionaries and, your debuffs were always welcome in a melee train. I would love to see another MMO make a hybriud class that specializes in flexible weapons(flais and whips). Wed Nov 07 2012 10:35AM Report writes:
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