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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep 22 - Rift's Defiler Revealed

In this week's MMOFTW, delayed by the wrath of Superstorm Sandy, we recount the funding success of Star Citizen, the buttload of new Elder Scrolls information, Lord of the Rings Online's new expansion, Rift's final soul reveal for Storm Legion, and we talk a bit about the "one game" we always turn to. Check it out!

Duration: 5:37
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Game: General
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Bootez writes: No! Not Twitch! :( Wed Oct 31 2012 12:05PM Report
Grakulen writes: WoW used to be my go to game. That has changed into Rift. Wed Oct 31 2012 12:50PM Report
BTrayaL writes: I really dislike the new fake interface.. Wed Oct 31 2012 12:55PM Report
achesoma writes:

The new interface thing is really annoying. It's too cluttered and distracts from the news.  I liked the previous style better.  Still nice to have ya back. 

LOTRO was my fallback game for past 5 years but now it's GW2.  Too hard to go back to slower style of combat now. 

Wed Oct 31 2012 1:07PM Report
NobleNerd writes: Like the new format! The one game I use to fall back to between a new release or down times use to be WoW, but like probably many others I pop in and out of GW2 a lot. I love the combat in the game and no other game or MMO has given me joy to even go back through starting zones for content. Right now I have found a home in one of my first MMOs .... FFXI. I have joined in with an ever growing group of players in the Returners LS. We are exploring FFXI like old days and enjoying every minute. I am looking forward to The Elder Scrolls Online, but also finding more excitement every new update for FFXIV ARR. Next year will be a big one for me in the MMO world. Wed Oct 31 2012 1:30PM Report
BillMurphy writes:

We'll be tweaking it here or there, the new format.

It's got to be done this way due to some "Murphy Home Restrictions" put in place.  But it also fits the new live-streamed (and recorded to put here) longer version we're working towards soon (tm). 

Wed Oct 31 2012 3:18PM Report
Sabbicat writes:

With the new inerface I wanted to click the various tabs. That proved useless. I agree its too cluttered with the unnecessary.

Fallback games have been many over the years but alas many ofthem have fallen by the wayside. Usually instead of going back to a game I would go on to a new beta test instead.

I am really enjoying GW2 and have had no desire to go anywhere else at the moment.

Wed Oct 31 2012 3:44PM Report
Yavin_Prime writes:

I liked the old "news room" feel that you had going. I'd say go back to that, the interface just makes it feel impersonal since you're sadly all the way up in the corner... shunned in such a dark an small place. STEP BACK INTO THE LiGHT!


To answer your question, I go back to Star Trek Online... mainly because I'm an avid Star Trek fan. Before that it was my love/hate relationship with WoW. I've maxed out in almost every game I've played lately but I always seem to fall just short in WoW... shameful yes but true. GW2 might become a new haunt for me but so far it hasn't pulled me 100% in. I'm finding these days that I actually like the F2P style better because it always makes me feel like I have a "home" to go back to. However P2P is like a "home" you have to pay rent on just to get in which can really suck if you're short on cash that month. I'm shocked that I'm saying that because in past years I was at one point an avid P2P spokesperson, now I feel that F2P is possibly the future of MMOs and GW2 is truely it's champion.

Wed Oct 31 2012 4:39PM Report
Vannor writes: I'm not a fan of this new format. It looks like those old excercise videos you can get! Prefered how it looked before. Wed Oct 31 2012 5:00PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

I don't like the big half O on the left nor the video transitions. Something like flipping between taps at the top would be better than the rotationing thing. Needs several tweeks but I look forward to seing it improved.

Wed Oct 31 2012 5:10PM Report
Freezzo writes: I'm hopping around between RIFT and GW2 atm, both wanting my time.. the horrors of too little time for that amount of fun! Wed Oct 31 2012 6:43PM Report
Ocenica writes:

I find; lately, that I care more about the news of games than the actual games themselves.  I'm thinking it might be a disorder.  I think I have Thisgamewillprobablysuck aphobia.  I would rather hear about all the awesome things a game could be rather than see all the cool things it will not be.

On a seperate and genuine note:

It is good to see your creation ( growing.  It will be something that benefits the community and hopefully, stears the industry on a path that could grow all MMO's into a sucess of WoW proportions.

Wed Oct 31 2012 7:24PM Report
BrotherD writes: RIFT and LORTO keeps puuling me back. Wed Oct 31 2012 9:46PM Report
Wizardry writes:

I return to MANY games just to see if and what kind of changes have taken placve since last i played.

Games like Wow never keep me interested for more than a day or two and even Rift i have never got past the 3 day then i'm bored syndrome.

I would say the one game that has had me come back many times well two are FFXI and EQ2,they both offer something better than the other games.FXi for that different type of game and EQ2 for the best linear questing game.Sad that after all these years FFXI offers the best detailed low poly textures and EQ2 offers really good looking  textures with cloth/metal/leather simulation and better shader use and lighting.

There is nothing in these others games that i cannot get a better version of in FFXI and EQ2.

Sorry to hear about Turbine employees but i have never much liked the way Turbine does gaming,not a big fan of their ideas.


Thu Nov 01 2012 11:50AM Report
dalewj writes: Entropian Universe is my back door game.   No matter what, its still the first real full planet MMO Thu Nov 01 2012 3:53PM Report
haplo602 writes: not a fan of MMOFTW, but I liked the old format better ... Fri Nov 02 2012 2:51AM Report writes:
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