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Videos Videos - GAME FACE: G4TV no longer about games?

Hillary "Pokket" Nicole's latest Game Face news editorial!

Duration: 8:09
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bbethel writes:

Im glade they are getting rid of G4TV.

For some time now they have been getting rid of the gamming and puting on dumb shows that have nothing to do with gamming.  I use to upgrade my cable just for that channel but I canceled it over a year ago and I also got rid of cable too to save money. I now have my comp with my tv plugged into it as my source of TV, News and Gamming.


Sat Oct 27 2012 6:54PM Report
Avarix writes:

Have to agree about G4. Too many other great places to get my info, like this site. This way I don't have to wait 20mins to get to the game I am most looking forward to. I can simply click on a link and find all the info I need. The internet is a far better format for getting your news then television. You can avoid all the annoying parts like 6min ads, and 12mins of discussion about something you could care less about.

Wish the hosts and crew the best going forward.

Sat Oct 27 2012 6:56PM Report
aligada87 writes: pokket just curious. how come you never make vids of eve online :( would love to see you make vids of eve Sat Oct 27 2012 7:00PM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

Could care less about G4TV as the only thing I watched on it was Cops re-runs.  I cut cable back in July and haven't looked back since.  I'd rather go to sites like MMORPG or Massively anyway.

Thumbs up for the Angry Birds in the background!

Sat Oct 27 2012 8:06PM Report
GwapoJosh writes: Time for you to get off your pc and get some sun *grin* Sat Oct 27 2012 9:27PM Report
Hokie writes:

I liked the early days of G4TV when it had Arena with Wil Wheaton and Travis Oats and they used PC games for the show, games I actually bought because of them. Then it turned to a console heavy focus, and so did the whole G4Tv channel more or less.

Attack of the Show was good, but I'd only watch it every so often.

The old show Portal actually got me into MMO gaming after watching a few of "Dave's" Anarchy Online focused shows.


I do miss Cinematech, Pulse, Blister, Judgement Day though.

Hell my first gamer girl "crush" was Laura Foy and Tina Wood on (the show, not the channel). Sneaky bit of advertising that.

And then it started focusing more and more on console to the exclusion of PC coverage and thats when I more or less stopped watching.

As a matter of fact I think it was when I started coming here is about when I stopped turning on G4TV.

Cant say Im really sad about it "changing" as they didnt cover anything I was interested in anymore anyway. *shrug*

Sat Oct 27 2012 9:35PM Report
elocke writes: G4 was never REALLY about gamers or games.  It was about people TRYING to bring news to gamers or about games to make a buck.  When I can come here or read Game Informer and enjoy both methods of game news delivery yet couldn't stand watching G4 for more than a minute should tell you something.  Good riddance I say. Sat Oct 27 2012 10:13PM Report
Vyeth writes:

G4 to me equals Code Monkeys.. One of the best shows I have ever seen.. I remember G4 back in its early days and that show with gaming soundtracks and cutscenes (cinematech right?) was great!

I think they should have tried to find movies based on games, shows based on games, or something close.. Like you said, they want to be like Spike TV (another "manly" channel for men), but I don't think it's going to work..

Sat Oct 27 2012 10:24PM Report
wordiz writes: History channel is no longer about history. The Learning Channel has Honey Boo Boo on it. They made Animal Planet because Discovery stopped showing animals, now Animal Planet is nothing but "This animal murdered me." or shark attacks or whatever. It shouldn't be a surprise. That's where TV is headed. As if you even need TV if you have internet anymore. I'd recommend watching "Idiocracy" for anyone that hasn't seen it. Sat Oct 27 2012 11:47PM Report
monarc333 writes: Only thing I ever watched was feedback, the Blair Herter edition. Once that ended I stopped all together. Oh well.  Sat Oct 27 2012 11:54PM Report
bigmilk writes: I stopped watching G4 when Leo LaPorte left Sun Oct 28 2012 4:07AM Report
3-4thElf writes: There's no Learning on the Learning Channel and Discovery is basically a pander to vicarious rednecks with the History Channel basically glorifying junk. It's inevitable. Cable's trash now. Sun Oct 28 2012 9:09AM Report
ext1 writes: Agree with bigmilk.  When it switched over from techtv to G4 and leo laporte walked out I stopped watching.  However, I DID watch and love Attack of the Show while Olivia and Kevin show ever.....the channel sucked though for gaming. Sun Oct 28 2012 11:34AM Report
Raventree writes: The only reason I ever tuned in to G4 was to see X-Play, tech shows, video game shows, and Attack of the Show.  The more crap like cops and things totally unrelated to what the whole point of the "tech TV" channel was supposed to be, the less interested I was.  If they are no longer tech TV I don't care if they sink or swim. Sun Oct 28 2012 12:03PM Report
Alverant writes: I upgraded my cable for G4 originally but I got tired of it. It was too immature and they never reviewed games I wanted to play. I tried watching their convention shows but lost intrest. The only good thing about them dropping AotS and others is that they're finally admitting that they have become a TV station with the target audience of the male 14-30 crowd and quit pretending to be about gaming. Sun Oct 28 2012 12:55PM Report
achesoma writes: Online shows and sites are where it's at for gaming news.  G4 was to gaming as "SyFy" is to science fiction.  Only thing good about G4 is Ninja Warrior.  Sun Oct 28 2012 1:29PM Report
erictlewis writes:

Well I can remember when we had tech tv, and g4.  Then the idiots at Viacom merged them into one channel.  I used to go to places like but nowadays even they are irrelevant.

G4 tv has sucked for a long time I will not miss it,  in fact if direct tv dropped G4 it would not bother me in the least.   Somebody said nija warrior, rofl yea even that show got boring after a couple of seasons.

Sun Oct 28 2012 2:54PM Report
MMOExposed writes: Lol Cable is terrible now days. Same for music. Sun Oct 28 2012 3:32PM Report
rdrpappy writes: G4tv jumped the shark when Olivia Munn bailed, her, Morgan Webb a couple of the other hotties made the ever changing shows watchable. Sun Oct 28 2012 4:36PM Report
Xzen writes: Lets face it. Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira were the soul of G4tv. After both of them left I think Casey Schreiner is just too out numbered by suits that have no idea what we want to keep it alive. R.I.P. G4tv. Sun Oct 28 2012 5:03PM Report
Skuz writes: GVtv was mostly crap, their reviews were terrible & written up by complete asshats most of the time, honestly I wish I could have back what little time I wasted there, only good thing about it was watching Sara Underwood go biking in the altogether. Sun Oct 28 2012 11:26PM Report
Tallyn writes: I miss Leo Laporte =( Mon Oct 29 2012 1:35AM Report
Hodo writes:

Sad to see G4TV head that way, but I seen it coming after the merger from CNET and G4.   Its not that great of an information network, it is however an fun channel that isnt about the metro-man-lifestyle that every other daterape Spike TV type channel.   If you want  "mens" channel watch Playboy or Cinimax.   I want my Gaming channel to be about computers and anything related to the electronic lifestyle. 

Its like every channel out there becoming dumber for the sake of becoming a "mens" channel.   Syfy going on with these sorry reality shows, Speed Channel rarely showing anything to do with racing or cars and more about repos and old NASCAR races.   The History Channel not showing anything about History and showing crap like Lizard Lick Towing, or Pawnstars, PAWNSTARS WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH HISTORY!

Mon Oct 29 2012 2:10PM Report writes:
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