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Videos Videos - GAME FACE: Darkfall Unholy Wars, UO, WoW: MoP, SWTOR

In her latest Game Face podcast, Pokket takes a look at the Darkfall Unholy Wars announcement, UO's 15th anniversary, the launch of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria and at the 1.4 update to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Twitter: Facebook: TwitchTV Stream: Vlog channel:

Duration: 8:06
Views: 5,503  42 comments
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GreenishBlue writes: first? Sat Sep 29 2012 8:24AM Report
Jonoku writes:

I left swtor because I don't like EA's arrogance. (That's just one of the reasons I have.)

As a player I don't want to represent the company as a player if they are going to be rude to competition because that may lead to assumptions that just because I'm one of their players I'd be arrogant and rude to other companies too...

Sat Sep 29 2012 8:30AM Report
GreenishBlue writes: I am alooking to play DF for the first time. The original game never caught my attention.  ...and that kitty is cute Sat Sep 29 2012 8:35AM Report
NobleNerd writes:

R I P (for me) WoW. I plan to save a panda and buy rift expansion, but blizz has lost this gamer in WoW.

I am keeping an eye on Darkfall. Might give it a go.

Sat Sep 29 2012 8:43AM Report
gravesworn writes: I got addicted to darkfall for a few months. I just couldnt keep up. I cant wait til darkfall uw comes Sat Sep 29 2012 8:45AM Report
halflife25 writes: I think  Pokket is very cool but for some reason i can not picture her playing DF Unholy Wars ;) Sat Sep 29 2012 9:02AM Report
Kaminaxius writes: Cant wait for DF:UW to come out! Sat Sep 29 2012 9:07AM Report
mcrippins writes: Think i'll actually give darkfall a chance this time around. I originally didn't like the idea of no skill cap. But from what I have read they have made some adjustments with the role system. Hopefully it will be good. Nice job as always Pokket! Sat Sep 29 2012 9:54AM Report
Arezon writes:

I'm not playing any of those games. I've been contemplaing going back to Darkfall or play MOP. I might just wait for DF: UW.

Currently playing GW2, but not much playtime lately. 

Sat Sep 29 2012 10:04AM Report
banshe13 writes:

I am calling bull shit on her playing UO when it came out.  She is what only in here vary early 20's she would have been 6-8 years old and computers cost a ton back then.  

I was 11-12 when it came out im 27 now and even then I only played computer a few hours a day back then.  Let alone a 6-8 year old girl.   For crying  out loud she is so damn young she dose not even have puffy  bags under her eyes yet.


I will give her this she may be 25 but may have not had a drug party life style with rehab  and stuff from 11+. But I gusse thats a good thing not many can handle how I grow up and thoses of us that have and and still kicking look like shit.

Sat Sep 29 2012 10:38AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes:

As one of those people who followed darkfall for years before it launched, it's a must that I give it a second chance. I can only hope they get it right this time.


mustard & ketchup lol

Sat Sep 29 2012 11:24AM Report
kp695304 writes: DF:UW should be really good. Sat Sep 29 2012 11:30AM Report
Mors.Magne writes:

Listening to Pokket I'm tempted to play DFUW.

However, I can't imagine Pokket playing DFUW - even if there are unicorns!

Sat Sep 29 2012 11:43AM Report
morbuskabis writes: Mhh DFUW looks intresting. I will prob give this game a shot.  Sat Sep 29 2012 12:26PM Report
Xarnthal writes: yay DFUW mention. Use your peoples and get more info on DFUW every gameface. This game cannot be overhyped as it is completely driven by the community that plays it. Sat Sep 29 2012 12:59PM Report
SneakyRussian writes:



I'm 24yrs old and I played UO when it came out. I was 9yrs old and I loved every minute of it.


My parents bought the family roughly an $800 computer for the time. I don't remember what make/model it was, but it was a PC :). It plays UO decently, but lagged a little with EQ1 when it released. It also did really well with Diablo 1 :D.


Then i got into building my own PC's around 13yrs old and the rest is history for me :3!

Sat Sep 29 2012 1:24PM Report
SneakyRussian writes:

ps: My situation may be very unique. I have ADHD so I've played games since I was 2yrs old (yes, 2). Original NES ftw :D!


Also, my family aren't richy-rich or anything similar. I believe the household income at the time for us was around 60k a year.

Sat Sep 29 2012 1:26PM Report
naljeja writes: Can't wait for Darkfall Unholy Wars. It's the first game on my list by far, also the second .- and third Sat Sep 29 2012 2:50PM Report
jiveturkey12 writes:

Seeing as how im 23 and I played Ultima with my dad im sure its very possible she did too. Im not saying I was a champ at the game, my dad had to help me do alot but its what got me into MMO's and when SWG came out I played it like Ultima from watching and learning. It was awesome for me as a kid too because my dad wasnt into the idea of playing a pure scifi mmo so it was just me and my friends making houses and having a blast in a star wars universe.


But yeah Pokkets actually gotten alot better! I also dont know if she meant to make the joke but when she said the ultima summity would be all "Tea and crumpetS", I laughed cause It seemed like a Lord British referance haha.


Anyways awesome episode, I will defiently be checking out more GameFace from now on.

Sat Sep 29 2012 3:41PM Report
Belly1974 writes: Awesome vid as usual... Even if it did have a 'crazy cat lady moment' at the end :) Sat Sep 29 2012 5:05PM Report
Flute writes: I'm definitely going to be playing Unholy Wars.  For those who don't know much about Darkfall 1.0 head over to the MMORPG forums, there is a thread with a selection of Youtube videos to enjoy and get an idea of what you missed!   And very nice cat Pokket! Sat Sep 29 2012 7:50PM Report
erictlewis writes:

I got to say the cat as a guest star priceless. Best part of the video.   1.4 update I thought a lot of folks would go play, however one look at confirms that most folks are not playing or could care less about 1.4.  I think most folks are really waiting for free to play.  As far as warcraft competing with swtor that is just about funny to suggest that folks would rather play swtor.

Lets see more of the cat, I think hes got personality but so does my cat.


Sat Sep 29 2012 7:53PM Report
Onimor writes:

Star wars played like a console game for me. I got to 50 myself then quit. Save your money Pokkett and do the same, they got the dynamics of this game as an MMO wrong and all your doing is helping to fund the inevitable.

Wow classic was amazing the gaming psychology of getting to Molten Core, Black wing, Naxx, AQ40 or High Warlord or Grand Marshal was genius, most know like playing the lottery they wouldnt achieve it, but it gave gamers something to aim for. By making the game more accessible they killed that and killed the magic ingredient as to what made it so good. What can I say - money rules.

Never played Darkfall and have no interest in ever doing so.

Currently playing Guild Wars 2. A great game.

How they handle replayability will define its long term success, but developing characters has great potential.

Excellent video, nice touch with the cat, making it look unedited, which I highly doubt it was :)

Sat Sep 29 2012 8:03PM Report
blohm86 writes: This site has gone to hell. Im outta here, after 4 years. Sun Sep 30 2012 1:13AM Report
Nilenya writes: She could have played UO from around that age, why not? My family had a pc for the family since I was 8 yrs old. I played UFO when I was that age, and I had my own pc and played Everquest 1 when it came out in 99, as a girl, there werent many who played at that time, but, my friends mostly all had pc's back then. They were not that expensive. I think they were called 486's or pentium something :) - girls played UO and EQ for that matter as kids- dont be prejudiced as to what girls find entertaining at that age. Sun Sep 30 2012 3:10AM Report
nileq writes: DFUW is a must, the release of DF1 is the most fun I have ever had in a game of any kind! Sun Sep 30 2012 5:18AM Report
Akulas writes: First hour, pandodria world crashed afew times, had afew chat issues and the whole screen was just people couldn't see or do anything lol. Couldn't tag mobs, couldn't do quests due to the amount of people that were on the screen. About a day later the world was deserted with not one person there and half my guild was 90 and talking about raids. So, that was like hello GW2 again I'm not going anywhere. More blue hair too and get hair extensions and make it longer and bluer lol. Sun Sep 30 2012 9:30AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: kitties :D Sun Sep 30 2012 10:49AM Report
channel84 writes:

Personal feedback/opinion (not suggesting any changes but more of my overall feel of gameface)

Call it stereotype or biased judgement but a girl and with funky hair no less doing a game commentary video kind of makes it hard for people to take it real seriously. Most biased viewer will mostly conclude that it's just a marketing gimmick to get more viewer. This is further enforce by the content of most of gameface episode which cover more mainstream mmo like wow or tor which doesn't really hit the right note with the majority of the community here at, this is base on the popularity of those mmo at the ranking table. 

While adding coverage diversity like ultima and dark fall into the coverage seem like a good move to balance things out but ultimately the lack of depth of the coverage and actual gameplay coverage add to the biased perspective that this is only added to provide the vet mmo vibe for marketing purposes. Another point that reinforce this is the usage of friends gameplay/feedback etc to provide opinion further diminish the seriousness of the coverage.

Generally i feel the low view count may be due to the above factor which in term translate into the out of touch with the community of this site and various mmo only site. This show will fare better (again in my personal opinion) at general gaming site like gamespot or gamespy where the community is more mainstream.

*PS this is just purely a personal opinion so don't waste any time or energy to try and troll it. Personally i would prefer this to be a private feedback.

Sun Sep 30 2012 3:03PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: I don't get cvhannel 84 though ? Sun Sep 30 2012 7:31PM Report
Varking writes: I am still playing SWTOR. As a casual player, its nice being able to do stories that I feel I can get into all the way to level 50. Sun Sep 30 2012 11:53PM Report
bosmer24 writes:

I'll stick to Wurm online.Atleast they can honestly claim to be a sandbox unlike DF.To me,any game that revolves around just one aspect of gameplay doesn't deserve to be called a sandbox.Sure it has Sandbox elements,but it's no UO.

I don't know if anyone else had this problem,but i couldn't stand Mortal Online.

Mon Oct 01 2012 6:35AM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

OK love the outtake with the kitty. :)  And also you were in frame the whole time yay!  Nice improvements overall since you've been putting these out. 

Never played DF and have no interest in FFA full loot PvP games since I'd be the idiot losing his gear every 5 minutes.

Meridian 59 would argue that it's the first MMORPG, but unfortunately I wasn't into MMOs when UO first came out so never played it.

Was going to go back to WOW until I found out that they ruined the talent trees IMO.  The lack of choices aka dumbing down just ruined it for me.

As for SWTOR, no matter what they put out I don't see myself going back to even when it goes FTP.  I just don't like the game mechanic choices they decided on using and like I've stated before I get awfully tired of the VOs after awhile especially on the side quests.

Mon Oct 01 2012 8:46AM Report
SabbathSMC writes: I was also there for the start of UO and my son which at the time was 3 i think also played . He could not even spell or speak very well but he sure as the world played it. But he also used to sit in my lap while i played games. From M59 forward.... I would tell people from my other account when he got in groups he wa sonly 3 and could not type yet so they would under stand why he would not reply to things they said to him. Im 48 now and still playing games everyday. Mon Oct 01 2012 10:18AM Report
Uhwop writes: Can we see the poster behind you int he next vid please.  What is it? Mon Oct 01 2012 12:55PM Report
david361107 writes: looking forward to DFUW and will give it a try im sure. it seems they are working on trying to be the best sandbox out there. Mon Oct 01 2012 12:57PM Report
ducesettutam writes: Pokket are you a native English speaker? I only ask because the way you enunciate a few words reminds me of this Serbian girl I used to know. Mon Oct 01 2012 5:28PM Report
Alkore writes:

cat lady from simpsons she soon will be


Tue Oct 02 2012 11:42AM Report
Stravas writes: A couple huge omissions . . . the fact that DarkFall is currently the most fully realized fantasy sandbox mmo available and that it is intensely PVP-centric . . . glad you mentioned it but geez come on.  Tue Oct 02 2012 11:53AM Report
Pokket writes:

@Stravas I'm not here to spell out games for everyone, I'm here to cover the news. If I had to describe every MMO in moderate detail, then my videos would be a lot longer (a huge gripe I had before). The good thing about is you can look it up rather quickly and find out for yourself ~.^


@Banshe13 I played when I was 12 years old. My step brother played when he was 9. Don't really see the big deal here.

Tue Oct 02 2012 4:13PM Report
gravesworn writes: Glad the indie df:uw is getting some pr. If they manage to imrove upon the game and keep a decent player base it will be amazing. Although, i can already see it now. Lf healers for seige.. being spammed in chat lol. Tue Oct 02 2012 7:10PM Report
daemon writes: are u kidding me with the hair?? its getting worse and u gonna ruin it. Wed Oct 03 2012 3:31AM Report writes:
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