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Videos Videos - GAME FACE: Wildstar Telegraphs, Blade & Soul to NA, SW:TOR consolidating, and LoL Pokemon

In her latest GAME FACE video podcast, Pokket takes a look at the latest news from WildStar, Blade & Soul, Star Wars: The Old Republic and something she calls "LoL Pokemon". Check it out! Twitter: Facebook: TwitchTV Stream: Vlog channel: Game Face --- "game face" with Pokket productions "wildstar" telegraphs f2p free-to-play ncsoft carbine studio

Duration: 7:46
Views: 3,053  18 comments
Game: General
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Roscoman writes: Excited for Blade and Soul, however I wonder how much content will be available at release.   A heads up Pocket, but the hair color needs to go..Maybe a black/red mix next time?  Thanks for the video! Thu Sep 20 2012 10:25AM Report
VikingGamer writes: The Secret World used the ground markers a lot as well. I made the combat a lot of fun I think. GW2 has some circles but not everything gives you circles to avoid. It doesn't seem as consistent as TSW implimentation. Thu Sep 20 2012 10:55AM Report
arctarus writes:

I dont believe, even for a sec, that swtor is being switch to a so call "mega" server. Its just all the pr crap to hide their fail game.

And why do you congratz those 2 guys? For all we know they may be force to leave....



Thu Sep 20 2012 11:53AM Report
trenshod writes: Hopefully Bioware doesn't over do it with the server mergers. I think once  TOR goes F2P its going to acquire a lot of new and old players. I think its going to go well beyond what DCUO did when switching. B&S can't say that I'm all that excited, have enough on my plate as it is. Thu Sep 20 2012 1:15PM Report
trenshod writes:

"And why do you congratz those 2 guys? For all we know they may be force to leave...."

They weren't forced to leave I don't know many that leave and state plans to retire upon leaving. If you read anything they said you would be on the same sheet of music here.

Thu Sep 20 2012 1:18PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

Blade & Soul == WoW-clone with TERA combat and better graphics.



Thu Sep 20 2012 1:48PM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

Oh dearest Pokket, you were doing so well with not cutting the top of your head off, but alas it happened again. :)   The cuts between segments has gotten much smoother and the word pop-ups look professional now so overall a heck of job.

As for the content, Champions Online has the telegraphing system when enemies were going to do a special attack and AOC of course had the shield system so it's probably just an evolution of those earlier systems.  I am way too old with slow reactions so I have a feeling that type of combat system isn't going to have an appeal for me.

I think SWTOR will eventually have to adopt the Funcom/Cryptic/EVE everyone on one shard system as the population continues to dwindle unless it just explodes witht the F2P.

Thu Sep 20 2012 2:52PM Report
Pokket writes:

JerYnkFan: Thank you! Your feedback is definitely appreciated and I will work harder to not cut off my head (lol) XD I'm definitely taking what people say into consideration and trying to improve myself with each video =)

Thu Sep 20 2012 4:46PM Report
mcrippins writes: Pokket you are awesome as always. I'm really excited about Wildstar and i'm glad you mentioned the video, because I haven't seen it yet. I don't really understand some of the criticism about your hair color, and the top of your head. Your videos are great, and I appreciate the news updates and opinions. My schedule tends to make me miss a lot of this information, so without you guys I would be lost in cyberspace.. D: Thu Sep 20 2012 6:08PM Report
Margrave writes:

Loved the Wild Star coverage, and I also loved the 'mini-mega server' comment. That actually made sense. Odd.

Love the hair as always!

Thu Sep 20 2012 7:43PM Report
kb4blu writes:

I enjoy your comments and information you present on MMOs.

However, you really need to cut back on the "uhmmms","uhs", "you knows".  I realize that is the way people talk these days. Your reports would sound more professional without them.


Thu Sep 20 2012 8:37PM Report
KingOO writes:


keep the hair color its fits you well pocket ....i hope they dont rush blade and soul an take time with it in beta,also great news for SWtor

Thu Sep 20 2012 9:38PM Report
blynde writes:

@ arctarus


Why post negative comments when you don't even know the facts? I play the game and they did increase the servers by a lot, so they have made them "mega" servers. I will not even bother with your other comment because again you are not one who bothers with checking into things before throwing your comments around.

Great video and info on the upcoming games Pokket.

btw, the hair is awesome.



Fri Sep 21 2012 5:04AM Report
Aemi writes: Yes I plan to play Blade and Soul. See you on the stream! Fri Sep 21 2012 5:41AM Report
Pretender00 writes: This gameface picture reminds me of that girl you dated one time in highschool that always followed you around, insisted you were going to get married, showed up in the weirdest places and was always asking who you were talking too.. Fri Sep 21 2012 2:32PM Report
Reehay writes:

meh.. Wildstar's combat system will be interesting for about 2minutes.. in the same way when i was 7 and got a happy meal with a toy inside - WOO SHINY PLASTIC JUNK TOY!

then i forgot it on the ground a second later

Sat Sep 22 2012 11:13PM Report
piehole writes:

Naaaah Pokket, you should do the opposite of what ppl think of looks. Go with mixed clown and emo-style next time. PPl need to focus less on appearens of folks and more on what they say and and behave.

As long as you do videos with interesting facts i will keep on watching them no matter yer hair-do etc.

I have for years told a friend that programs games that he should make a WoW/Sims/Pokemon game. We are soon there :)

Sun Sep 23 2012 7:19AM Report
erictlewis writes:

I really can't believe that talk about super servers. It really is just another way to say server merges 2.0, we already had one merge. All one has to do is look at to realize swtor is not leveling out, it is still going down in population. SWTOR showing promise, is like saying hey were getting new Klingon content in sto.  In other words it is not credible, and I will believe it when I see it happen.

As far as the doctors leaving ea/bioware,  I would bet you 10 bucks that in a couple of years after the non compete agreement is up with ea/bioware the doctors will be back.


Sun Sep 23 2012 9:18AM Report writes:
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