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Videos Videos - Game Face: City of Heroes unites, Tera server merges, GW2 trailer fail, New SWTOR operation

Pokket gives her unique take on all the biggest MMO news of the day including the City of Heroes community, TERA server merges and more! Check it out!

Duration: 8:21
Views: 7,593  33 comments
Game: General
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Freezzo writes:

I actually enjoy those non-game related trailers. They're pieces of art and fun to look at and if I want to see gameplay I go and watch a video/stream.

Thu Sep 13 2012 9:00AM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

ooohhh....can I possibly be the first to comment?  :)  

The COH thing reminds me of all the protests that popped up in SWG before the NGE was going to be released.  I remember participating in a huge one on Tatooine the night before the NGE was patched in. :(

As for SWTOR, while I was really excited before the game released, but after two different attempts to play the game and neither time making it past lvl 20 unfortunately no matter what they do I just don't see myself playing it again.  The game is WAY too linear and most of the quests seem like they are the exact same thing just in a different area.

Was that Andy McDowell (the woman coming out of the water) in the GW2 commercial?  Honestly until the end, it seems like more of a ad for TSW rather than GW2.

On a complete side bar, is it me or did Pokket not say "awesome" once in this video?  Only reason I mention it was that someone else had mentioned in another post that her overuse of the word detracts from what she is trying to say.

Anyway good job Pokket.

Thu Sep 13 2012 9:04AM Report
TalulaRose writes:

The  Four Cats 

Four  men were bragging about how
 smart their cats  were. 

The  first man was an Engineer,  

The  second man was an Accountant,  

The  third man was a Chemist, and  

The  fourth man was a Government 

To  show off, the Engineer called his cat, 
 "T-square, do your stuff."  

T-square  pranced over to the desk, took
out some paper  and pen and promptly
 drew a circle, a square,  and a triangle. 

Everyone  agreed that was pretty smart.  

But  the Accountant said his cat could do
better. He  called his cat and said,  

"Spreadsheet,  do your stuff." 

Spreadsheet  went out to the kitchen
 and returned with a  dozen cookies.
He divided them into 4 equal  piles of
 3 cookies. 

Everyone agreed that  was good.

But  the Chemist said his cat could do
 better. He  called his cat and said,
 "Measure, do your  stuff." 

Measure  got up, walked to the fridge,
took out a quart  of milk, got a 10 ounce
 glass from the cupboard  and poured 

Exactly  8 ounces without spilling a drop
 into the  glass. 

Everyone  agreed that was pretty good.  

Then  the three men turned to the
Government Employee  and said,
"What can your cat  do?"

The  Government Employee called his

 cat and said,  "Coffee Break, do your

Coffee Break  jumped to his feet.......  

Ate  the cookies........  

Drank  the milk........ 

Sh*t  on the paper.......  

Screwed  the other three cats.......  

Claimed  he injured his back while doing 

Filed  a grievance report for unsafe
working  conditions.......  

Put  in for Workers  Compensation..........

Went  home for the rest of the day on sick 


Thu Sep 13 2012 9:45AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

@Talula Rose, change your comment to something on-topic with the video or risk a mod deleting it for you (and possibly earning yourself a warning).




I lol'ed at your Dead-Island slip-in when you were talking about misleading trailers :P!

Generally, yea people hated the hell out of that GW2 trailer, and the video for the new SWTOR mission was the dumbest thing i'd ever seen. Their story guy goes into how "You're being dropped into a scenario you really have no idea of what's happening", and then the other devs literally walk through each encounter in that mission completely destroying any mystery that might have been there.

Essentially, a #1 tell-tale sign as to why SWTOR did so poorly, the devs just don't "get it", and they seem as if they're so new to making MMO's it's not even funny anymore.



Lastly, I also feel that City of Heroes is a gonner :(. Was a fun product, but they haven't tried to even maintain it over the years. It needed a graphics update 5 years ago, and it needed some heavy revamping to help it age. However, it has aged so poorly it's not even worth going back to even to protest anymore unfortunately.

Thu Sep 13 2012 10:15AM Report
Unshra writes:

Honestly when I watched the Guild Wars 2 trailer for the first time, I checked the link and as the trailer progressed I thought (jokingly) "Why did Anet make a trailer for Funcom's The Secret World". If it wasn't for the video at the end I would have just thought they took a TSW trailer and slapped a NCSoft Logo on it.


Still for a trailer I don't think it's fail, at the very least it will cause someone to say "wtf" and google the game and even if that's all that happens it's still mission accomplished.

Thu Sep 13 2012 10:51AM Report
JerYnkFan writes: Nope not Andie McDowell after looking at it again Thu Sep 13 2012 11:21AM Report
zevni78 writes:

I want to beat that GW2 trailer to death with a sack of puppies.


Do you have any idea how long that would take?


I do.


And I would enjoy every yelping, squishy moment of it.

Thu Sep 13 2012 12:10PM Report
JerYnkFan writes: BTW when did Dave Grohl go work for Bioware? :) Thu Sep 13 2012 12:33PM Report
tank017 writes: lol ^^ Thu Sep 13 2012 12:34PM Report
gatheris writes:

that trailer

GW2 ain't that heavy

thank goodness it's loads of fun though

Thu Sep 13 2012 2:06PM Report
Arglebargle writes:

@FadingBomb, your CoH remarks are kinda clueless.  There was a graphics update, you know?   The game also managed to pump out updates (at an average of three a year, mostly free), despite sometimes having limited developer numbers.   Content was being continually added, and the quality was generally improving with each one.  Etc.


You don't have to like it, but misinformation is misinformation.  And unlike some failed (or still operating) games, it is being killed while still profitable.  


Bean counters, ugh. 

Thu Sep 13 2012 2:13PM Report
thebestcity writes:

what Pokket Says?

utilty tool bower and finder!

though take at the skerlout

Thu Sep 13 2012 2:17PM Report
SirBalin writes: Off topic, but Pockett you look totally different for some reason? lol Thu Sep 13 2012 2:21PM Report
erictlewis writes:

That is about crazy, you liked the SOA fight in eternity vault??  Every time we cleared that operation  about 2/3 time soa would bug out for one reason or another during the fight.  I cant imagine anybody liking those odds.

Oh well I just heard it and have to say  wow somebody was fighting a different soa fight than what I seen.



Thu Sep 13 2012 2:36PM Report
starwarsnut writes:

i thought that trailer was for tsw not gw2.

As for swtor as long as you have retards working there and idiots who wont shut up I.E james ohlen that game will never go anywhere.

Gw2 has exposed how lazy devs have become in other games

Thu Sep 13 2012 4:05PM Report
Reas43 writes:

@People grow older, it's normal. Have you looked at Bradd Pitt or Jennifer Aniston of late? They totally crustied up and so will we all in due time.

Thu Sep 13 2012 4:43PM Report
Reas43 writes:

@<span com_who"="">afhn2110         People grow older, it's normal. Have you looked at Bradd Pitt or Jennifer Aniston of late? They totally crustied up and so will we all in due time.

Thu Sep 13 2012 4:44PM Report
Rhoklaw writes: So Pokket left TERA to prep for another game she doesn't want to mention. So I'll mention if for her... GW2. Thu Sep 13 2012 4:51PM Report
adam_nox writes: not a huge fan of this look.  Thu Sep 13 2012 5:13PM Report
SirBalin writes: Wait, I didn't say it was bad...I just said she looked different.  Thu Sep 13 2012 5:18PM Report
SirBalin writes:

Wow, Pockett just went bold there.  Can't believe y ou are basically calling Tera a fail.  Let's be honest...your first review of Tera (please look at Pockets first Tera review) was totally off.  You turned off the game when you couldn't figure out that you needed to press F to climb a vine and said, "the combat just seems clunky, back to SWTOR for me."   When Tera launched, they specifically said they had to add a ton more servers as they had far more than expected, but they also stated off the back they expect a mass server merge before long.  I don't play Tera any longer just because I hated that all the pvp took place right next to safezones...I think thats a mistake mechanic for the game, as well as forcing pve to be able to get the gear and elite skills like sap for pvp.  Still, the game is doing fine...the people are getting updates for pve ( don't care about that, but i'll respect that they do it).  So...saying they are doing bad and making some of those accusations are just wow to me.  You have guts...I work for a gaming company and I can tell you now, I would be extremely upset if you made those comments about my game with no facts to back it up.  Server mergers are not facts.  Also, don't pretend you played the game for a while, you openly stated when you left the, didn't play a while...good try though.


Thu Sep 13 2012 5:26PM Report
Belly1974 writes:

I actually like these videos... Not sure why loads of people bitch about them really...


Lol'd at 'dead island' 'cough' moment... I agree... quite a few games with awesome trailers, yet the game ends up being pants.

Fri Sep 14 2012 4:40AM Report
Scot writes:

The Four Cats made my day, let’s not give a guy a warning just because his post had no direct relevance.

I think Pocket needs to plan these more, it feels too random. Now that may be the style, but I just find it a bit irritating.

Fri Sep 14 2012 6:39AM Report
Amana writes: Hey guys,  please keep comments to the video content and not personally attack our content creators. Thanks. Fri Sep 14 2012 10:20AM Report
Pretender00 writes: I apologize.. Sticking to the video at hand. I didn't like your content creators video.  I felt like the message being conveyed was lost in a series of twitchy talk and hand movements all over the place. Fri Sep 14 2012 12:41PM Report
drake110131 writes:

"yeahh. show me the game"


Sat Sep 15 2012 2:43PM Report
pwnofarc writes: I love the gw2 trailer.  if you dont like it good for you.  Arenanet has always been creative, if they want to try something different, let them.   Sat Sep 15 2012 6:59PM Report
FeralLoki writes: just alot of babbles imo. Sat Sep 15 2012 10:18PM Report
blohm86 writes: Not impressed Sun Sep 16 2012 5:15AM Report
Alverant writes: Four Cats isn't funny and isn't accurate. The fourth cat should be called CEO if it wants to make sense. Plus it is totally off topic. Sun Sep 16 2012 4:10PM Report
red_cruiser writes: LOL@people getting pissed off at the Four Cats.  It's funny because it's true. Sun Sep 16 2012 7:05PM Report
Mirathel writes:

I dont agree at all about the GW2 trailer. I felt they released the trailer to put forward a message about the game and they did that beautifully. i get the trailer, i get the message and i praise ArenaNet for releasing it. Stop hating. We have seen numerous gameplay videos from ArenaNet showing off all the amazing things about GW2. Let them blow your mind with something not too much related to gameplay and more about sending out a breathtaking message about the heart of GW2.


Nuff said...

Tue Sep 18 2012 3:42AM Report
Oph8 writes: more blah blah blah.... Thu Sep 20 2012 11:25AM Report writes:
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