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Videos Videos - Game Face: NS2 pre-order, Firefall Founders Package, RIFT Xpac Pricing, and WarZ footage

Pokket talks about Natural Selection 2 pre-order, Firefall Founders, RIFT and WarZ in this weeks Game Face

Duration: 8:14
Views: 2,443  35 comments
Game: General
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MrReality writes: Well done. Can't wait to play War Z! Thu Sep 06 2012 9:25AM Report
Vanazzul writes: New hair is hot, really hot Thu Sep 06 2012 9:54AM Report
Lahuzer writes: Firefall is a hoot, and easily worth whatever founders pack you pick. The DEVs are very helpfull as well. Both ingame, and on their forums. This game is going to be a big sleeper hit once it launches, and I think it can become a big hit. Thu Sep 06 2012 9:56AM Report
Wizardry writes:


Just an advertising/pricing video,nothing inciteful on gaming.

Bonus xp can NEVER be related to the FUN factor we play games for.The rest was just vague comments like "Looks great" or "can't wait to play this game".So in otherwords more advertising.

We need a sincere gamer that talks about inside game information.All that over done hand motion ,seemed to point at ,struggling to make a point.

These Pockett videos are imo usually low quality,i have seen MUCH better by random people on the net/you tube.I keep tuning in hopes she learns from the last and brings us a great new vblog,but nope in many cases worst than the last.

Example Total Biscuit now gets paid by developers because he would make game videos that were good for viewers to watch.Yes he is still ALWAYS ONLY giving the postive side of gaming becuase he is being paid to do so,but the presentation and actual information is there.

Thu Sep 06 2012 10:04AM Report
JerYnkFan writes: I am looking forward to the Rift expac and I don't see a problem witht the pricing structure.  Seems the same as everyone else and IMO it's a better value than LOTRO's expansion post Moria.  Got to admit I've never heard of Natural Selection 2. Thu Sep 06 2012 10:17AM Report
aligada87 writes: her hair reminds me of firefall. @ waxmask whats wrong with you dude. keep it civil here please. we don't want to hear comments like that. act like an adult Thu Sep 06 2012 1:01PM Report
NameWasTaken writes:

Is this Game Face, or another episode of RuPauls Drag Race?

Pokket's secret? (s)he'll never tell!

Thu Sep 06 2012 3:39PM Report
IrishChai writes:

I kinda see what you're sorta saying with betas, pre-orders, and DayZ/WarZ etc. (lol), but I'm one of those people that tends to wait to see some reviews first. Your streams help a lot too, as that was my primary reason to go out and buy GW2, and it was so worth it. I love all the videos and the humor you bring to them. :) Beautiful new look with the curls too.


I really need to try DayZ or WarZ after seeing and liking the many streams of it already. I'm enjoying Dead Island lately, kinda like a Borderlands island resort with zombies mod if you haven't played it. I'll probably be looking for something new and zombie like soon though.

Thu Sep 06 2012 4:09PM Report
IrishChai writes:

I love the 'stick to the topic or don't post' crowd, as if bitching and moaning and attempts at some kind of insult are on topic. Maybe it's just inherently on topic anywhere on since it's such a happy, respectable, mature crowd we have here. lol


Oh yeah, back on topic, I forgot to say thanks for posting the video Pokket. :)

Thu Sep 06 2012 4:25PM Report
Draeyl writes: Thanks for the video, Pokket. Lots of great info. :) Thu Sep 06 2012 5:37PM Report
Vlhad77 writes: hey WellzyC first off lets say those they say nice hari cut and sometimes omg shes hot, that means its a complment, second if i wanna say hey pokket your hair style looks rather nice today, i can  because im complimenting her and btw yea she is hot.  The reason i can is because i dont live at my parents house in the basement or overweight.  Here is an idea, dont like it look at something else, and back to the orignal point at hand.  Thanks for the info Pokket you always do a great job. Thu Sep 06 2012 6:10PM Report
Pretender00 writes: I'd like 2 cotton candys, 1 popcorn and a large slushie please... Thu Sep 06 2012 7:01PM Report
cadaml writes: You prolly could sell me sand.  Thu Sep 06 2012 7:02PM Report
Br3akingDawn writes: I come here just for Pokket. Thu Sep 06 2012 11:19PM Report
Akulas writes: All blue for the hair and straight would be best but yeah I might look at Fire Fall but don't want to pay for it. Fri Sep 07 2012 12:26AM Report
thubub writes: "Different boats for different floats!!!!!!!"  That is my new life mantra. Fri Sep 07 2012 2:16AM Report
Scot writes: Pre-order is the bane of the gaming industry. Promoting pre-order is not on. Also I agree that her concept of gaming is very off if she thinks a xp bonuses is wants important about pre-order. Fri Sep 07 2012 3:14AM Report
Margrave writes: Some how Pokket just keeps getting hotter.... makes my teeth sweat. Fri Sep 07 2012 6:21AM Report
ZombiePhiz writes: Pokket, so hawt! Fri Sep 07 2012 6:26AM Report
f0dell54 writes:

This is a pretty amatuar video. You could log on youtube and watch a more professional video from a random person. I'm suprised that would even allow this to be posted.

On a side note Rift expansion looks awesome and I can't wait to play it in November.

Fri Sep 07 2012 6:51AM Report
f0dell54 writes: Also, Pokket is a very pretty woman but her clown hair really ruins it. It's time to grow up Hillary. Fri Sep 07 2012 6:54AM Report
Drealgrin writes: lol, she called an assault rifle a "machine gun" Fri Sep 07 2012 8:06AM Report
benit59 writes: @f0dell54 - I agree, everytime I watch a Game Face I think, "This is how Mimi from the Drew Carey show must have started out..." Fri Sep 07 2012 8:50AM Report
Speiberbob writes: less waving hand and griiacing would make your spots so much better. just mho nice info. Fri Sep 07 2012 9:02AM Report
gatheris writes:

yes, a low quality advertisement for the overpriced Rift expansion and Firefall experience boost pacs

and i usually really enjoy the Pokket episodes - oh well


Fri Sep 07 2012 9:13AM Report
Vyeth writes:

Interesting.. I feel like I should have got mentioned by name in that Rift skit, since it was my initial opinion that started the storm from the legion (hue) over there in the other thread..

I stick by my guns though, no one has to agree with me, but that's how I see it..


Fri Sep 07 2012 9:59AM Report
Budahka writes:

ZombiePhiz writes: Pokket, so hawt!


And once again.. the only reason 99% watch your videos.. :P.

Fri Sep 07 2012 10:43AM Report
Pretender00 writes:

@benit59 " I agree, everytime I watch a Game Face I think, "This is how Mimi from the Drew Carey show must have started out..." 


Funny stuff yet so true ...


Fri Sep 07 2012 3:01PM Report
Onomas writes: arms on your chair, grab them and dont let go until you stop recording. Could knock out someone with all that flailing of your limbs. Sat Sep 08 2012 12:04AM Report
Cerebus31 writes:

She used to be ALLLLOT worse guys...Shes getting better, give credit where its due.

I used to be one of her worse detractors, but I will give praise when merited. I used to hit her pretty hard regarding her 'columns'. She has become better.....

Shes getting there, albeit slowly...A few  journalism classes could'nt hurt.





As for the hand/arms flailing? Some people express themselves with added 'flair', be it body language or clothing/hair etc...


Could you imagine if everyone spoke in a monotone and wore the same shit?




Sat Sep 08 2012 8:33PM Report
tachgb writes: Natural Selection 2, w00t !!! :D Sun Sep 09 2012 3:28PM Report
Auzy writes: Niceee...wish i could get into Firefall beta, i hear it easy to, but i cant seem to lol Sun Sep 09 2012 10:36PM Report
trash656 writes:

@<span com_who"="">Wizardry

Agreed, but I guess if there is a young girl with a differnt color hairstyle every week, and an overly done amount of makeup for a simple gaming video and a bunch of Howard Wolowitz gaming nerds Look-a-likes from the big bang theory around trying to hump her leg she will soar to the top. She's just looking for attention and hits. Although there is a few other Woman I've seen on YouTube who are true gamers which seem Sincerly interested in gaming and do good research on new upcomming titles, and they dont use their looks to get attention, because they don't have too.

Sun Sep 09 2012 11:29PM Report
blohm86 writes: Not impressed. Mon Sep 10 2012 12:29AM Report
Matticus75 writes: na, the new hair looks likes tasty cotton candy, and looks sticky Mon Sep 10 2012 8:07PM Report writes:
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