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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep 15 - PAX Prime 2012 Awards

This week's MMOFTW is all about PAX Prime and the best games we saw at the show. What won Best of Show? Most Anticipated? Best Hybrid? Rising Star? Most Innovative? Take a look!

Duration: 8:20
Views: 5,374  25 comments
Game: General
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Lahuzer writes: Bah!!! Firefall should have gotten top spot. ;) Tue Sep 04 2012 8:13AM Report
Po_gg writes: Neverwinter & Foundry +1 :) (and Wildstar Online as close second) Tue Sep 04 2012 8:23AM Report
MataOCD writes: I can't wait for PSO 2 and Wildstar!!! Tue Sep 04 2012 8:47AM Report
Evelknievel writes:

We all need a vacation now and then, even from gaming :)

Enjoy your Jamaica trip!

Tue Sep 04 2012 8:50AM Report
Deto123 writes: NW and Wildstar, no doubt. Tue Sep 04 2012 11:09AM Report
arctarus writes:

You gona be gone for 2 weeks!!!



Enjoy your break dude, you deserve it


Tue Sep 04 2012 11:19AM Report
Gravarg writes:

"You yada yada'd the best part!"

"No, I mentioned the Lobster Bisque"


HAHA.  Gonna miss this for the next two weeks /sadface

Tue Sep 04 2012 1:35PM Report
erictlewis writes:

Have a great vacation,  and thanks for all the great vidoes you make.   Lots of good info this week now I actaully got 2 games that I am going to keep an eye on.


Tue Sep 04 2012 2:16PM Report
GettCouped writes: Definitely some interesting games on the horizon.  Enjoy you vacation dude! Tue Sep 04 2012 2:17PM Report
itchmon writes: wildstar = drool, more and more everytime i see it. Tue Sep 04 2012 4:19PM Report
BillMurphy writes: Oh, it's just ONE week I'll be gone.  You're not that lucky.  :)  I'll be back with one of these on 9/17. Tue Sep 04 2012 4:38PM Report
alexanys1982 writes: Firefall lost out to NW and yet another "make it look like WoW" wildstar game? ya sure...theres no favortism going on here at all as those 2 are clearly the best games at PAX lawl. Tue Sep 04 2012 4:55PM Report
MrReality writes: After the failures of Champions Online and STO I have a hard time believing Cryptic is going to do any better with Neverwinter. We'll see.  Tue Sep 04 2012 5:45PM Report
FrodoFragins writes: Wildstar is definitely too on the cartoony side as is Torchlight in the ARPG world.  WOWs style is just on the other side of the line for me and gets a pass mainly due to the engine limitations they had on release. Tue Sep 04 2012 5:56PM Report
Freezzo writes: And 2013 was going to be a 'slow' year... Doesn't sound like it ;) Tue Sep 04 2012 7:13PM Report
George271 writes: Before the show does Murphy by his Clothes at a yard sale and then put them on all wrinkled like that or do all of his clothes look that bad?  I have nothing against wearing wrinkled clothes or  looking like a homeless person but I do not think it is appropriate for a commercial video.  Besides that the rest of the video looks good.  His appearance is in such contrast to the quality of the rest of the show.  BTW should I be sending Murphy my old clothes rather than taking them to the goodwill?  Please send me the address where to send them. Tue Sep 04 2012 7:33PM Report
Blakkrskyrr writes: neverwinter combat looked choppy :/ sounds awesome tho! Tue Sep 04 2012 8:12PM Report
BillMurphy writes:

Am I supposed to be ironing t-shirts and courdoroy jackets? Don't hate me for being so beautiful.



Tue Sep 04 2012 8:44PM Report
bubaluba writes: wildstar & neverwinter Wed Sep 05 2012 9:37AM Report
Jetrpg writes:
Who is this clown ... aion's character customization was in-depth? What a joke , that mmo had one of the least amount of customization so yeah i took those words and understood everything else you had to say had no expertise or accuracy . 
Wed Sep 05 2012 11:55AM Report
FrodoFragins writes: It's good to know that thrift stores still have customers.  I think my grandpa may have owned that jacket. Wed Sep 05 2012 2:41PM Report
FrodoFragins writes: Hopefully Bill got the smell out of grampies coat before filming. Wed Sep 05 2012 5:08PM Report
Darkcrystal writes: To the people bashing cryptic saying they did bad, bleh, bleh, well they said that about funcom and they had a great release, so companys can get better.!   After what I seen, they will be fine. Thu Sep 06 2012 2:53AM Report
Wizardry writes:

Well among those 5 ,it is an easy win for NWinter,it is the only game of those 5 that looks any good.

I like the content idea behind NW however the voting idea is a big time NO.EQ2 tried the same thing with their f2p and cash shop heavy game and too many flaws in a voting system.

Thu Sep 06 2012 2:54AM Report
blohm86 writes: Not impressed. Mon Sep 10 2012 12:30AM Report writes:
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