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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep 11 - SWTOR goes F2P and Rift to Reveal New Soul

This week's MMOFTW covers everything from the big booming announcement of SWTOR going F2P this fall to indie game news like recent developments from The Repopulation. Plus we learn a bit more about Otherlands, and even tease a Friday, August 10th announcement from Trion Worlds and Rift!

Duration: 6:15
Views: 6,242  29 comments
Game: General
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BillMurphy writes: I got cut off!  Curse you, Skywisenight!  :) Mon Aug 06 2012 12:25PM Report
JerYnkFan writes: OOOOHHH....Looking forward to the Rift Soul reveal and sounds like you got a little tongue twisted with Funcom Mon Aug 06 2012 12:43PM Report
InFlamestwo writes:

SWTOR will do much better F2P

Mon Aug 06 2012 12:43PM Report
ThemePork writes:

Great show, Bill. Keep up the good work.

Your milk fetish is a little weird but who am I to judge :D

Mon Aug 06 2012 1:27PM Report
Grakulen writes: Need a jacket. Mon Aug 06 2012 2:02PM Report
Coolit writes: :o RiFT reveal, nice! Mon Aug 06 2012 2:21PM Report
Nanfoodle writes: SWToT is not free to play IMO. GW2 offers the full game for the box price. Why would I want to play to play? There gona have to do better then that. Mon Aug 06 2012 2:37PM Report
StriderXed writes: Dont let a ba- Mon Aug 06 2012 2:42PM Report
xalvi writes:


SWTOR F2P model similar to LOTRO model, that made me not try it out. LOTRO is by far the most pay2win/greedy game out there, all you have to do is just spend $$ and you get any item on the game.

Ill just stick to GW2.

Mon Aug 06 2012 3:02PM Report
dijou writes: Repopulation, like you said Murphy, a gem, very promising and i put a lot of hope into it as an ex addicted  SWG player. Mon Aug 06 2012 4:05PM Report
jeremyjodes writes: Bill Your shows are getting better and better. good work man. Mon Aug 06 2012 4:09PM Report
Hokie writes:

You know what I'd really love to see you do.

An actual 15-20 minute program. You had a lot of great info that you only glossed over.

You could fill 10 minutes easy, I want more depth, more story, more info.

Hell, you could have guest speakers if you dont think there is enough news to fill 15-20 minutes.


More damn it!

Mon Aug 06 2012 11:26PM Report
Evile writes:

GW2 does NOT offer EVERYTHING for just one box price. GW1 had many box price additions (pay expansions), and a cash shop. Yes you don't need the new content, but SWTOR is the same. the original game will be FTP. The additions are microtransaction...JUST LIKE GW1.

SWTOR though is not a keeper that GW1 was. Once you do your story there is not much to keep you interested. Why grind gear? PVP don't matter. Just a bunch of repeating arenas. No world immersion. No reason to go to majority of planets once the leveling is done. Bioware pulled a total fail on this game design when they could have done so much more. SOE had the right idea when it started SWG back in the day. If only Bioware would have taken more persistent elements SWG had. 

In any case, the MMO I enjoy now is not GW2, not SWTOR, it is The Secret World. TSW is lots of fun so far. The 3 faction design is nice. PVP design is engaging. Not quite the sandbox SWG was, but so far I am having fun. World is very immersive. Love the fact you can learn every skill in the game with one character. Limits on the active setup, but one can change up between fights. Think of like EVE, where you pick a certain ship to fly but can learn to fly anything. No need for alts unless you want to play other factions. Freedom to make your own character design is a huge plus.

Nothing against GW2. I am sure it will be a solid game like GW1. I had years of enjoyement with that. I am just bored with the fantasy theme. TSW is a refreshing change.

Tue Aug 07 2012 12:08AM Report
ereyethirn writes:

I am really excited for swtor going free to play. I quit because the only good part of the game was the single player story campaign which im not gonna play a monthly fee for, however now that its going free play I can go back and play all the different storylines which is quite exciting!


Tue Aug 07 2012 4:41AM Report
theniffrig writes:

Ah don't skip the community spotlight! It's one of the best parts!

Don't let a bad... 

Tue Aug 07 2012 5:18AM Report
BradofCanada writes: All you guys and your free to play.Who is going to makre thr quality content and updates if there is no money to pay people with?Every one expects everything for free these days.Would you work for free? Tue Aug 07 2012 7:37AM Report
chilltime99 writes: ...pug get you down. Tue Aug 07 2012 7:55AM Report
Deider writes: Excited to see the new Soul! Tue Aug 07 2012 7:59AM Report
Vapors writes: Just to make a small info: as much i know gw2 will release many many expansions which costs alot, its not 1 single box price, it will be 3 boxes, lets say it will be 150€ its comparable to some lifetime subscriptions of some games. Sure u dont need the content but i guess u dont wanna play the same content all over again. Tue Aug 07 2012 8:02AM Report
erictlewis writes:

I hate the term free to play when really it is a fremium, or in this case an endless trial with a cash shop.  So either you subscribe or you buy the unlocks in the cash shop.

Or you decide to short change ea and cancel your sub and never buy anything in the shop but still play for free without group/raid/pvp content.  I got a feeling a lot of folks will go that route.

Another good vid from Bill.  


Tue Aug 07 2012 8:08AM Report
Ocenica writes:


I think maybe you feel they should pay you to play their game?

Tue Aug 07 2012 8:11AM Report
Lumbrales writes: Don't let a bad what!? D: Tue Aug 07 2012 11:13AM Report
Freezzo writes: @Lumbrales: Don't let a bad PUG get you down. He cut it short I guess, in a hurry to go on vacation :P Tue Aug 07 2012 11:22AM Report
adam_nox writes: Rift needs to go f2p Tue Aug 07 2012 9:35PM Report
DarthMooska writes: Is Bill from Ohio? Wed Aug 08 2012 4:01AM Report
snicol writes: I went to ceder point on acid Wed Aug 08 2012 12:57PM Report
Cloudink writes:

Here are some friendly pointers, OW bottom banner, zone was misspelled ( a zoe comprised...) Dont hold your hands in the vagina position {} (see video from start to about 1:45, you do it a couple of more times after that).


Good video tho, love watching these please dont stop making them.

Thu Aug 09 2012 3:24PM Report
mmozombie writes:

ereyethirn's comment, The only good thing about SWTOR is the solo storylines..  group content is a joke & i do not PvP.. so yea.. 2 thumbs up bioware, its about time you made this move!

Sun Aug 12 2012 11:00PM Report
mmozombie writes: Wow guys, fix your comment system, only 1/2 my comment posted... lol fail! Sun Aug 12 2012 11:01PM Report writes:
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