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Videos Videos - Game Face: SWTOR goes F2P and GW2 Headstart Announced

In her latest Game Face, Pokket takes a look at SWTOR's F2P move and at the just-announced Head Start date for Guild Wars 2. SWTOR F2P: GW2: Follow Pokket: Follow MMORPG:

Duration: 7:33
Views: 7,707  54 comments
Game: General
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FeralLoki writes:


Thu Aug 02 2012 10:14AM Report
xenorace writes:

lol I imagine Pokket is one big goof IRL, because she let a little of it leak out in the end of the video.

I never got around to playing SWTOR because quite frankly it did not look good at all....not at least worth a sub fee a month good.

Thu Aug 02 2012 10:17AM Report
Dkompoze writes:


Thu Aug 02 2012 11:05AM Report
Effin_Rabbit writes:

Looks like an SOE F2P model, pretty limited.

Thu Aug 02 2012 11:15AM Report
Weretigar writes:

This is Probably the most spot on video Pokket has ever done. When it comes to subscribers and the way every company is wording thier playerbase. 

As an owner of SWTOR I can honestly say I was givin 2 free months I paid for one month after the original game time and my 3 month gamestop gamecard came out. They said thier was millions of subs when I was playing but I saw more poeple in WvW then I saw in the Republic Fleet the whole time I plaid.

I will be stocking up on cheap soda and pringles myself cause you can buy 2 things of pringles for the price of one bag of cheetos where I live lol. Chedder & Ranch FTW!.

Thu Aug 02 2012 11:18AM Report
Wickedjelly writes:

Lol she cracks me up.

Must be a trip to be in a guild with.

It will be interesting to see how f2p plays out with SWTOR. I have my doubts it is going to work the way EA is hoping but we'll see.

Thu Aug 02 2012 11:19AM Report
bubaluba writes:

Hybrid is my favorite option. Good to hear this. One of better games on market

Thu Aug 02 2012 11:23AM Report
Vaelgard writes:

This video is pretty meh.

Thu Aug 02 2012 11:28AM Report
WellzyC writes:

f2p restricts content on a game that has very little to begin with?  no thanks...

Thu Aug 02 2012 11:32AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Ease up on the liner, gurl. Nice to see some personality shine through there at the end.

I'll be napping ahead of time to prepare for GW2. The majority won't, they never do, and while I like playing with a crowd I would still like to avoid a crowd the size of the BWE weekends all in one area. It was just too much; events repeating seconds after completion, chat going wild, lag from all the AoEs going off. I'm too solitary a creature for all of that. The goal is to reach the 15+ zone by noon which I suspect is when the majority of people will be online or logging in.

As for SWTOR, I'm actually pretty happy with that model, except for the lack of raiding. Other than the restriction of raiding, it's similar to DCUO, which I really enjoyed. Played to cap for free and never felt like I NEEDED to spend money, so I did anyway. Threw $20 at the item mall and bought a couple of things including a costume. But part of the reason I was compelled to do that was I still had things to do (raiding) at endgame...I didn't, mind you, because it bored me rather quickly, but I ~thought~ I would and thus spent the money. I still don't regret it, I played it enough that it was worth the cost.

Hopefully, they'll consider easing up and just limit Operations, similar to how they limit flashpoints.

Thu Aug 02 2012 11:36AM Report
Zefire writes:

t could be play gw2 instead.

Thu Aug 02 2012 12:38PM Report
erictlewis writes:

LoL the story is 24 hours late and has already been beaten to death, just saying 24 hours after the barn been on fire and burnt down.  ou got to be quicker to cover the news.


Thu Aug 02 2012 1:27PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

how will World Vs World work vs World work, cause I want to be vs MMORPG.COM guild , for fun :D


Thu Aug 02 2012 1:49PM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

Interesting tidbit on how companies explaining how they are not "losing" subscribers when they may be.  DIdn't know they fudged the numbers that way. 

As for FTP, I have already tried playing SWTOR on two different occasions and I simply just quit after about 2-3 weeks both times and uninstalled it.  It simply just doesn't grab my attention.

Might just be my OCD, but I find it distracting that in the last couple of videos the top half of your head is out of frame.

Thu Aug 02 2012 1:52PM Report
xtrabullets writes:

Man I wish I could get a cool job in a place where i'm a large minority (A hot chick heavily into video games) and people really only click on my links because I have a pretty face. Haters gonna hate? Yea i'm hating. So f00kin what...  

Thu Aug 02 2012 3:56PM Report
Nilenya writes:

good video Pokket. I like your personality when you allow yourself to let it shine :) - And I really like your makeup when you add a little color. The green is a great look on you, brings out your eyes, and makes you look younger than the smokey grey/black you usually wear :P - now waiting for some lip color LOL 

Thu Aug 02 2012 4:34PM Report
rodingo writes:

Yeh her personality is starting to come out more and she is sounding less and less like a robot.  She still seems a little shy, but it's a lot better than what I can do in front of a camera.

Thu Aug 02 2012 4:48PM Report
JayFiveAlive writes:

I don't normally watch her videos cause the are kinda emotionless, but this one was definitely much better than the ones I've seen. She definitely seemed more like she was just being herself and that is always best.

I don't play SWTOR, but I am pumped for GW2. I am gonna be lame and probably go to bed normal time and just get up early... Starting at midnight is too frustrating for me cause I want to play play play for hours and hours hehe. At least in the morning I can play all day and then all night the next night :D

Thu Aug 02 2012 6:25PM Report
Jonoku writes:

I find her attractive so I watch her videos.

Thu Aug 02 2012 7:12PM Report
Volenibblets writes:

Christ. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is gaming journalism in 2012. I hadn't even considered creating my own games review site a viable career option but I now think it might be possible. All I need is some dilute, vague ideas I've read off corporate sites and a batch of walmart hair colouring kits. Who's with me?! 

Thu Aug 02 2012 7:13PM Report
warbot7777 writes:

I don't find her attractive. No offense.

Thu Aug 02 2012 7:21PM Report
Margrave writes:

Pokket = Awesome


And yes ... she is hot.


Great Vid!

Thu Aug 02 2012 7:41PM Report
keenber writes:

i allways watch your vids but when you start ramberling like you were doing over SWotR i scream its my exwife and my auto shut down response cuts in.

Thu Aug 02 2012 8:22PM Report
jeremyjodes writes: No zombies pokket? Dang I was hoping for some more zombie love. :) Thu Aug 02 2012 8:32PM Report
orionblack writes:

Hey i have that UO staue in the back ground . Made by McFarlane.But mines the all silver version!!

Any ways yes very pretty lady. ^^

Thu Aug 02 2012 10:32PM Report
Bonez005 writes: SWtoR Goes Free to Try, GW2 wont need to use "word play". if the game is solid (like it is) the game carries the weight, not the words. I made the mistake of buying TSW to hold me over and i regret it. Informative vid, thanks. Thu Aug 02 2012 11:15PM Report
Emeraq writes: Monster and Cheetos, funny.. How about Rum and Coke, or Red Bull and Vodka?! Thu Aug 02 2012 11:17PM Report
hcoelho writes:

IMO she is not a good journalist, but if she made a youtube channel more relaxed and less "official" she would get lots of views. She is pretty and charismatic, but  terrible puting out her thoughts. 

Look at Yogscast, she should head that direction. As a user i think she has no business doing serious/informative stuff around here. IMO she is being misused. 

Thu Aug 02 2012 11:39PM Report
hazy writes: Damn bringing the sexy for this vid! nice!  Thu Aug 02 2012 11:59PM Report
Hokie writes:

Thanks Pokket!

Cleared up some questions I had, and have been to lazy to follow up on.


Ohh and btw you had a dried up drool mark in the right cornor of your mouth.

And do your outtro line again. Why so serious, ya know.

Speaking of "Why So Serious", new back ground, huh? Like your posters better.

Or if your going to keep your game collection (*ahm* validation of your gamerness) on display, at least do differnt action figure poses each video, ya'know.

Fri Aug 03 2012 12:26AM Report
Zen_Blade writes: Sounds like the Turbine F2P model mostly.  Similar to LotRO and DDO. Fri Aug 03 2012 2:47AM Report
kneebane writes: Gotta love the set decorations :) :) - anyways, indeed "see you there" :) Fri Aug 03 2012 4:10AM Report
dageeza writes:

It wont be long before freemium is obsolete with the likes of GW2 and PS2 releasing..

Devs and publishers will in the not so distant future have to decide rather they want to go B2P or F2P as freemium is just to limited and will fizzle out...

Fri Aug 03 2012 5:23AM Report
Leucent writes: Everyone freaking out about how sexy she is, needs to get out more. She s decent, nothing to get worked up about. Fri Aug 03 2012 5:50AM Report
Digna writes:

Pokket, if you want to seriously consider reporting/public speaking:

1. Join Toastmasters...globally recognized public speaking. They teach you the rights and wrongs. Free groups you can join in many, many areas.

2. Write down your 'reports' and practice them both reading and recording. After you record, watch them, make notes, re-practice rough spots.

Sometimes you speak casually and (somewhat) insightfully. Then you start to ramble. It detracts from the potential good tidbits you might otherwise disseminate.

Fri Aug 03 2012 6:34AM Report
senti02 writes: i watch her coz shes so hot..and pretty ^^ Fri Aug 03 2012 8:13AM Report
Jonoku writes: I don't think people are freaking out of how attractive she is, I think people are just stating the facts in a calm manner. Fri Aug 03 2012 8:15AM Report
Athisio writes: Usually dislike her articles and video's but this one was actually alright. Granted its just a rehash of 24hr old news but still not too bad. Only thing that annoyed me was the quotation fingers. Fri Aug 03 2012 9:05AM Report
VikingGamer writes:

GW2: every beta started at noon pacific on the friday of whatever weekend. I suspect headstart will be the same though it is happening on a Saturday. Sure releases often happen at midnight but this isnt a release. It is a headstart.

SWTOR: It is not free to play. It is free to try. You cannot access the end game without a sub as it currently stands. They are screwing up their F2P transition as baddly as they have handled the game in general.  Good Lord, this is the Star Wars IP and they couldn't make it last a year as a  sub? /facepalm

You do, however, make a great point about them no longer needing to report subs if they are f2p. It would be a very EA move to push for f2p just so they can bump the stock price in the future by pretending that their product is more popular than it really is.

Fri Aug 03 2012 10:25AM Report
Isane writes: Some people just try too hard. Fri Aug 03 2012 6:56PM Report
thark writes:

Great Vid...thank you :)

Hmm..Getting really tired that half the posts is like flirty comments ..

Grow up boys,  I know you think you are cool when you say stuff like "Marry me" etc etc.. She is trying to do a job, wich is reporting on various games..

If you think she is good looking or the oposite, let that stay in your mind please, you dont have to write it so everyone else can read that..It's NOT relevant to the video clip.

Not saing that it has been rude or anything, but it could become that if it continues..She has chosen to be a "public gameface" so I guess some tolerance is needed, but you are not seeing these types of comments on the male counterparts at all..Wonder Why ?


Fri Aug 03 2012 7:50PM Report
VirgoThree writes:

lol the midnight release bit at the end had me cracking up for some reason. 

Keep up the good work! It looks like you are steadily improving overtime, I look forward to your future videos.

Sat Aug 04 2012 1:26AM Report
liffi writes: I love the uproar about this "free" cause it's same as lotro. Why is it just huge deal. No one made a huge shout when Lotro did the same thing. Well maybe people want to just complain. Sat Aug 04 2012 3:55AM Report
bingbongbros writes:
  1. Pokket is extremely sexy
  2. I wish my gf looked like Pokket
  3. I want gw2 now please
Sat Aug 04 2012 4:00AM Report
expresso writes: Annoys the hell out of me when all some of you can say is "OMG she's so sexy", GROW UP! ... and we wonder why its hard to get girls into gaming?  It's still seen as a past-time for immature males and your comments do nothing to dispell that, stop bringing us all down. Sat Aug 04 2012 8:09AM Report
Heretique writes: Garbage game. Sat Aug 04 2012 5:50PM Report
grogstorm writes:

Well, I know I am not going to be hearing a high level technical review when I watch one of her showes.  And i wonder why I keep returning at all.  But...

My only conclusion is that she makes me smile.  I guess that is enough.

Sun Aug 05 2012 12:56AM Report
JoeyMMO writes:

I don't get the F2P model they're choosing for SWTOR. The only thing worth playing the game for is the story, and that's what's completely free to everyone. I don't see much revenue coming from this.

Sun Aug 05 2012 3:25AM Report
noellenc writes: This video was so much longer than it needed to be.  It could have been condensed easily into two minutes.  I bet Pokket is a nice girl, and she's pretty so nobody wants to be harsh, but I'll say it girl to girl.... that was boring (mostly by the excessive length) and the "doe-eyed" look would be better replaced by some genuine personality!   Sun Aug 05 2012 3:54PM Report
Schockey writes: Whatever Noel, get your own show. I would have rather heard more about GW2 and less about the dead horse :) Sun Aug 05 2012 10:07PM Report
IIIcurrier writes: If I grow tits, do I get a video blog here? Mon Aug 06 2012 10:20AM Report
IIIcurrier writes:

The story is TOR = shit.

They take one NPC template and then smash it across the zones on every NPC you could find.

That combined with lacking dialogues, same old mmo physics and engine.


This game is nothing but shit and I don't see how it will even keep afloat free to play, besides the willing fuckheads like the people here who play any shit game, like wow.

Other then that I give the servers a year before shut down.


FLOP AND A HALF. When will the industry learn.

Mon Aug 06 2012 10:31AM Report
tron21369 writes:

for me i still playing old repubic and a smuggler : ) he is in his 30's ish

nice thing about guild wars 2 i dont have to be depending on  what class we need to run with  and loved it cuz when we was in a big group taking down a boss some one is gonna get u up and u get xp for that to

i dont know if ill be working on that day or not  or if i have 2 days off to gether to play  either way or not  Lord willin  ill be playing woot

i poly be have tea or water and snack  while playing guild wars2 hehe what on the goodies when u play guys and ladies ?

Mon Aug 06 2012 12:23PM Report
tron21369 writes:

thoughts on getting a gamer girl friend for me   'i just be me and just treat people the way i wonted to be treated' simple that how i got a coool girl to chat with just coool friends : ) with out the worries : )

joke;  iam a up stairs dweller  lol

Mon Aug 06 2012 12:32PM Report writes:
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