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Videos Videos - Game Face: Ultima Forever announced and man stabbed over WoW argument

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Duration: 7:29
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TruthXHurts writes:

I thnk the neighbor should have stabbed him because he played WoW.


Thu Jul 19 2012 9:19AM Report
TruthXHurts writes:

More proof that the Entitlement Generation are all a bunch of little sociopaths.


Thu Jul 19 2012 9:25AM Report
Margrave writes:

If you stab someone over a game, you have some major issues.


Love the new hair!

Thu Jul 19 2012 9:52AM Report
jimmytrouser writes:


I think you gave some good advice about gaming addiction Poppet; it’s hard to admit stuff like that so I respect anyone who does.  In the past I have found myself playing games way to much & have had to control when I play.  Now I find myself playing in spurts; I’ll play for a few days of play then not play for a week or so.  I find this works for me & it gives me more time to read & watch documentaries. 
It’s weird how World of Warcraft seems to make people so crazy; there was also something in the news about a Taiwanese teenager that died from playing Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight; is it just Blizzard games that do this?
Everything in moderation I think; a little bit of gaming; a little bit of reading & exercise; eating healthily.
Great video I thought you handled some difficult subjects with dignity & honesty; well done.
Thu Jul 19 2012 9:53AM Report
Vannor writes:

Media bollocks. Nothing in any coverage says the guy was stabbed 'because' of WoW. It says a guy who played WoW stabbed someone.. the arguement about WoW was with someone else. The guy he was arguing with about WoW didn't get stabbed.

Basically, two guys were arguing about summat.. a nosy neighbour went over and started taking the piss and making fun of them, bullying them. I wouldn't take that shit either.

The guy was probably stabbed because he was being a dick.

Thu Jul 19 2012 10:03AM Report
Ocenica writes:

What could you possibly rage about in WoW.  They give you everything so easily.

Thu Jul 19 2012 10:16AM Report
Nilden writes:

Since your first video I have never actually watched your videos and just listened to them while I read the comments or played a game. I had to watch when when you said UO2 would make you the happiest person on the planet.

Get in line.

Thu Jul 19 2012 10:32AM Report
Kniknax writes:

Sorry, but its spelt "Announced" not accounced. But yeah, stabbing over WoW... bizarre.

Thu Jul 19 2012 10:43AM Report
nyxxis writes:

Added to the line for UO2

Thu Jul 19 2012 11:04AM Report
Valentina writes:

I like this video, I think Pokket did a nice job of addressing a very serious issue without becoming preachy. Being able to admit you have a problem is a brave, and hard thing to do. When I started playing WoW around 14 years old, I was able to play it casually I didn't really get addicted until a few years later, I did start neglecting my life, especially family. I would make time to go be with friends and at most I might go to dinner with my family but I would never just hang out or do family things with them anymore. part of that is just normal teenager stuff, but I did realize that I was becoming more and more absorbed into these games. Like Pokket, I took time away from games. I quit WoW for about 2 years, and didn't really pick up any new games til after the 2 years was up. At first it was hard to do, but it became easier over time was sort of like readjusting to reality and getting back on a bike after a long time. When I started playing games again I've found that I'm happier playing more casually, I don't even raid anymore because I've chosen not to unless it's on a weekend where there is NOTHING planned at all. I always encourage my friends online, and guildmates that if they have something coming up, or the opportunity to do something IRL they need to do it instead of playing the game.

Thu Jul 19 2012 11:15AM Report
marmoto writes:

Even if these events are rare (in scope, million of players play wow, yet there are very few of reported cases like the stabbing stuff), something has to be said regarding the methods that MMO´s bring to the table in order to earn money. Specifically, I think that using cognitive behavioural theory in this kind of exposure is very dangerous. The methods used, such as random rate reward (gear farming) or fixed rate reward (badges) are extremely conditioning, specially for smaller kids. I am reluctant to call it an addiction per se, but it gets damn close. Of course, gaming industry is not the only one using these methods (Mc Donalds happy meal for kids), and of course, not everyone ends up stabbing someone, my theory is that the stabbing kid has some mental disorder or inadequate personality traits that made him prome to this kind of reactions. However, I do not believe that these kind of violent reactions are the most problematic ones in terms of burden to society, many elementary and high school students lower their school grades and performance because they cant stop playing, because they are conditioned.


Great video, and sign me up for UO2 too :). 

Thu Jul 19 2012 11:55AM Report
Hallowel writes:

I agree Pokket! I was quite upset when Ultima X: Odyssey was nixed.  I was so looking forward to Ultima Online going 3D.  I too, would be one of the happiest gamers in the world if UO was remake, akin to what was going to happen with UX:O.

I played UO since the beginning of the Baja Shard at the end of September in '97 until sometime in 2004 when I finally threw in the towel after both my Castle and Keep, which were supposed to be grand-fathered, decayed - loosing 7 years of collecting.

Thu Jul 19 2012 12:53PM Report
ZoS0 writes:

All I got to say is..stay away from Second Life people. Seriously. If you are one of those people that play Second Life like it's your First life, you need to stop. It's unhealthy and First Life is much better. I speak from experience. I was sucked in and lost countless days from my life that I'll never get back playing that damn game. 

UO was the shit though. I miss that game so much and I'd deff play UO 2 if it was ever created. Ohh and Star Wars Galaxies too. 

Thu Jul 19 2012 2:17PM Report
darkangel1x2 writes:

I remember when i was child, playing a computer game with no internet for weeks until i finish it, 1 single game, no internet, so much fun, and it toke me time to be able to play and leave more time for real life and friends, now so many games almost all multiplayers, so many options, so many social network, i understand that kids dont have time to play with bicycle like i did, or go swim or fish... the good old days.

Thu Jul 19 2012 3:15PM Report
shamall writes:

step back??..........NEVAR!!!!

Thu Jul 19 2012 3:42PM Report
dreamsofwar writes:

I think Blizzard just know how to make these absurdly addictive games. I've been trying to figure out what it is that makes WoW so much more addictive than other games and I'm honestly thinking its the simplicity of it. It appears to be pretty straight forward but then theres all this depth too. But it does it in a way that you rarely ever feel overwhelmed and that progression is a simple step away. Anybody agree?

Thu Jul 19 2012 3:45PM Report
32style writes:

I like your point if veiw on this Pokket, and I also like your style. :D

Thu Jul 19 2012 4:17PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

Heres how the news should be told...

Guy plays WoW for a week straight and loses touch with reality. In a sudden fight for his life in-game, he becomes so enthralled with it that he realizes his neighbor has the coveted Heart of Purity that his paladin so desparately needs. So he rushes over and stabs the man in the chest in an attempt to aquire said item. Afterwards he realizes what he just did and says... "Oh shit, I'm AFK in a dungeon" and goes back home to rectify more important matters.

Thu Jul 19 2012 4:40PM Report
deathangell writes:

in other news... she is just super sexy


Thu Jul 19 2012 4:43PM Report
ButeoRegalis writes:

In other news - some guy in Asia collapses and dies after 40hrs of D3.

Thu Jul 19 2012 4:58PM Report
Tdo writes:

google anders behring breivik and be shocked of what wow can do to some people.

Thu Jul 19 2012 5:04PM Report
spinesplit writes:

These games are made to be like drugs to the player base. We see it as a game but the devs see it as ways to get us addicted to pixels to milk us for cash, it is business.I have had bad game addiction in the past but I have seen it for what it is and also the destruction it can bring and now all games will ever be to me is exactly that, a game.I used to be obsessed with having the best gear and stacking stats, I would spend insane ammounts of real money to achieve it i really dont care if im level 15 with no money as long as i am having some fun and a bit of an escape from reality.

Thu Jul 19 2012 5:48PM Report
Yellowbeardd writes:

Can't play WoW in jail dumb-ass but with Canada's fucked up justice system he will be out in a year on good behavior.

Thu Jul 19 2012 5:53PM Report
stragen001 writes:


Game Face: Ultima Forever accounced and man stabbed over WoW argument

Seriously people.... spellcheck??

Thu Jul 19 2012 6:22PM Report
Legere writes:

For best results, watch whole video on mute

Thu Jul 19 2012 6:27PM Report
spinesplit writes:

Tdo writes:

google anders behring breivik and be shocked of what wow can do to some people.  <----------- The fact that he liked a video game has absolutely nothing to with the fact he is a psycho and murdered many innocent people. Wow didnt do anything except damage original ideas in future mmos.

Thu Jul 19 2012 6:58PM Report
achesoma writes:

Meh, more media sensationalism blowing stories way out of proportion.  As someone else stated already the stabbing had nothing to do with WoW.  Don't get involved with other peoples' fights, simply called the police if you're concerned.  If they were arguing over turnips the headlines would read "Man stabbed over turnip addiction." 

Thu Jul 19 2012 7:03PM Report
maplestone writes:

That got a little creepy towards the end.

Thu Jul 19 2012 7:41PM Report
piehole writes:

Ppl who likes their interest a little too much and goes psychos over it exist way more than only on the videogames. Just check what happens in sports.

Thu Jul 19 2012 8:49PM Report
Nepharrius writes:

Quote: "Yellowbeardd writes:

Can't play WoW in jail dumb-ass but with Canada's fucked up justice system he will be out in a year on good behavior."


Blizz certainly does have one the most tenacious psychological marketing techniques seen nowadays - i'm sure this isn't the first stabbing nor the last. It's not Blizzard's fault people don't know how to control themselves. 



Fri Jul 20 2012 12:40AM Report
Po_gg writes:

I love the Ultima series (played it over a few times back then), so I definitely put this on waiting list. My only concern is EA... more precisely EA's play4free (maybe Ultima will get a new type of model, but they promote it with their other play4free titles on comic con...)

As for UO2, I won't stand in the line, didn't liked UO, just the regular series from Akallabeth to U IX  (and maybe the two Underworlds)  but I can support you with coffee and blankets, you'll be in that line for a long time I guess :)

Fri Jul 20 2012 2:57AM Report
Angzt writes:

@vannor: maybe you check your infos before playing the smartass next time, they've been arguing about wow, and he stabbed him. how is that not because of wow?


Fri Jul 20 2012 3:28AM Report
Angzt writes:

""I was telling him, there is no need for you to be freaking out about World of Warcraft. It's just a game," Osborne said. After his neighbour, Justin Williams, replied with "It's not just a game, it's my life", Osborne was "grabbed [by the] throat, punched the face and the chest"."

end of prove.

Fri Jul 20 2012 3:29AM Report
Weretigar writes:

@ 3:39 for the stabbing thats why i watched.

Fri Jul 20 2012 6:42AM Report
Aemi writes:

I don't know if I agree with games being as bad as drugs. Some people let them affect their emotions too much, but in the world we live in, sometimes games are the only social interaction we can get. Social interaction online, is just as good as social interaction offline. Too much stigma is placed upon it though.

Fri Jul 20 2012 10:46AM Report
TechnoMonkey writes:

lmao, how is this girl sexy?!..... you guys need to go out more.

Fri Jul 20 2012 4:19PM Report
Tatercake writes:

i agree with you on all you sead i wish theywould make a uo 2 and sead that for 10 years or more i played it for 7 years and do not know if i will try this new version not set so much on the charicter restrictions they  have made in it but will see  you look beautiful  and loved your vid


Fri Jul 20 2012 4:38PM Report
hotix writes:

I work out and still get laid, and yes game to a top teir level. On top of that I'm in med school. Yup pretty much awesome. Life is rough.

Sat Jul 21 2012 1:57AM Report
morbuskabis writes:

I stabbed ppl for less no just kidding. Or not?

Well anyway I jused to play way to much MMORPG for a long time, and it sure was like a addiction. I noticed something was wrong when I stated to think about my Troll Shaman while I was kissing my GF =)

Sat Jul 21 2012 10:18AM Report
chefdiablo writes:

There are plenty of unhappy, or depressed people that find comfort in a new online personality.

This is tragic but in some cases these people can also find confidence, success, or other positive attributes to build upon.

My introduction to the MMO world came after a failed business venture. I lost a great deal of money and I had plenty of stress to deal with.

The game was a distraction and I could not pull myself from it entirely for a long time, probably about a year realistically. I knew it was an addiction but that alone is not enough to combat such a thing.

After I quit that game and moved on to other games or projects I spent another year just getting my mind right, and sorting out my life.

Now I can look back on it all and see clearly what happend and why. Back then everything seemed normal to me, it was my friends and family that were concerned about it and they were entirely justified to feel that way.


Sat Jul 21 2012 2:26PM Report
moonshake writes:

I was addicted to games for 4+ years.  I neglected my family...  and I would even leave work early (losing RL money) to go home and farm nodes to increase my in-game wealth.

Then I turned 39 five months ago... and I walked away from games that day... promising to not hit 40 in this condition.

So instead of marvelling at how realistic the leaves look on the trees in game X... I go outside and look at real leaves.    With just a little healthier eating and mild activity, I've dropped 30 pounds since then.

I'll log on once a week to say hi to the old gang, but after you spend some significant time away, you have a chance to realize that it's all "1"s and "0"s and doesn't amount to much in the big picture.

But I'm not condeming anyone.   As far as entertainment goes, it's a great bang for the buck (even with the dying subscription model).   But don't miss out on the world around you.

Sat Jul 21 2012 5:35PM Report
knighthammer writes:

Pokket raging in a game - WHERES MY UNICORN WITH LIGHTSABER HORN!!!!!!!

Sat Jul 21 2012 6:18PM Report
Souldrainer writes:

What's with the shoulder pads?  They don't look comfortable.

Sun Jul 22 2012 12:28AM Report
SandaStunna writes:

not true...i bench press bros while i game. 

i'm a very healthy crackhead gamer.


Sun Jul 22 2012 1:47AM Report
Akulas writes:

I'm a tradesman so am living my rpg dream irl. I would try the archery skill if it wasn't for the harsh law system and perma death.

Sun Jul 22 2012 7:10AM Report
aligada87 writes:

ya i was like that before. actually i fought my ex best friend so many times over mmorpg, but that was during highschool. now i'm 25 buisy with college and enjoying life. still play games but i have control over my addictions. games nowdays are as strong as drugs though and it can get really dangerous. i also think if you take games way to seriously and comes to the point where you physically harm someone over an arguement in a game well you really need to step out of your little fantasy world and just relax. do something else in your spare time. go have sex, meet girls, watch a movie, play sports, hang out with your friends. it's not hard. yes games are like drugs but its all about how strong your mentality is. if you know you can quit then you can but if you keep thinking you need it well you need to get that extra help you need.

Sun Jul 22 2012 12:27PM Report
dtportnoy69 writes:

It's pretty awesome to hear other people have gone through the same gaming experience as me. I got completely addicted to UO for quite some time. (smelting ingots 1 by 1 FTW!; somehow it was worth it lol) . I stll haven't had that feeling I had playing UO with other MMO's, maybe it's nastalgia, but I think it's just the free form of the game that I haven't really seen in any other mmo.

But yeah I was playing way too much, but it was a positive escape from other stuff that was going and I was still young and didn't have too many responsibilities so it worked out well.

As I gained more responsibilities I naturally tamed the addiction and just play in spurts when I have free time, ie: after career stuff, after family etc... (which unfortunately isn't much time :(   ).

But yeah super excited for a rebirth of UO. I'm not even sure I want something NEW. I just want them to revamp the graphics, make it solid (keep the isometric perspective!) , make the motion and gameplay smooth and for the love of god have a more awesome UI. When they announced a new UI on one of their expansions I was all excited, but then I saw it was all gold and clunky and was like WTF, fire the UI designer! 

Cheers to high hopes. 

Sun Jul 22 2012 1:09PM Report
light7ring writes:

It certainly is sad and disturbing when players take games literally to a whole new level and into reality by injuring others including themselves. It is also the second time I have heard reports of a death involving a player that conumes his "life" with these supposed forms of entertainment.

I personally have been playing MMO's for years and noted sustainment of physical discomfort due to stationary positioning for extended amounts of time. finding it hard to pull way when neccessary just because it can be so addictive and fun at times. Not to mention the fact that some quest/s or instances can consume hours at a tiem and it is impacting and negative if you bail on a group in mid-game.

Truly we all need to control every aspect of our lives, it's not just gaming, but any other objective even work can over take us. The only thing we truly need to let consume us(not to sound like a panzy)is genuine love for one another. stated before is the key.

Peace and goodwill gaming to all us out there.  

Sun Jul 22 2012 4:23PM Report
Filterheadz writes:

I am a warrior and  il save u anytime anywhere .... if u know what i mean  ;)

Mon Jul 23 2012 4:03AM Report writes:
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