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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep 8 - Guild Wars 2's Sylvari Unleashed

In this week's MMOFTW, we cover everything from Marvel Heroes' first gameplay reveal, SWTOR's F2P Version, TSW's First Game Update, the announcement of Ultima Forever, and of course the first gameplay reveal of Guild Wars 2's Sylvari race. Check it out!

Duration: 6:04
Views: 6,275  23 comments
Game: General
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Paragus1 writes:

Ultima 7: The Black Gate truly is an amazing game.  I sunk countless hours into that one when I was younger.  The new one will probably be a disaster considering who is making it. EA / Mythic / Bioware has been systematically laying waste to good IPs the last few years, no reason to think it will stop now.

Mon Jul 16 2012 12:30PM Report
FrodoFragins writes:

Wow, not even an attempt to offer alternatives to the daily grind.  Just stating the obvious.

Mon Jul 16 2012 12:48PM Report
Freezzo writes:

@Frodo: Why would he? He is just saying what the community spotlight of this week entails. Also it's not his problem to find alternatives, as he's not a game developer. Journalism isn't about giving solutions. It's like expecting your newspaper to solve the problems caused by the earthquake they are writing about.

Mon Jul 16 2012 1:14PM Report
Effin_Rabbit writes:

The misuse of daily missions, should be the title of a how-to for ruining your favorite mmo.

Mon Jul 16 2012 1:34PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I had a serious distaste for Paul Barnett during the WAR hyping days.  I never played WAR, mind you, I don't care for Warhammer at all, infact...

But that and his videos back then really annoyed the hell out of me.  Low behold, he helped put out a horrible game.

Its a real shame he's one of the driving forces behind an Ultima re-envision.

Mon Jul 16 2012 2:19PM Report
spookydom writes:

Quest for the Avatar was also one of my first rpg loves (the original Bards Tale was the first) Had it on my Sega Master System and I belive the cartridge was one of the first to have battery backup for save files.....Not sure. Even so I clocked up a lot of hours on that bad boy. Still not forgiven Mr Barnett for getting me hyped for War so not really very chuffed he is on the project but if it's f2p, well there is no harm in having a look at it imo.

Mon Jul 16 2012 3:31PM Report
Raventree writes:

I am stoked for GW beta this next weekend.  I am going SILVARI ALL THE WAY, BABY!!!  WOO!  If I can't have DAoC 2, then I will have to look to all of the similar things GW2 is bringing to the table and hope all of the GW2 hype isn't misplaced.

Mon Jul 16 2012 5:22PM Report
Mahavishnu writes:

Yeah, every interview with Paul should begin with a question about how he hyped WAR ("AWESOME!!!!!!!") and why the game failed. In a just world he would have been punished to develop software for microwaves and wahing machines for the rest of his life XD

Mon Jul 16 2012 7:06PM Report
Pratt2112 writes:

Nice vid, Bill!

I'm pretty interested in the Ultima IV project.


I know Garriot is also going to be revealing a new related project as well, so looks like some new stuff coming down the line for Ultima fans... Not bad!

Mon Jul 16 2012 7:29PM Report
Gravarg writes:

I guess I'm off to Panda Express, I got a wierd craving for egg rolls now.

Mon Jul 16 2012 7:51PM Report
birdycephon writes:

Am I the only one who pre-ordered GW2 and not really excited about it?

Mon Jul 16 2012 9:59PM Report
prpshrt writes:

I tried Swtor this week and kinda got glued in really quickly. Never really a fan boy but saw the movies on TV and such but found myself really liking it. The last time I got so glued in was vanilla WoW. Hope it goes f2p. Would love to play it side by side with GW2 when I need a break from the standard fantasy setting. 

Tue Jul 17 2012 12:12AM Report
prpshrt writes:

Also @ birdy, I'm on the same page as you. Heck I pre-purchased the deluxe out of love for the original. I liked the betas but didn't blow me away.

Tue Jul 17 2012 12:14AM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:

Good good.

Tue Jul 17 2012 2:51AM Report
morbuskabis writes:

birdycephon  no. Same boat...

Tue Jul 17 2012 5:07AM Report
xenogias writes:

Unfortunatly after WAR anytime I hear the name Paul Barnett (sp?) I just ignore the game. The man can talk the panties off a nun and never say 1 word of truth.

Tue Jul 17 2012 6:28AM Report
erictlewis writes:

Not even interested in the ultama stuff, I don't have an ipad and I don't want to touch any type of cross platform junk, especially now that bioware has their hands on it.

Tue Jul 17 2012 7:29AM Report
chilltime99 writes:

Thanks Bill

Tue Jul 17 2012 8:03AM Report
Elikal writes:

Good comments, Master Bill.

Yeah Ultima VII was probably the greatest RPG, and god, I played it about 30 times through, lol. Still, I am excited to see Ultima restart, even if it isn't as in the great old days. Going back to Britannia is something I really look forward to.

Whaaaat!? You didn't like Sylarvi before! *le gasp* :O

Ah yeh, Dailies... something every sane person should hate. Indeed. I really disliked so far almost all sorts of endgame.

Tue Jul 17 2012 8:47AM Report
Homitu writes:


He did offer TSW as an example of an alternative to daily quests and, therefore, one aspect of the daily grind.  By allowing players to revisit and replay an enormous amount of the game's content instead of restricting them to a small cluster of the same content over and over again, the grindy sensation is essentially alleviated.  GW2 works in much the same way.  At max level, the entire world's events, many of which you surely have yet to even experience during your leveling process, take the place of "dailies."  

You need to continue earning [insert currency here] in pursuit of [insert awesome rewards here]?  Go out into the world, anywhere you wish, and do those quests--not just the same 20 quests over and over!

Tue Jul 17 2012 9:16AM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

The way that pet actually ran alongside its master in that GW2 video was astounding! Something so simple that most MMOs do not know how to do. This makes 3 that i know of, GW2, Warhammer, and WoW.

Tue Jul 17 2012 6:53PM Report
Mathizsias writes:

He sounds like Jim Henson from Wipeout..

Tue Jul 17 2012 7:53PM Report writes:

I am the weekend. I participated in BWE. I was fun and felt it to be short at time to play more.

The operation of the pet of the Ranger is difficult. The pet easily dies.

Tue Jul 24 2012 4:15AM Report writes:
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