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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Ep. 7 - An End of Nations Approaches

This week we talk about everything from End of Nations closed beta, to SMITE upsetting the Hindu faith, Diablo 3's endgame woes, Vanguard's F2P details, college kids getting paid by Twitch, and the lack of player housing in MMOs these days. Check it out!

Duration: 5:45
Views: 5,562  28 comments
Game: General
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Sabbicat writes:

Enjoyed the broadcast again but please can you do something about your cornie intro cut scenes. They severly detract from the intelligence of your show.

Mon Jul 09 2012 11:17AM Report
Epicent writes:


Mon Jul 09 2012 11:32AM Report
Mephster writes:

No Mickey Mouse voice this time, good job!

Mon Jul 09 2012 12:47PM Report
BTrayaL writes:

My thoughts exactly about the intro, Sabbicat.

If not absent at all, make then MUCH shorter..

Mon Jul 09 2012 1:02PM Report
achesoma writes:

Another fun episode.  And I agree, the corny intro is a must have!  It just wouldn't be you without it. 

The sandbox model really isn't a priority because a high quality, modern, sandbox MMO hasn't been done yet.  And I'm talking one that is truly appealing to the masses.  People simply don't know any different.  Also, all the sandbox elements in the world are pointless if core gameplay mechanics suck.  A MMO needs to be multifaceted.  A player can build and destroy their structures only so many times.  Some kind of "themepark" content has to be added.  Even old SWG had the corvette quests and the deathwatch bunker.  The best hope for a high quality sandbox on the horizon is Archeage.

Mon Jul 09 2012 1:17PM Report
achmed20 writes:

The sandbox model really isn't a priority because a high quality, modern, sandbox MMO hasn't been done yet.

EvE is pretty much high quality and the perfect example of sandbox gaming.  it just hasnt the "space" for housing, ... yet. but this also shows that the average player doesnt like sandbox MMOs. to much freedom, no real goal (basicly like real life ^^)

on topic: as much as i want to like MMOFTW, I cant get rid of the fact that it allways seems like he/they are coping casey schreiner. but still, nice addition of MMO video blogs out there. thnks ^^

Mon Jul 09 2012 2:37PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

How the hell can you watch this and think thats it copying Casey Schreiner's "weiner weiner beard fart inferiority-complex"-joke show?

This show is perfect, its light hearted news not laced with crude and bad jokes.

Keep it rolling, Bill.  Hope the AC is fixed.

Mon Jul 09 2012 4:04PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

very good ! :D

Mon Jul 09 2012 8:19PM Report
Evelknievel writes:

To answer our sandbox question..

"Achmed20" said it perfectly.

And now to add my own thoughs.

Why haven't we seen a successful themepark mmo rival WoW? So many have failed and themepark mmo's are just becoming the same ole same ole F2P garbage.

Time for developes to reqconize the potential in adding more Sandbox appeal over Themepark traditions. Today in MMO's you gotta have both intergrated somehow or someway, if not, your game goes stale waiting for the next big patch or expansion.

I hope 'The Repopulation' pulls it off, this looks like the only title keeping true to Sandbox MMORPG with adding Themepark content.


Tue Jul 10 2012 8:22AM Report
RebelScum99 writes:

So basically, you guys get all your topics from this feature by reading the message boards here?  I think every single one of the things discussed had a thread started on it by someone in the last couple of weeks.  Seems like you guys don't actually ever "scoop" anything, rather just wait for one of your posters to get you the info, then take over from there. 

I know I'm being kind of a dick, but c'mon...aren't you guys supposed to be doing just a bit more than pulling info off of your own site that other people have already gleaned for you?  

Tue Jul 10 2012 9:15AM Report
BillMurphy writes: The only thing we used from users directly is the community bit at the end. The rest is recap of our news stories, which we get from press releases every day, from the week that was. Check the times of the news posts for each of Suzie's news stories. I'm betting you'll find that in MOST cases, she's the first person in the MMO web-o-sphere that posts it on a site. Unless the "threads" your talking about are in fact Suzies... which are generated by our news posts by Suzie. So I guess we're ripping off our own news? THE HORROR! Tue Jul 10 2012 10:09AM Report
arctarus writes:

Add sandbox elements into WoW, there you have it!

The perfect mmo....


Tue Jul 10 2012 10:23AM Report
Hodo writes:

Best part of this report was the ending comment.  "Why isnt the sandbox priority?" 


Welcome to the world of simple casual gamers, the sandbox is dieing and I blame the attention that developers are giving to the casual gamer.

Tue Jul 10 2012 10:45AM Report
Gudrunix writes:

Why is the sandbox not a priority?  Well, you said it:  because it doesn't let the player be the one long-awaited hero that has come to save the world and be the greatest hero every (even if, you know, all other two million players in the game are also the one long-awaited hero that blah blah blah, etc.)

Quite simply, game developers have no confidence in their ability to develop a game that is compelling in its actual gameplay, without relying on tired you-are-the-hero cliches.  That's why we are seeing games get cluttered up with more and more non-gaming content:  not just the usual you-are-the-hero-of-all-time lore, but journal entries, cinematics, cutscenes, etc.  They don't think the players will enjoy the game, so they try and turn it into a movie.

Of course, competent game developers have been making effective sandboxes for years, and have seen big sales on some titles - but it takes actual game design skills.  The Sims is the most obvious example of a game that totally trashed the you-are-the-hero cliches while still being enormously successful; and EvE Online, despite its hardcore PvP, has seen significant success.

But good luck selling that kind of a model to investors and executives who would rather be guaranteed a loss on an expensive WoW wannabe than take a chance at a big win with a sandbox.

Tue Jul 10 2012 11:31AM Report
Effin_Rabbit writes:

You say, 'Why is the sandbox not a priority?' just like me, with a look of being let down and not wanting to accept it...

Tue Jul 10 2012 12:14PM Report
Ocenica writes:

If houses could be withinb castle walls and they could be sacked and taken over.  That you could build a whole game around.

Tue Jul 10 2012 12:27PM Report
Drakaden writes:

The corny intros makes me laugh every times i watch these vids, keep it going Bill, those videos keeps me informed about what's going on, double thumb up, laugh and information in the same content.

Tue Jul 10 2012 12:54PM Report
Hallowel writes:

Personally, I love the corny intros. I'd love to see longer episodes though.  You need your own half-hour show!  Keep up the good work and don't let a bad comment get you down. :)

Tue Jul 10 2012 1:46PM Report
Hallowel writes:

On housing, I totally miss UO's housing system, both the original and the later plot customization where you built your house from the plot up and decorated it to your fancy.  Set it up any way you want, as a personal horde house, a vendor house, a museum, a rune library, a guild hall, a battle arena and so much more.  Just wish the game would have gone 3D by now. I miss the game but I have just out-grown 2D isometric games.

Tue Jul 10 2012 1:51PM Report
erictlewis writes:

I can tell Bill never played eq2. Housing is huge. We have folks who love to decorate, and even get paid to decorate your house. They have a ranking system.  I use my house to mainly put all my shiney trophy's in showing my in game rewards that were hard earned, folks can stop by and go yep heis a raider, look at that look at this. Also we can put sales crates in our houses, and sale stuff we loot, and or tradeskill make. Without a house you really have no place to do that, or a place that folks can come meet you face to face.


Tue Jul 10 2012 2:44PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Housing can add a LOT to a game,too bad the majority of gamers ahve been playing Blizzard games far too long.The games that try to do content or housing justice not give a place to look at yoru animated trinkets but there are other things tha tcan add to gameplay.

There are many ideas in housinmg i only touch on a couple but i have seen many ideas.As to the mention of Guild halls ...ahem some games don't even have them...ahem GW2,,an older game like ROM had enabled actual Guild Wars lol,i guess the two games shoud lswitch titles as one truly is a GW's.

FFXi had some real cool trinkets,not to show off really,but to look at yourself.The mainstay of housing for content in a few games out there is gardening.FFXI did gardening on a massive scale and other games like Wiz101 also add a lot to gardening.

Gardening can add to crafting,monetary richness !,reward trinkets such as in Wiz 101 with mega snacks ect ect.

FFFXI also took it one step further as what furniture you put in yoru home made slight differences in the game world.This does not mean it has to end there,developers are just lazy or would rather rip the customer off with less content...ahem Blizz all about end game pvp

Tue Jul 10 2012 6:13PM Report
guy232 writes:

that scholarship thing is fucking stupid?  so you dont want any "dumb kids" in college but you want basement dwellers that won game tounarments?  lol

Tue Jul 10 2012 6:34PM Report
MaxJac writes:

Housing is one of the nicest forms of fluff. It is nice to give it more of a purpose, but when did fluff ever need one?

Tue Jul 10 2012 7:17PM Report
delimeat567 writes:

I really enjoyed his take on Housing. Really kind of the same thing I have been thinking. One day, there will be a big sandbox game (Hell, EVE is pretty close if it were easier to jump in to) that will be massively popular in the United States (note: must be popular in the United States). And when that day comes - I'll be a very happy gamer.

Until then, the single player games are decent enough to get my semi-sandbox crave. 

And I don't mind the shortened corny intro in this episode :P

Tue Jul 10 2012 8:30PM Report
chirpe writes:

What?! THE FIRE NATION IS ATTACKING AGAIN!? WHAT!? *Flees to the South Pole*

I have no clue what this video about, but I'm content in believing that overused meme sums it up quite nicely. ~Runs back to the text format news~

Tue Jul 10 2012 9:25PM Report
EliminatR writes:

Im sorry to say but, F$#@ BLIZZARD. My account has been hacked and i sent 4 messages to which the site tells me to email over 2 weeks. Still havent gotten my account back and it has been a little over a month now.  I pretty much just gave blizzard money to get a taste of diablo 3.

Tue Jul 10 2012 11:20PM Report
snorkorsys writes:

Concerning housing, I don't think it needs to add anything to the gameplay to make it viable. Personally, I just want a place to go that feels like it's mine inside the game world. Having the ability to expand the home to include ones own personal crafting area or portal room or whatever would be great, but I believe every game needs housing, 'functional' or not. Great show btw. I watch every episode.

Wed Jul 11 2012 7:28PM Report
leaf16nut writes:

I don't particularly like sand in my box... Hurts the tongue...

Sun Jul 15 2012 6:39PM Report writes:
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