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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Episode 2 - Pre E3 2012 Edition!

In this week's episode of MMOFTW (6/4/2012), we rehash the week that was in the MMO world, talk SMITE beta, GW2's weekend beta, the Rift expansion... and a special guest stops by to give us his top picks for E3 2012. Check it out!

Duration: 5:23
Views: 8,421  44 comments
Game: General
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Delvie writes:

Not bad for a slow news week.

GW2 Beta runs 6/8 Noon PDT to 6/10 11:59 pm PDT - not eastern time.

Why all the little tvs on the right in the background?  Was kind of distracting.

Mon Jun 04 2012 8:21AM Report
Mexorilla writes: mind was blown when you said you got C. Walken.  now im just pissed.


nevertheless.  nice episode once again.

Mon Jun 04 2012 8:24AM Report
MMOarQQ writes:

Yeesh.. Use that company credit card to buy some proper sound gear. =P

The Walken impression redeems it though.

Mon Jun 04 2012 8:26AM Report
Eladi writes:

DazyZ 28 min is not the true avarage time a player stays alive, its compleetly fake haha..

its jsut a "clever" website addon pointing toward the zombie movie 28days later and/or 28weeks later.  

Mon Jun 04 2012 8:36AM Report
BillMurphy writes: I was under the impression it WAS the true average time a player stays alive. It's changed several times. /shrug As for the sound, I do think it's much better this week, thanks to the Lavalier mic, but perhaps I need to dampen my office a bit more. It's pretty empty and has hardwood floors to boot. Mon Jun 04 2012 8:39AM Report
timtrack writes:

Sound is better this time, it was just a bit distorted. Could do with some dampening as well indeed. Otherwise it's good stuff! Getting better and better.

Mon Jun 04 2012 9:45AM Report
punkrock writes:

Lol oh on a side note it sounded like you said riders of lohan lmao. Thought ti was funny haha.

Mon Jun 04 2012 10:09AM Report
arctarus writes:

Nice episode, looking forward to E3!

Think you need more than 1 video for that

Mon Jun 04 2012 11:04AM Report
Razeekster writes:

Ha, you winked at the end, making all the girls who play mmos faint... Wait a second... Sad thought... Awww.

Mon Jun 04 2012 12:28PM Report
KrizzModeath writes:

Please, get a new "news caster."  Please.  You seem like a nice enough guy and I'm sure you're intelligent and all that stuff.  However, your talents should be utilized somewhere else.  Terrible.... Not funny, may as well be reading a piece of paper right in front of your face.  Maybe you're just new to the whole thing, but damn man.  I'm sure you can see what all of us can, surely.  Sorry no offense intended.  cya

Mon Jun 04 2012 1:13PM Report
channel84 writes:

-Minus out the commentator and show us full screen footage while describing it to us is a better way to do this video. Gamespot game of the year style video for example.

-Gw2 video clip is zzz....use more relevant video clip when talking about a game

-If your trying to add some humor into the video, try adding another co caster. Yogcast anyone?

Mon Jun 04 2012 2:27PM Report
VowOfSilence writes:

audio is ouch.

nice moderation, tho ^^

Mon Jun 04 2012 3:21PM Report
Sabbicat writes:

After hearing that impression I now wish you didn't get the lapel mic.

Mon Jun 04 2012 3:47PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

Please get some professional sound equipment. You're doing well with these videos, but they hurt to listen to past a minute :).

Mon Jun 04 2012 5:10PM Report
Pratt2112 writes:

Huh. I thought it was MMOFTW to mean MMO For The Week.

Ah well.

Sound is a bit "blown out". But a good vid overall!

Mon Jun 04 2012 5:58PM Report
erictlewis writes:

wow that was so funny,  i see they fixed his microphone wow i actually had to turn down the sound.  Looking forword to the next one.


Mon Jun 04 2012 6:45PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

Anyone on here who says something negative about this boradcast couldn't pull off one of their own even to a 10th of the quality of this.


Mon Jun 04 2012 7:34PM Report
iamrta writes:

SO cool that CW was there. Thanks for the newwwws.

Mon Jun 04 2012 8:35PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

very good, meters where probably read, need to pull the gain down some.

Mon Jun 04 2012 8:49PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:


Mon Jun 04 2012 8:54PM Report
Butch808 writes:

Bill... That was a pretty good Christopher Walken impression. lol

Mon Jun 04 2012 8:55PM Report
Hokie writes:


Dude your Christopher Walking was spot on. And not just his voice, that was his whole attitude and way of talking.

Watched it a couple of time.


Mon Jun 04 2012 9:16PM Report
mcrippins writes:

Glad to see SMITE getting some love here. Game is really really fun.

Mon Jun 04 2012 9:33PM Report
garretth writes:

Keep a smile..this stuff isn't so serious.  ;)

Mon Jun 04 2012 9:39PM Report
StrangeEyes writes:

People now getting more into game and experience wander off into world land inwards so avarage of survival is more then 28min.

I have survived 28DayZ:P


Mon Jun 04 2012 11:04PM Report
Thorkune writes:

Really?  -_-

I am a fan of yours Bill, but the Christopher Walken bit was ridiculous. Desperately inserted comedy isn't funny. Stick to the news...


I do enjoy the news though

Tue Jun 05 2012 12:35AM Report
palulalula writes:


Tue Jun 05 2012 12:50AM Report
DarkPony writes:

Cool stuff. Loved the C.W. bit.


Tue Jun 05 2012 1:27AM Report
rawfox writes:

Thanks Bill :p

Its evolving, great :)

Must been big phun to produce the MMOFTW episodes ^^


Tue Jun 05 2012 3:48AM Report
theniffrig writes:

Yeah it's an improvement from the 1st one for sure. Still some sound quality issues as people have said & I'd also like to see some full screen footage of the games for abit while you talk about them.

The C.W. stuff was good!

Tue Jun 05 2012 4:07AM Report
akathos writes:

I don't know if I liked the impression bit : x  It felt like  it was orced humour >.< I loved the first video! And the reports on this one were great and to the point, subtle humour through out the video was nice , just felt the C.W was a bit too much, even if it was good :)

Tue Jun 05 2012 6:09AM Report
Butch808 writes:

Don't be dissing the CW. He stuck a watch up his ass.

Tue Jun 05 2012 6:39AM Report
Hallowel writes:

Another great episode. Thanks, keep it up!

Tue Jun 05 2012 6:45AM Report
Zeus.CM writes:

Just fix the sound and everything is good. Maybe sometimes add fullscreen game footage you are talking about, to add more dynamic into the show.

Tue Jun 05 2012 7:38AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:



The "true" average lifespan actually used to be listed. It was calculated based on the REAL average lifespan of a player using their "Hive" system that persists your character. It tracks all that data.


The "28minutes" is NOT a stab @ 28days later. It's actually a bug with the system with the newest patch he rolled out, but the developer Rocket is at E3 so he hasn't had time to fix it.


Just so you know :3!

Tue Jun 05 2012 10:32AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

oops, name typo. Sorry Murphy :P!

Tue Jun 05 2012 10:33AM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

Oh, and the average lifespan used to be around 2-4hrs. Probably more towards 2 now given the difficulty was recently increased. 


I wish we could edit these comments :|!

Tue Jun 05 2012 10:34AM Report
Z33tA writes:

You need a bit better sound equipment that echo in the background or rather that empty room sound is really annoying.

Tue Jun 05 2012 11:23AM Report
Z33tA writes:

Oh and id like to add...another great news report keep them coming!

Tue Jun 05 2012 11:25AM Report
BigHatLogan writes:

Since I started playing DayZ the average life expectancy has been hovering around 4.5 hours.  Then it was dropped to around 28 minutes.  I initially thought it was because the game had gotten all popular and n00bs were running around like idiots, but it is a bug.  I would be guessing average life expectancy is still around 4.5 hours. 

Tue Jun 05 2012 5:00PM Report
nycplayboy78 writes:

SCREAMS-n-FAINTS @ Handsome Bill Murph :p


Tue Jun 05 2012 5:33PM Report
Jalitan writes:

Don't short yourself Bill. You ARE as pretty as Oprah.

Tue Jun 05 2012 7:15PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

Nice job. A little dissapointed as I love C Walken, but enjoyed the report. I definately would enjoy more footage of the games being talked about and less lame jokes.

Tue Jun 05 2012 7:44PM Report
HikaruShidou writes:

DayZ is still getting better not because of updates, but Arma 3 is releasing soon! The game will probably port over to it.

Tue Jun 05 2012 9:59PM Report writes:
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