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Videos Videos - MMOFTW - Episode 1

In the premiere episode of's weekly news recap for the MMO industry, we cover everything from Diablo 3 to The Secret World Beta, Rift expansion hints, SWTOR layoffs, and the floundering of 38 Studios and Big Huge Games.

Duration: 8:50
Views: 7,377  116 comments
Game: General
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Lawlmonster writes:

Awesome first effort. Looking forward to more of these.

Tue May 29 2012 8:07AM Report
erictlewis writes:

I got to say great job, looking forward to more of these as well. 

Tue May 29 2012 8:22AM Report
ciid writes:

I didnt think there could be a poor mans mmo report but here we are. Couple of things

Why is there a samsung logo on the fake grean screen TV?

Quality boom mic/wirless shirt mic and noise foam stuff...get some.

MMO news is not serious buiseness try to be a little more light hearted.

Get a wrighter?That or peer review the script with the rest of the staff.

[mod edit -- was this really necesssary? come on now]



Tue May 29 2012 8:34AM Report
Zolgar writes:

I think for a first attempt it was pretty good. It does exactly what it should: sum up what happened over the past week in the 'MMORPG world".

Tue May 29 2012 8:40AM Report
Dauzqul writes:

Nice work.


What a shame about 38 Studios. It wasn't even a month or two ago that I had read a post from Curt - how he has invested 40 million of his own money to make this game.


Tue May 29 2012 8:42AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Ciid: Thanks for the feedback! It's harder than you'd think to do this. I'm using my iPad as a prompter, but trying to loosen the script to allow for more adlibbing, less "news reading". The mic is a tough one. I'm using the XLR terminal on the camera with an attenuated mic. It's better than it was on the unaired show #1. Trust me. All critiques noted! Tue May 29 2012 8:44AM Report
Zolgar writes:

Do it shirtless next time? ;D

Just kidding.

But seriously. Shirtless.

Tue May 29 2012 8:49AM Report
Undeadly writes:

Yes, very impressive for your first episode.  


Tue May 29 2012 8:58AM Report
LoboMau writes:

Congratulations for your fist video cast!  Good Job!

Tue May 29 2012 9:09AM Report
sadnebula writes:

Enjoyed it,  good job. 

Tue May 29 2012 9:26AM Report
timtrack writes:

There was a tiny awkward feeling in it, but overall pretty good. I would advice not to "try so hard" if you know what i mean, just be yourself. I know it's damn hard to be one self with a camera on for some weird stupid reason. But i'd rather take no jokes than some dry forced jokes.

Keep it up!

Tue May 29 2012 9:27AM Report
Epicent writes:

god, you cant please some people. well, I enjoyed the hell out of it. Please make it a part of your weekly routine. Stick with it.

Tue May 29 2012 9:29AM Report
Coolit writes:

Nice first show, it was an interesting listen :)

About the red RiFT cloak, it's there because cloaks are one of the most asked for items in rift, so this is conformation they are adding a cloak slot in the expansion. 

I think the whole cryptic box is brilliant and wish more mmo companies would do things like this. 

Trion really do rock.

Tue May 29 2012 9:35AM Report
Arawulf writes:

Well done!

Tue May 29 2012 9:39AM Report
GeezerGaz82 writes:

Great stuff m8, I enjoyed this and looking forward to more episodes.  :o)

Tue May 29 2012 9:41AM Report
StormwindX writes:

Glad to hear about the Rift expansion. I thought they might be up to something, but just had no idea what, or how, or when. Hope to hear more on that soon.


By the way, great first show. Keep it up!

Also,  just so you can look awesome, try wearing a green t-shirt next time, so you can pretend to be a living MMO-person... or something.

Tue May 29 2012 9:53AM Report
ciid writes:

Also forgot to add the most important thing. Give away free s!#@ to people that tweet about you. Least thats what Dtoid does to nausiam.

Tue May 29 2012 9:54AM Report
delak writes:

I enjoyed this first weekly video report and I am looking forward to the coming weeks.

Tue May 29 2012 9:55AM Report
Uhwop writes:

This was suprising good.  You have great camera presence Bill.  when G4 comes calling, make sure they bring a suitcase full of money as well.

Tue May 29 2012 10:03AM Report
KroxMalon writes:

I liked it. Thankyou. Keep up with the one liners :)

Problem is .. bad pugs do get me down :(

Tue May 29 2012 10:23AM Report
iamrta writes:

Thanks! That was good. Will be following.

Tue May 29 2012 10:26AM Report
Graey writes:

Yeah the Rift thing...brilliant. The cloak is because players are asking for them like the above poster stated. Hm the keys I'm going to say more zones and the golden key seems to be a key to the city type thing.


I'm not in rift atm. But its my favorite MMO with the exception of the Beta'd GW2. So I'll probably bounce back and forth keeping Rift as my main and GW2 as one I can slowly progress in.


As for the podcast? I like it, for a first time you did really well. You had 2 outtros but that's probably me just being nitpicky. I'm sure you will come into your own style so its all good.


Tue May 29 2012 10:27AM Report
samooryesord writes:

Absolutely enjoyed this. I'm very said to hear the amazing team that created one of my new favorite games (KoA:R) was all layed off. Really sucks when that happens. And i'm not supprised about Bioware/EA layoffs. They have been getting hit hard lately =\

Great work on the video though, It was well done for a first episode. But, like Ciid said, maybe get some new equipment or set things up differently. I heard some echoing. Nice use of a  green screen though =)

Tue May 29 2012 10:31AM Report
arctarus writes:

Nice video!

Keep them coming !

Tue May 29 2012 10:32AM Report
FrodoFragins writes:

Well Done!


My only complaint is the glasses.  To each their own.

Tue May 29 2012 10:42AM Report
plkocev writes:

Good job!

Tue May 29 2012 10:51AM Report
Teala writes:

Wll done Bill, loved the new addition, and look forward to more!   Congrats to all the people that put time and effort into tthis if this was your first time producing one of these.   Thanks to all.


Tue May 29 2012 10:56AM Report
Anzie writes:

Why does he sound like he's inside a peanut butter jar.

Tue May 29 2012 10:58AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @Anzie: BECAUSE I AM! Mind. Blown. @Teala: Thanks! I had the easy part. Evan, the web designer extraordinaire (skywisenight here) did the heavy lifting. Tue May 29 2012 11:01AM Report
makii writes:

pls dont stand there like a robot. I can see you were nervous your first time but next time be more relaxed .

Tue May 29 2012 11:05AM Report
black_isle writes:

Good job mate, keep it up.

Tue May 29 2012 11:16AM Report
skywisenight writes:

FrodoFragins: "My only complaint is the glasses.  To each their own."

Well, bill, stop having eye sight issues and read the damn ipad... *slap* you're not reading enough! Glasses are for sissies!

Tue May 29 2012 11:17AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Evan you did an amazing job making Bill's spare room look like the MMO command center.

Tue May 29 2012 11:33AM Report
pokrak writes:


Tue May 29 2012 11:43AM Report
BTrayaL writes:

Loved it, waiting for the next one. Congratulations!

Tue May 29 2012 11:46AM Report
palulalula writes:

I really enjoyed this video, short and  good

Tue May 29 2012 11:52AM Report
Tingtong1 writes:

Buy a new Mic and attach it to your shirt, that way you don't sound like your reporting from a glass Jar. 

Tue May 29 2012 11:53AM Report
TurtleDude writes:

It stinks that 38 Studio and Big Huge Games had too lay off there staff but I trully hope they can both get back on there feet because I really dont think that one bad selling game should be there downfall.

Tue May 29 2012 11:55AM Report
Dakirn writes:

Was Pokket hiding in the room during the first segment or was that just audio from the Diablo 3 clip? :)

Nice first showing. Hope to see more to come.

Tue May 29 2012 11:58AM Report
Mephster writes:

Good job. Instead of announcing for the win ftw is just fine. We aren't that slow to figure it out. ;)

Tue May 29 2012 12:00PM Report
DarkPony writes:

Very good job Bill. Especially considering this is the first time you are doing this.

But ... where is ma main man MikeB? Put him on a chair behind you next time. Even if only his head reaches above the desk that is fine. He doesn't need to say anything if he really doesn't want to.

Suggestion: Add a little item about current forum trends. "The community has been up in arms this week about *herpa derpa insert community issue with game here*." etc.

Truth or dare question: How many takes did you guys get before you settled on this one? :))

Tue May 29 2012 12:06PM Report
BillMurphy writes: @DP: That was take 7. The first one, the un-aired crapfest, was 20... but only two or three after I realized the iPad had a prompter app. Tue May 29 2012 12:27PM Report
Azureblaze writes:

Nice first vid!

As others have mentioned, the sound could be improved a little, I'm sure you will continue to work on that.

Other than that the only thing that botherd me a little bit is the very cool chrome looking MMORPG logo above the "TV" was cut off at the top.

Keep these coming!!

Tue May 29 2012 12:28PM Report
DarkPony writes:


Haha, ok. I appreciate the honesty :)

Must have been quite the effort in frustration to do it without a prompter ^_^


Tue May 29 2012 12:32PM Report
DarkPony writes:


Don't delete any wrong takes! We want to see a blooper vid at the end of the year.


Tue May 29 2012 12:33PM Report
JoeyMMO writes:

Not bad for a first attempt. Just the sound, that really needs to be improved uppon. The rest isn't bad at all.

Tue May 29 2012 12:45PM Report
Zeus.CM writes:

Great first episode! Can't wait to see what's coming next!

Tue May 29 2012 1:03PM Report
Admin writes:

Excellent work team.  You guys rock ;-)

Tue May 29 2012 1:03PM Report
UnDfind writes:

Nice. I love this idea, and you did a great job.

Tue May 29 2012 1:08PM Report
moosecatlol writes:

I'm impressed.

Tue May 29 2012 1:15PM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

I felt it was better than the MMO Report.

More news less snide jokes.

Tue May 29 2012 1:17PM Report
Lonzo writes:

Nice first episode. A small hint from a Media Designer: Try to use a LAvalier Microphone or at least a directional Microphone mor in range of your head. Your voice wont be that much far away. Other than that: Good job! :-) Greetings from Germany! Lars Z. :-)

Tue May 29 2012 1:59PM Report
Grakulen writes: Im going to bring my Illuminati poser butt over to Ohio and pimp slap your Templar mouth! Tue May 29 2012 2:13PM Report
etlar writes:

Very well done podcast, im surprised that i liked it, ill be 

following this ;)

Tue May 29 2012 2:19PM Report
BeansnBread writes:

The mic. You need to get a more appropriate mic for the voice. There are lapel microphones that go from $50 to $100 that would increase the quality of this immensly.

Tue May 29 2012 2:36PM Report
punkrock writes:

Awesome job!  the corny jokes got a giggle here and there it did its job lol.  Cant wait for the next one.

Tue May 29 2012 2:58PM Report
achesoma writes:

I enjoyed it.  Good first run.  Bill is one of my favorites here.  I have to agree with some of the others, a better mic will go a long way.

Tue May 29 2012 3:08PM Report
Sabbicat writes:

Good start with the inaugural Pod Cast. It's about time.

Please invest in a lapel mic though.

Tue May 29 2012 3:30PM Report
SBE1 writes:

It's fine for the first time.  Would have preferred a 5 minute cap on the length as you ramble a bit. 

As for the layoffs at Bioware, maybe mention that it did lose 400,000 subs prior to the announcement of the layoffs?  Just saying there were layoffs makes it sound heartless, but there is a business side to the story.

Tue May 29 2012 3:31PM Report
Nethermancer writes:

Good job. 

Unfortunantly recently had been doing more vidoes and such and they are VERY low quality. Massively has much higher quality videos.

You should really think about geting better equipment.

Tue May 29 2012 4:01PM Report
rawfox writes:

Whoa, great :D

You just got another weekly watcher, i enjoyed that mutch ^^


Thinks to improve are the sound.

You want use a micro, you studio sounds a lot mid-frequency, a mircophone ... you know :)

Then you also could do things like a drop-in report, blending over for a story, you know, like in the news.

I noticed, you made that "first take".

Great job on that, but a hard task, no idea how often you had to practise it until you got the final take, but drop-in reports would let you cut the scenes so you dont have to talk 10 minutes nonstop, even if you did a great job on that, thumbs up ^^


Looking forward, as you say, we have a lot of interesting stuff to talk about !

Tue May 29 2012 4:06PM Report
sominator writes:

Awesome inaugural episode!  Way to go!

Tue May 29 2012 4:11PM Report
spookydom writes:

I hated it!!!!........Just kidding, that was pretty good actually. Looking forward to more.

Tue May 29 2012 4:41PM Report
Myrdynn writes:

good job Bill, I enjoyed it, was too the point, and stacked with info

Tue May 29 2012 4:42PM Report
Robbgobb writes:

Enjoyed it.

Tue May 29 2012 4:57PM Report
Astraeis writes:

Nice. It sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom though.

Tue May 29 2012 5:04PM Report
plescure writes:

quality vid. i enjoyed it and shall watch more. 

some people in my mind are way too harsh. theres ome proper spiteful stuff on here

Tue May 29 2012 5:33PM Report
Thorkune writes:

Great job!

Tue May 29 2012 5:37PM Report
Zippy writes:

I am not a fan of Bill Murphy pr most pf the articles andpodcasts here at MMORPG. Com but his news reecap was well done. What imrpessed me the most was the quality fo the production values.  It was just a well done video.  Thebig screen along with 3 screens in the back ground was very welldone.  The switching of the videos to seamlessly shift as the topic was switched was very well done.

Obviously there was a lot of effort and money put into this video.  While I generally will dispute the idea of MMORPG.Com offering anything resembling actual news and usefull information as generally their only purpose is hyping games for page hits regardless of the effect on the genre as a whole.   I will refrain from making that argument here.  The video was well done and the people that made ti deserve a pat on the back.

Tue May 29 2012 5:54PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

cant watch till you shave.

Tue May 29 2012 6:05PM Report
jmcdermottuk writes:

I enjoyed this 1st effort, well done. The only thing I'm confused about is the constant obsessing over Diablo 3, which, it has to be said, is not an MMORPG.


Can we get the site back on track and deal with MMORPG's now?


Tue May 29 2012 6:17PM Report
BillMurphy writes: @I_Return: I shaved like five minutes before filming... I can't control my petuitary gland! ;) Tue May 29 2012 6:20PM Report
Wizardry writes:

First up the 38 studios news is extremely terrible,i also wish those people good luck ,the yhad a good vision.

Kind of sad ,imo the two best efforts for game design both fell short because of money,first Vanguard,now copernicus.Good news there is still one last hope for delivering rather than talk>>Archeage...fingers crossed.

Lastly ,don't ridicule me for being skeptical but I hope this wasn't anotehr attempt to find reason to further hype up the adverts ,example Trion [again] ??gets more talk than any game i have ever seen talked about on

PLEASE ..keep it REAL.

Tue May 29 2012 6:41PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Forgot to give soem credit here,YES it was a very good effort here.Originally i was like ,i don't think i remeber anything by Mr.Murphy,then i read a post saying good first attempt,so i guess it is his first...VERY good job.

I am not making it up by saying the best so far i have seen here,but i'll repeat ...please keep it REAL fans here anticipate good articles/videos and rely on good morals from MMORPG.

Tue May 29 2012 6:50PM Report
Nitth writes:

Bill, Your auto-que reading is top notch :)

Tue May 29 2012 7:00PM Report
Nitth writes:

Also, there was a gnarly echo...maybe wana look into canceling that out?

Tue May 29 2012 7:11PM Report
Durray writes:

This is a terrific idea, I will certainly watch more of these. Though I do agree spending a few £ or I guess $ for you, on a new mic would be appreciated. 

Tue May 29 2012 7:18PM Report
Cohas writes:

Great First Show. Hope too see more of these

Tue May 29 2012 7:37PM Report
emiri2008 writes:

Nice job will be looking forward to future episodes.

Tue May 29 2012 7:42PM Report
Xssiv writes:

Totally enjoyed the first installment of MMOFTW.  Good Job!

Tue May 29 2012 7:57PM Report
Machination writes:

Hope to see more of these mates. Cheers!

Tue May 29 2012 9:19PM Report
Pratt2112 writes:

Very fun first vid and a nice addition to

Well done, Bill!

Tue May 29 2012 9:20PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Talk with your hands less and don't be afraid to interject that humor I see in some of your reviews and forum posts. You're talking to fellow gamers and friends, not forecasting the weather ;3 Otherwise great first effort and nice premise, it's about time got into making videos. A weekly round-up of MMO news would be smashing.

Tue May 29 2012 9:35PM Report
Hallowel writes:

Well done, thanks!

Here's to many more.


Tue May 29 2012 10:03PM Report
Siecefire writes:

Good job Bill.  Keep them coming.

Tue May 29 2012 10:52PM Report
Psychow writes:

I liked it. Nice work.

Tue May 29 2012 10:56PM Report
Raventree writes:

I loved everything about it, but the sound.  It sounded like you were inside of a cardboard box.  I don't know if there is maybe some way to improve on that a little before the next video, but I would look into it.  I could really use another MMO weekly update, so keep up the good work!

Wed May 30 2012 12:09AM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

Not bad, sound was pretty bad though.

Also, like others noted you were a little stiff. Loosen up a bit and don't take it so seriously. You really gotta almost act like you're making fun of serious news shows to make it work.

Wed May 30 2012 12:48AM Report
hcoelho writes:

good job !

Wed May 30 2012 1:02AM Report
kiiix writes:

Great attempt on? your first video, really like the setup you got here :] Only thing i would like to see, or rather hear, is some soft beats or like a techno'ish music in the background. Its makes it more, relaxing on the ears? (if you know what i mean).

Kinda like the Dtoid show have.


Wed May 30 2012 2:41AM Report
trash656 writes:

All I ever hear in the MMO community and this site is how many copies a company has sold and how much money they have made. Seriously? Is that all you care about?

As a gamer I'm intrested in seeing which games offer what. I couldn't care less if Blizzard sold a billion copies of Diablo 3. So what? That doesn't mean it was a great game. And why would I care that Bioware/EA have laid off a bunch of it's workers? is that really a surprise? SWTOR was the industrys biggest waste of money. All that money could of gone to a better cause like maybe helping people who really needed it??

For once I'de like to see something on this site and in the community worth talking about. Who gives 2 shits about how much money a company is making. You miles well get down on you're knee's and be licking their boots for being Developers that only care about money and couldn't give 2 shits about you. All this brown nosing, and talk about how great the companys are and how wonderful it is that they are all fat billionairs is starting to piss me off. Lets maybe talk about hmmm.. maybe something like that has too do with us as gamers?

Seriously, it's stupid.

No wonder why MMO's are crap now a days because thats all you guys ever talk about.

Wed May 30 2012 5:42AM Report
VanadromArda writes:

How come I orignally read this as: MMO - WTF?

Wed May 30 2012 5:43AM Report
Vannor writes:

Really good video, keep this sorta thing up!

Wed May 30 2012 7:21AM Report
theniffrig writes:

Great 1st effort. How I'd improve it:

-Add musical opening with a logo full screen at the start.

-Have a neutral music playing real low throughout the entire video.

-When you talk about each game, the game should be full screen for abit while you talk, that will give you time "off camera" too, which will be more professional.

-Some sound issues, but it's ok.

5:02 Captain America reference! Awesome!

Wed May 30 2012 10:48AM Report
Grabbler writes:

Very nice! Looking foreward to see more episodes. But dude, pls, get yourself a microphone, so it doesn't sound like you recorded it in your own livingroom. But then, maybe it was ... naaa ;)

Wed May 30 2012 12:05PM Report
neobahamut20 writes:

How to look like an idiot in a webcast... talk about Cuba implying Fidel Castro is the leader. Stick to video games, the real world is too fast for your guys.

Wed May 30 2012 1:20PM Report
Godwulf writes:

Great Job!  Looking forward to watching many more to come.

Wed May 30 2012 1:39PM Report
Mackeskimo writes:

Nice, i can read and listen now.

Wed May 30 2012 3:51PM Report
CrimsonFalkon writes:

Good stuff! Enjoyed the hell out of it. Keep 'em comin'!

Wed May 30 2012 4:30PM Report
Greefer writes:

Good job guys!

Wed May 30 2012 5:04PM Report
Deewe writes:

Nice feature and BTW 101 ;)


Best luck to the people let go.

Wed May 30 2012 7:30PM Report
THEchad88 writes:

@Bill Murphy: Okay kudos for the adlibbing because, yeah, reading from solely a prompter just doesn't come off as genuine *waves to all politicians*

Also really great production value from this site man I don't think i've been this sucked into and interested in the content of a site since facebook.

"don't let a bad pug get you down*....Love this!


Thu May 31 2012 12:30PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

To get that hollow sound out of the room, you may want to try a clip on mic , and then run it through a compressor and preamp into the recorders input. You can also get directional boon mic that can be set over you that would help to. With this kind of set up, using a directional mic  with a filter will give you that professional sound.

Thu May 31 2012 12:54PM Report
Morgaren writes:

It was nice, technical issues aside, I will look forward to more of these.

Thu May 31 2012 5:38PM Report
momo153 writes:

I thought the video was good. I love shows like this.

Thu May 31 2012 7:48PM Report
Nanfoodle writes:

That was awesome =-) Keep them coming. 

Fri Jun 01 2012 7:18AM Report
Nanfoodle writes:

Was going to sub you on youtube but it gives me everything put out and thats way to many vidoes flooding my home page and most I dont care about. I would like to see your show have its own channel.

Fri Jun 01 2012 7:25AM Report
kiltburner writes:

Really good stuff! MMOAttack has been doing videos like this for a while now, but for some reason they do more of a general game report not just mmo's .  I like what you guys have done with this, may need a little work but in time it will be cool. 

Fri Jun 01 2012 10:05AM Report
Effin_Rabbit writes:

Great job, you killed it!

Fri Jun 01 2012 10:28AM Report
kiltburner writes:

@mmoDAD yeah i was shocked to here that as well, its crazy how fast 40 mill goes.  Some of these games make big money but i'm starting to think more and more of them struggle to make it work. 

Fri Jun 01 2012 5:08PM Report
tokini writes:

rehearse less next time, it will sound more natural..

Fri Jun 01 2012 10:16PM Report
M1sf1t writes:

To much echo in the audio.

Sat Jun 02 2012 2:54PM Report
Comaf writes:

Nice work,  however, the part about Rift going the route of Dark Age of Camelot is less accurate than saying that Trion was just looking at what Secret World, GW2, etc., had to offer with three factions and thought they would do a simplified version.  The races and classes are the same between the 2 factions (now mixed up into 3).  Dark Age had 44 classes and 24 races with three unique factions.  Nothing yet compares to that.

Sat Jun 02 2012 6:56PM Report
Geoxer22 writes:

Why is there a women talking in the background i was wtf someones phone call coming through my speakers.

Wed Jun 06 2012 10:43PM Report
Talhavian writes:


  • A little stiff.
  • Bad audio - invest in making it better.  Lapel mic perhaps?
  • Have full screen transitions to the content on the screen behind you with voice over rather than have us look at the same, boring angle the entire clip.  These are basics for any type of broadcast. 


  • You were okay with your hands (they were not distracting)
  • You Varied your intonation
  • Clothing colour was not distracting
Thu Jun 07 2012 3:04AM Report
Hordedog writes:

Kudos on a job well done. I look forward to more of these.

Thu Jun 07 2012 11:43AM Report writes:
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