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Videos Videos - Diablo III: Demon Hunter Trailer

Blizzard revealed the Demon Hunter, the fifth and final class for Diablo III at this year's BlizzCon. Check out the full trailer!

Duration: 0:00
Views: 16,790  95 comments
Game: General
jus123 writes:

Just 5 more years till release :P

Fri Oct 22 2010 2:30PM Report
Hepisodic writes:

Got to love their trailers. Good stuff.

Fri Oct 22 2010 2:32PM Report
Yilelien writes:

guess i just found the class that im going to play

Fri Oct 22 2010 2:33PM Report
Clocksimus writes:

How many years has it been?  Is the D3 team made up of like 5 people because it's been way too long.

Fri Oct 22 2010 2:39PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

What the first guy said. I was excited for this years ago, at this point I couldn't care less. Release date or gtfo pls.

Fri Oct 22 2010 2:51PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Also out of curiousity, what's with the recent influx of 'hunter' classes? Witch Hunter, Demon Hunter, God Hunter....those aren't classes, they're hobbies.

Fri Oct 22 2010 2:57PM Report
Shadus writes:

Beats the amazon, love the feel watching it in play... reminds me of a more aoe ranged version of my witchhunter in war.

Fri Oct 22 2010 3:06PM Report
severius writes:

Yawn, why the hell I come to MMORPG.COM to be told about single player bullsh!t is completely beyond me.

Fri Oct 22 2010 3:06PM Report
snoocky writes:

Is it me or where the cinematics of Diablo2 of a much better quality??

Fri Oct 22 2010 3:07PM Report
Drachasor writes:

That's probably the silliest thing I've seen for a Diablo game.

Double-crossbows that work like semi-automatic pistols?  The lines were pretty cheesy too.  It was very hard to take seriously (especially with the whole "we stole Illidan's eyes" bit also tossed in there).

Fri Oct 22 2010 3:16PM Report
adam_nox writes:

crossbows that fire like pistols is neither new nor silly.  the trailer, however, is.

Fri Oct 22 2010 3:37PM Report
Korithian writes:

Bit too cartoonish for my taste but lets face it, no doubt be the biggest game of 2011.

Fri Oct 22 2010 3:50PM Report
Tiqabar45 writes:

Guess everyone forgot that Blizzard puts a ton of time into every game and every single one comes out as a virtual masterpiece.. Calm down and be patient, they will deliver another blockbuster.

Fri Oct 22 2010 3:55PM Report
donjoe writes:

Disappointed! I was expecting daggers or sword and shield but uzi like crossbows? WTF?

Fri Oct 22 2010 4:16PM Report
toljar writes:

Well that was very non-interesting.... I like the idea but they could have done a better job on the lines. Sounds like something from the 1970's version of Super Man..

Fri Oct 22 2010 4:27PM Report
SBFord writes:

Great stuff. Now I know what character I'll be playing! Dual wielding anything is always a good thing! :D

Fri Oct 22 2010 4:55PM Report
Deathenger writes:

Is it me or is Blizzard slipping on the cinematics? First Cata and its terrible dialog and yet another focus on a single character (yeah I know WOTLK had SIndragosa and an undead army but the main focus was Arthas) and now this? Weak sauce Blizz....weak sauce! They must have totally blew their cinematic load on StarCraft2 because this stuff dosent even come close. Oh, and hurry up and finish the game.

Fri Oct 22 2010 4:59PM Report
Doomedfox writes:
Just watched the Trailer for Dungeon Siege 3 before i watched start over Blizzard or u will embarrass yourself
I still have hopes for Diablo 3 hell it is Diablo 3 after all but am getting more and more scared it might just be as bad as Starcraft2 was....
Fri Oct 22 2010 5:24PM Report
dnarris writes:

Not impressed by this trailer at all. You can't raise the bar one day and then lower it the next.

Now, someone release a quality trailer is SOE with DCUO....even if you don't like games or comics....that's an awesome trailer.

Fri Oct 22 2010 6:05PM Report
micona writes:

This kind of dialogue get old fast nowadays , I like my heroes more modest that do the job .

but that me .

Fri Oct 22 2010 6:12PM Report
wkyfam writes:

For me, the more of Diablo 3 that I see, the more my interest wains.  Diablo, even apart from the other Blizzard titles, always had its own unique feel to it.  This trailer leads me to be concerned about the integrity of that unique approach.  Coupled with Blizzard's increasingly dogmatic approach to release dates, my support continues to waiver.

Fri Oct 22 2010 6:14PM Report
Silver_Leaf writes:

w00t 100% pure win

Fri Oct 22 2010 6:30PM Report
Wraithone writes:

Not bad, not up to their usual standard, but it does give a good idea of the class.  It was too dark in many spots to make much out. I'm still looking forward to D3.

Fri Oct 22 2010 6:36PM Report
lunatis writes:

I must admit that the trailer quality was a little bellow what blizzard usualy deliver, it looked very "in-game" and not "polished" with cheap crowd animations. Anyone who saw a lot of blizzard trailers will tell you the same.

Also, the demon-hunting machine-gun style archer might be a little pushed. I doubt you need to go that deep to feel original, it's really a little cheezy.

Fri Oct 22 2010 6:43PM Report
[Mordecai] writes:

Ughh...very very disappointed that the WoW hyper-stylized cartoonish graphics have spilled over into Diablo 3.  I was a little disappointed with where Diablo 2 took the game, graphically, but it was still acceptable and I loved Diablo 1 so much I still went out and bought it....but this...this is just cartoon garbage in both graphics and gameplay.

A machine-gun crossbow....really?

Fri Oct 22 2010 7:01PM Report
Bloodaxes writes:

lol wut?

The trailer didn't impress me in anything hopefully they make some tweaks dual xbows is stupid.

Fri Oct 22 2010 7:06PM Report
erictlewis writes:

i thought diablo was like an fps/rts kind of thing?

Fri Oct 22 2010 7:08PM Report
AmbassadorDvinn writes:

It was a trailer for a class in a game coming out next year.  Personally, I doubt Blizzard intended it to be marketed as a trailer, but rather a introduction.  I'm not a big fan of Diablo games but some of the people responding here expected a full-blown trailer.  Relax.

Fri Oct 22 2010 7:15PM Report
Drakonus writes:

No Diablo series is a Hack and Slash/RPG kinda thing not FPS/RTS kinda thing ;-)

Fri Oct 22 2010 7:47PM Report
ThomasN7 writes:

Hello my name is Sylvanas Windrunner. Epic fail. Someone tell Blizzard this is not WoW.

Fri Oct 22 2010 8:00PM Report
Ngeldu5t writes:

Too much WOW art style to my taste.Looks like all Blizz can do is WoW, nowadays.

Fri Oct 22 2010 8:07PM Report
midmagic writes:

dual auto-crossbows? Oh well, it isn't like I was a fan of the amazon.

Fri Oct 22 2010 8:49PM Report
mackdawg19 writes:

Nice little trailer there. You people complaining about how it looks like WoW so your not going to play are confused. Blizzard has always used this type of artistic feel with low poly count. And they should keep doing it. It allows more people to enjoy there games and it helps them make money. It's called good business sense. And if you forgot, WoW mechanis are based upon Diablo, hence skill trees. Blizzard will never make games that only a specific type of community will play. Those games get shutdown or simply don't generate profit. This game will look kinda like WoW, but will be more darker with that Diablo feel. Plus it's hack n slash. If you don't like it, debate it. But don't act like a 5 yr old and blast the game because its just another WoW when it's clearly not.

Fri Oct 22 2010 8:52PM Report
krakken writes:

mehh what happened to the good ole diablo style ?

very disapointed by this cartoon bs and double cb no way ....

Fri Oct 22 2010 10:33PM Report
Necrite666 writes:

Spending money on that shit? Not gonna happen.

This retarded art style is not suited for a >>>dark<<< fantasy game.

Seems all Diablo competence gone to hell with Flagship Studios (r.i.p.)...

Hellgate was the real D3.

This is world of diablo kindergarten crap.

Fri Oct 22 2010 10:59PM Report
Reklaw writes:

Funy seeing some comments, geuss some people like shooting fire out of a sword fits diablo more???

I mean seriously did some people even ever played Diablo 1 or 2?

Sat Oct 23 2010 12:06AM Report
Reizlanzer writes:

All the people saying this is going to fail because of this trailer... fail just like Starcraft 2 failed right? I mean you all posted on the forums about how "Bad" it was so that must make it true right?


Get over it, this game is going to win. If you don't play it, you are just depriving yourself of a fantastic game based on some fanatic obsession with hate of Blizzard.

Sat Oct 23 2010 12:11AM Report
Maleus666 writes:

Its pure anime. Th girl with high heels doesnt look good, neither the glowing eyes nor the dialogue.

Diablo 3 is  a shit, like Titan's Quest.

Sat Oct 23 2010 1:31AM Report
CujoSWAoA writes:

Cheesey as hell.  Ddin't have the darkness that the original had. It looks like a pretty goofy game. But, "Blizzard" now, isn't "Blizzard" then. All different people. All set in their cash-cow-MMORPG-mode.

Sat Oct 23 2010 1:45AM Report
BTrayaL writes:

God, I miss the Rogue.. :(

Sat Oct 23 2010 2:14AM Report
Tbkrulez writes:

I played diablo 2 so much and i loved it, i tired WoW but i didnt liked it, i played the campaign of SC 2 and it was fantastic, i played GW 1 for more than 2 years and it was my best "mmo" experience, im sure i will buy D3 and GW2 and enjoy both for a long time.

Sat Oct 23 2010 2:40AM Report
Githern writes:

I love this, I'm going to love the game, and all the nay sayers really need to stop hitting the pipe so much.

Sat Oct 23 2010 2:41AM Report
Fyronova writes:

Sweet, Lara Croft in the game! :)

Sat Oct 23 2010 3:52AM Report
machias writes:

sure someone else already mentioned this but tdoes this mean is now a pc game site and not just mmo's or is blizzard a major stockholder.

Sat Oct 23 2010 6:40AM Report
IAmMMO writes:

 It's clear Blizz has dropped the generation of Pc gamers the carried it forward in to glory and is just looking to entertain the next generation they scooped up with WOW. 

 Anybody Pc gaming at the time of D1 & 2 were released does not find Anime appealing, or you'll find very few that do. The western anime up take is from those born in the mid to late 90's and up and it's clear this is who Blizz are aiming for now.  What a pity D3 couldn't have been a mature Pc titles keeping the same atmosphere the first two had. I'll be giving this one a miss as it's far to childish.

Sat Oct 23 2010 7:18AM Report
yoyoyoblaka writes:

Man doesn't seem like blizzard will be able to release anything anymore without a bunch of haters coming out. 

I never played the hunter/rogue class in the first two, looking forward to them hopefully releasing a trailer for every class. The graphics and gameplay look like the other diablos just upgraded to the present time. Not sure what everyone is complaining about, but i'm pretty sure anything blizzard does nowadays will have its fair share of people like this. 

Sat Oct 23 2010 7:58AM Report
Ripclaw writes:

Very awesome. Although I'm going to first make a Witch Doctor, as he's the closest to the Necro from D2, my fav class from that game, and then I'll make a monk. I think my 3rd character will definitely be Demon Hunder. ;)

Sat Oct 23 2010 8:08AM Report
Comnitus writes:

Hey look, it's Van Helsing as a girl and without the cool hat.

Sat Oct 23 2010 8:43AM Report
rebelhero1 writes:

There should have just been ONE line in this whole trailer.


When she handed her the crossbow, "We kill or we die, make your choice".


The silence would've done a world more for this trailer than the cheesy one liners. That said, the animation quality of this trailer is below Blizzards standards. In any case, I'm probably just going to be a Monk anyway lol

Sat Oct 23 2010 9:11AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

Seriously what has happened to Blizzard's cinematic trailers? This is 2nd one I've seen in a week that is below their previous standards.

Sat Oct 23 2010 9:54AM Report
darkogele writes:

well this shit sucks

Sat Oct 23 2010 10:33AM Report
Zekiah writes:

WTB Time Machine, PST!

Sat Oct 23 2010 10:35AM Report
Stormreaver writes:

People complaining about the quality of this trailer: This is not a CINEMATIC trailer. This was within the game engine to the same extent that SC2 cutscenes were in the game engine. Chill.

Sat Oct 23 2010 2:11PM Report
mmoguy43 writes:

Doing a dramatic flip over the baddie and then shooting it must be some sort of cinematic standard. This wasn't excited at all and screamed "I can do this in my sleep!".


Sad that theres no hope for a real D2 sequel. Its all 'stylized' now.

Sat Oct 23 2010 3:24PM Report
Dameonk writes:

Looked pretty cool until they showed the"actual" in-game footage...

Sat Oct 23 2010 3:55PM Report
monstermmo writes:

I dont care what you guys say, that is pure awesome. Cannot wait for this game.

Sat Oct 23 2010 4:44PM Report
zellmer writes:


Seriously, it's like something that would only be seen in a girl oriented saturday morning cartoon/anime..

Sat Oct 23 2010 5:23PM Report
minix2poo writes:

I have seen her somewhere before.... Oh yes thats Kasumi of Mass Effect 2.

Sat Oct 23 2010 5:50PM Report
Levark writes:

"MEH" cinematic, no  hype at all

Sat Oct 23 2010 6:28PM Report
Heretique writes:

Was looking forward to this title after playing D1 and D2 but will be passing on D3. Blizz will still make their money.

Sat Oct 23 2010 6:28PM Report
zaylin writes:

Hmm the only class thats gender specific,intresting.

Sat Oct 23 2010 11:43PM Report
tank017 writes:

I'll be gettin me a copy..the game looks fun.


people set their standards wayy to high...

Sun Oct 24 2010 12:40AM Report
Galliente writes:


"Hyper stylized"?


You people have no clue what that means. This is just gaming graphics, pretty much exactly like used by any other game. Get over yourselves. Play a JRPG if you want to know what those words actually mean.

Sun Oct 24 2010 3:15AM Report
biogerm writes:

so this is what they been working for so long? fuuny, from here it seems like a lesser version of torchlight...and so an inde compeny can make a game beeter looking, with less money, in just inder (what was it, 2-3 years?). gtfo d3, longlive torchlight 2.

Sun Oct 24 2010 7:13AM Report
Miramo1 writes:

The Monk video from Blizzard was awesome, the others were fine. This new video is rubbish, the gameplay cuts look like something a shovelware company would make.

Also, dual crossbows + heels = just no, that's a lot like SUN (soul of the ultimate nation, containing female-only character switching between 1 big xbow and duals) which sucks in its own right. 2x crossbows reloading themselves magically? That's exactly like semi-automatic pistols, which is way cooler than two tiny crossbows. Credit where it's due though, the fire-shooting big crossbow is nice.

Sun Oct 24 2010 8:12AM Report
Tzetoth writes:

Up next: Draenei Luchador

Sun Oct 24 2010 9:41AM Report
dnarris writes:

Waaah, don't you say bad things about games I like. waaah, anyone that says something bad is stupid. Waaaah.

Sun Oct 24 2010 10:17AM Report
Onimor writes:

It pains me to read some of these comments, it's almost as though some people have never heard of a top down game before. This game will be the most fun you have ever had in ages playing a game. What blizzard do and I will always love them for it, they understand game play comes first and everything else second. Think the protoss missions in starcraft two!

Sun Oct 24 2010 3:43PM Report
Maldach writes:

If this vid was presented to viewers without any mention of Blizzard or Diablo III, I wonder what their response would be? I wonder if Blizz fans would say it looked good w/o knowing it was a Blizz-related product. My guess is no.


It's really bad. Blizzard have always ripped off other IP's, but they've gotten so lazy and hamfisted about it lately. They just can't seem to get off of Warhammer's nuts. Everything is just copy + paste from Games Workshop IP's at this point. This one is 1/3 witch hunter, 1/3 sacred 2 seraphim, 1/3 Van Helsing (which was 90% witch hunter to begin with).

Sun Oct 24 2010 3:47PM Report
AxemanYako writes:

Been looking foward to this. I'll probably play a monk or witch doctor though.

Sun Oct 24 2010 4:55PM Report
xaldraxius writes:

Never been a fan of top down rpgs... I hated Gauntlet... and I haven't been fond of any of the Diablo games. Mash some buttons ftw... no thanks.

Sun Oct 24 2010 6:51PM Report
vboydjr writes:

If this game had come out 5 yeears ago I would be excited, but now with all the games out that have surpassed this already, it should have done an upgrade.  The trailer didn't do much to impress me graphic wise but then neither has anything so far regarding this game.  With GW2 coming out this game looks worse than GW.

Sun Oct 24 2010 7:26PM Report
Gilwen writes:

That was just so damn bad. Never been eager fan of Diablo and still aren't, but if I was I think that video would have put my Diablo fandom out.

Mon Oct 25 2010 12:42AM Report
Species5021 writes:

Im pretty sure this video was made ingame, using the games own engine and models. It's just closely zoomed in which makes it look a bit low quality.

Bit disappointed they didn't make a more original class though.

Mon Oct 25 2010 4:09AM Report
sloeber writes:

i must admit i have the same feeling as i had with SC2 when it came out......i bought SC2 and absolutely LOVED it.....cany wait for the other campains to come i will buy D3 will own me big time :)


Mon Oct 25 2010 5:12AM Report
viddiot007 writes:

Most of you complaining sound like babies.. Who am i kidding, half of you are babies.

Most of you are spoiled little brats who think graphics is more important than anything else. Most old school gamers know that graphics dont make a game. Mario brothers had the shittiest graphics but gameplay was incredible. gameplay, storyline, thats what makes a game, not pretty little graphics. Thats why theres so much crap because the devs. focus on graphics trying to please all the brats, and we get stuck with craptastic titles that are only good for giving your neighbor an epileptic fit.

Mon Oct 25 2010 11:05AM Report
darkrain21 writes:

for the people bitching about the graphics grow the fuck up, go look at diablo 1 and diablo 2 then look at 3 and tell me there isnt a massive diffrence. The graphics are not like crysis because blizzard makes games to were there is always soooo much going on that graphics cant be top of the line and chances are most people bitching about the graphics are going to be surprised when their system wont be able to run the game on more than medium settings. And as for the class WOOOOOOOOOOTT ITS LIKE PLAYING AS SYLVANIS!

Mon Oct 25 2010 11:21AM Report
Bravnik writes:


Mon Oct 25 2010 1:20PM Report
Equinoxx writes:

Everyone who doesn't like this footage simply did not play Diablo or d2. D2 was the the most fun i've bad playing a game next to starcraft :)

Mon Oct 25 2010 7:39PM Report
Blazz writes:

it's a shame the game's art style isn't as dark as the first two games'. Hopefully they'll get the lighting and sound right, though. Some of those environments do look pretty decently made for the dark feel, I guess.

Also, the gameplay animation looks very juttery, with no transition animation from one movement to the next... I think Blizzard has never really cared for that kind of attention to detail (preferring to just make each individual animation quite well done, but saying "meh" to transitions between those animations) - but this is particularly noticeable with the movements of this class...

But yeah, I'll miss the darker look that Diablo 2 had, and got away with since it was 2D. Now that it's 3D parents will be all up in Blizzard's wazoo if they get an M rating for the game. : (

Mon Oct 25 2010 9:43PM Report
KnaveSkye writes:

How can so many people complain about dual crossbows but say nothing of the Hundreds/Thousands of arrows/spears ect characters carried in the Diablo 2...was it dual crossbows that ruined your immersion? Did that finally tip the scale to make it unbeleivable? Im not a fan of wow but Blizzard makes quality and the game will be epic, hack n slash was never terribly deep, so its not like it takes much dumbing down to make it appeal to the masses.

Mon Oct 25 2010 11:16PM Report
darkangel1x2 writes:

the barbarian will eat this class alive !!!

Tue Oct 26 2010 9:01AM Report
Williac writes:

Nice Class. Terrible Trailer. Compared with other movies from Blizzard this one seems to have been made in a hurry. Unpolished and annoying oneliners.. But doesn't matter. Gameplay looks awesome and that's what counts :)

Tue Oct 26 2010 11:14AM Report
Unlight writes:

The only trouble I have with the trailer is the iron-shod high heels.  Don't get me wrong.  High heels?  I'm a fan.  They just seem conspicuously out of place -- moreso than usual in games.  Maybe they're part of a class attack?  Stiletto Kick?

Tue Oct 26 2010 12:44PM Report
maji writes:

I don't like it. The dialogue sucks, the music is forgettable (D1 and D2 music was awesome), the combat choreography is boring, and I slowly get the feeling that by now there are more characters and races with glowing eyes in fantasy games, than with normal eyes. Gah...

Tue Oct 26 2010 3:38PM Report
idrost writes:


Thu Oct 28 2010 9:17AM Report
Ipcryss writes:

Love it!  wtg Blizz!

Fri Oct 29 2010 1:59AM Report
BoudahXL writes:

The more videos and details we get from Blizzard the more we see how they desecrate the Diablo franchise into a WoW isometric view.

Sat Oct 30 2010 10:48AM Report
cosy writes:

wait so we got a fighter whit armor but has boots whit heels  ahahahhaahha

Sun Oct 31 2010 4:08PM Report
Dodgersno16 writes:

I would just like to say, how sad the Blizzard hating is on this site.  Blizzard has the biggest MMO bc they are the only company to make an entertaining MMO (I have played about every one ever made).  All you people who immediately have to hate anything Blizzard, have fun with your second rate crappy little game that you will play with barely enough people to keep it functioning!  lol

Tue Nov 02 2010 1:12PM Report
Dodgersno16 writes:

And another thing, the first two Diablo games were ok for their time, but I never really got into them.  I found them to be VERY bland.  Little more than a distracting click fest.  The graphics, animations, and sounds were not that great.  I think some people just have selective memories.  The new game actually has me somewhat interested.

Tue Nov 02 2010 1:17PM Report
Tamanous writes:

Reminds of Starcraft 2 ... outdated and unoriginal.

Tue Nov 02 2010 6:52PM Report
Eladi writes:

They got the sound right, those who say not simply dont remember the old D1 and 2. its a bit more.. modern then I like but then its a new market out there.

Story was fine, gave a nice recall on the end to d2's into movie somehow.

Sun Nov 14 2010 10:10AM Report
Krelian writes:

Overall its a good trailer, as expected from Blizzard,, BUT it feels like this ''heroine'' is TRYING TOO HARD TO BE COOL. Its like instead of just kicking some demon ass (and thus proving to us in the process how uber she is), she keeps on **talking about how cool she is** (''ooo, im never gonna give up, im the huntress, i always have a choice'' bla bla).....

Thu Nov 18 2010 9:37AM Report
DarkHero writes:

This class and the monk have to be so far my best picks, cant wait!

Mon Nov 29 2010 4:39AM Report writes:
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