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Videos Videos - 38 Studios Brett Close: E3 Interview

The CEO of 38 Studios talks about his company, their unannounced MMO codenamed The Copernicus Project and their acquisition of Big Huge Games.

Duration: 5:14
Views: 3,497  23 comments
Game: General
Valentina writes: Ooooo Thu Jun 11 2009 12:13PM Report
solareus writes: Mmmhmm, a new "Vision" lol. I think Brad Mcquaid just morphed into this guy :D Thu Jun 11 2009 12:41PM Report
sonicbrew writes: Nice interview; Brett has assembled a stellar team and I have been following 38 studios for a very long time. If there is any company that can make a serious change for the better in the MMOG genre, it's this team. Thu Jun 11 2009 2:09PM Report
Draccan writes: I am excited! Thu Jun 11 2009 2:41PM Report
PeterPorker writes: Hi, what I just said in all that mumbo is we bring in all the BIG HUGE Names into Big Huge Games to get all the BIG Huge financing. Now as always, it's just pot luck if anything actually gets accomplished before we disentegrate with your cash in our individual pockets outside of the business, and well, so will just hype this thru the gamer channels announcing BIG HUGE NEWS of Its Coming as we always do, with of course no promises, and no clues that we are really just drinking coffee and drawing cartoons, and no real information whatsoever. Sounds good though right? Please invest your funds here... Sorry, im truly getting sick of this investor marketing bullcrap targetted towards gamers, when its NOT targetted towards gamers. Thu Jun 11 2009 3:00PM Report
cerebrix writes: did he say todd mcfarlane makes graphical novels? lawl Thu Jun 11 2009 3:08PM Report
Dana writes: Re: Graphic Novel - What I took from it is that Todd is making a graphic novel set in this IP, but I am not 100% sure. Thu Jun 11 2009 3:13PM Report
mOoK writes: Having met and spent some time with Brad Mcquaid, I can say this guy has a lot more personality and communication ability, even though this guy isn't saying much. Thu Jun 11 2009 3:41PM Report
Haradeas writes: Not really impressed , guess its just me ;) Thu Jun 11 2009 3:57PM Report
Snipehunter writes: I actually worked for him once, back in the day. Brett is a great guy and I have no doubt his team will do great things. Thu Jun 11 2009 4:42PM Report
Mandalore writes: Great way to describe R.A. Salvatore - "The guy who killed Chewbacca" :D Thu Jun 11 2009 6:53PM Report
Alcuin writes: Well, the big names (Todd, Bob, Kurt) are already rich enough on their own. They don;t have to do this to make cash, so I'm apt to believe their hearts are in the right place- meaning they want to create good games. It's still a "wait and see" situation though. There has been a lot of talk with no real substance. Fri Jun 12 2009 1:47AM Report
Devros writes: 1 studio acquisition, 37 more to go Fri Jun 12 2009 10:45AM Report
blueturtle13 writes: With the love for the genre of MMO's and RPG's I have been excited about this studios project. Can't wait. Fri Jun 12 2009 10:53AM Report
Wizardry writes: Got zero information from this video.They have acquired the ability to make money from some big name people,nothing new money sort of got the idea that the MMO is called Copernicus,because he says it was their original mmo,and i believe Schilling started this to make a MMO,so 2+2=Copernicus?So this whole ordeal is a MMOPPG with a project to make money from it selling the Copernicus novel,Copernicus toys and who knows what else.They are basically banking on turning this into another Star Wars money maker,I do not see it coming close..err sorry Mr.Close. Sat Jun 13 2009 1:04AM Report
Eryemil writes: He can acquire me anytime, on a daily basis. Sat Jun 13 2009 8:13AM Report
logangregor writes: Handsome bloke. Brad McQuaid? More like Brad Pitt. Sat Jun 13 2009 10:03PM Report
Flummoxed writes: This guy is a suit. He's never played an mmo or read a R.A. Salvatore novel in his life. If he wasn't selling mmo's he be selling toaster ovens or used cars, all the same to him. Sun Jun 14 2009 7:12PM Report
garry writes: OK then, your excited about this. Just what is 'The Copernicus Project" about? Space MMO or what. I freely admit ignorance but you haven't enlightened me. Sounds like a new guy becoming a suit and enthusiastic about his new job. Well, nothing wrong about that as I would want any employee to be happy about their job but would be more interesting to hear about the product, even if its only in general. I already understand about hyping a company but its a little tiresome on a site for gaming fans who want to hear about games, not corp suits and how Wall Street they are. C'mon guys, throw us some meat on the plate! Tue Jun 16 2009 11:01AM Report
ScreechTV writes: I'm about to go off on this suit. Everything he is saying sounds prepared. First off...who says, "We make entertainment." He makes gaming sound like some kind of daily ritual. Designing and Producing entertainment is a really stressful thing to do since everyone is going to be looking for what is commonly known as 'The Next Best Game.' There will be no such thing as any company monopolizing the gaming industry. Try going for top-dog and besting WoW, and then I might believe you. Moment of ignorance: This Copernicus Project sounds like a load of crap. Which books by Salvatore is it based off of, and why do I get a feeling that he has not so much as even play Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Thu Jun 18 2009 5:40PM Report
Vormir writes: Boring... Sun Jun 21 2009 6:32AM Report
dennyindavor writes: Garry, Salvatore was involved in making a video game before. He was playing EQ from release and he had been playing WoW until recently. It's not based off of his books. He's creating a new world. Thu Aug 06 2009 10:54PM Report
nefermor writes: This one is on the top of my watch list. I just hope they stick to their guns and don't let them selves get push into making their vision just like every other newer game that has come out for the last few years. Its almost like a mold has been formed. I have hopes that because the actual author is on the team that he wont settle for a crappy representation. Wed Feb 03 2010 3:28AM Report writes:
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