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Starcraft Universe: 'The Answer is 7'

Interviews By Guest Writer on October 09, 2013 What is the maximum number of players that can adventure together? Does difficulty scale based on the number of players?

Ryan Winzen: Right now it’s 5 but we’re planning some stress tests to push the limits of that. We do have a player-scaling difficulty system implemented which operates similar to Diablo 3’s scaling system. How are you appealing to those who prefer a single-player RPG-Starcraft experience? Is it possible, for instance, for solo players to be able to play through SCU?

Ryan Winzen: Though SCU will be geared toward partying, we’re trying to make it *possible* in single-player as well.

 advertisement Are there any plans to use Heart of the Swarm resources, such as the Primal Zerg, in future episodes in SCU?

Ryan Winzen: We’ve already implemented a ton of AI for NPCs made from HoTS assets as well as our own custom units. Not sure about implementing the Primal yet since the lore seems a bit sensitive post HoTS. What is the basic plotline of Starcraft Universe and how does it fit into the overall timeline of the general Starcraft story?

Ryan Winzen: StarCraft Universe takes place in the year 2523, 11 years after the Hybrid invasion of the Koprulu sector. It takes place within the Overmind’s vision of an apocalyptic future in which the Queen of Blades has been killed, which is based on optional missions from the Wings of Liberty campaign.

In this alternate reality, StarCraft Universe tells the story of a band of survivors caught in a world with little hope, dominated by the presence of the Hybrid.

Fans of Battlestar Galactica will love SCU. Are the events in SCU a 'dream' that can lead to anything happening or is it an alternative universe with ties to the original game, timeline and character?

Ryan Winzen: Answering this question could give away our entire story! The answer is seven. In the vision granted by Tassadar, the Terran were annihilated first, followed by Protoss and Zerg. Has this changed in SCU?

Ryan Winzen: We operate under the possibility that even though all three races were consumed or destroyed, there are still small bands of survivors scattered throughout the Universe. Much like when you pour soda into an ant hill, a few ants will still manage to survive. I’ve never done that, by the way.... Was Kerrigan killed after de-infestation, thus possibly granting Amon enough energy to resurrect or are plans of the Fallen One continued by his servants like Narud?

Ryan Winzen: The answer is seven. Did Tychus survive and/or did Raynor know of the prophecy but decided to ignore it?

Ryan Winzen: Seven. When do you anticipate a multiplayer beta to begin?

Ryan Winzen: Late January. Won’t be your typical beta though. It’s more of a mathematical sandbox to test combat values, AI, core systems, and progression rates. How can people get involved with both funding and in helping to test out the game?

Ryan Winzen: If anyone would like to continue funding us, you can do so here:

Additional funds will go toward stretch goals on the Kickstarter.

If you want to test out an alpha of the game, just go to the Arcade in StarCraft II and search for Universe! You can play it for free with the free-to-play StarCraft II: Starter Edition found at this link: Anything else you’d like to add?

Ryan Winzen: We’re going to do some things for SCU that have never been seen before in gaming. 

Shelassa is a Russian Correspondent for, and will be managing our newly minted, but not yet 100% operational VK Fan Page.

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