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Gamer's Bill of Rights
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AlienShirt writes:

These need to be amended to the US Constitution.

Mon Feb 16 2009 8:36AM Report
Reianor writes:

 Gamers can keep dreaming...

It's comerce, damn it, we aint got no rights...

But then againg we can always use "lefts"...

Mon Feb 16 2009 8:59AM Report
EmeraldYsera writes:

This is completely absurd. "article" 2 and "article" 3 directly contridict eachother, you want a game that is "finished" but you want it "updated" if its updated then it is not finished. Article 5 you expect the MINIMUM requirements to run adequately well they do, minumum requirements = minimum settings, you'd just get adequate system requirements.

Mon Feb 16 2009 9:04AM Report
Lydon writes:

Emerald, wtf? If a game is finished, how is updating it with extra content alluding to the original content not being finished?


And secondly, your experience with gaming is clearly lacking as I have played many a game where the minimum settings do not equal an adequet gaming experience on a PC meeting the minimum requirements.

Mon Feb 16 2009 9:24AM Report
Ichmen writes:

article 2 should read "right to have games released in a stable state" instead of finished as finished normally dictates a 100% done game ( example age of empires or other older games that required very little fixing or patches)

article 3 should have been worded more along the lines of " right to have the game upgraded with newer usefull and meaningfull content" (so far i see most updates to be stupid crap like eye candy fixes.. im sure i can wait a year for that grass upgrade when my sword/gun cant hit the broad side of a barn point blank with smart rounds that auto target....)

Mon Feb 16 2009 9:32AM Report
KillerEwok writes:

all I see is a summary of everything that people whine about on these forums

Mon Feb 16 2009 12:03PM Report
pb1285n writes:

Gamers have the right to either

A. Shut up and stop whining

B. Not play the game at all

Mon Feb 16 2009 1:20PM Report
Sylian writes:

C. Pirate the game.

Mon Feb 16 2009 2:14PM Report
Zyllos writes:

A lot of what you people are saying right there is why something like a "Gamer Bill of Rights" will not work. You either want to exploit the rules for your own benefit or misconstrue the articles to fit some hidden agenda. I believe this Bill of Rights would lead to healthier and meanful game development.

Mon Feb 16 2009 3:51PM Report
Wardrop writes:

Nope not the real version, Its not written on hemp paper, i dont see any pot leafs on that paper at all...

The founding fathers wrote thiers on it, what it not good enough for us now?

 I mean look at ben hes totally stoned all the time... Look at washington, he wore a pimp wig and sported wooden teeth, you know that mofo toked...wood holds the resin in...

Mon Feb 16 2009 4:06PM Report
DarkPony writes:

Awesome stuff! And so true ... I bought GTA 4 for the PC a while back and I am having SERIOUS FITS OF RAGE because of 'games for windows live'. My computer is not a console! I DON'T want a windown live acount, I only want to play the single player part of the game I bought, etc, etc. *shivers*

Mon Feb 16 2009 5:04PM Report
Bakkoda24 writes:

Wardrop, how would the founding fathers create a Bill of Rights on something that wasn't developed for another 200 years? And hemp products are illegal thanks to this upside-down country. I do agree with these statements but the chances of this being in an addendum are slim.

As for the updated and finished? Not the same. Finished means I shouldn't experience BSOD, shaky cams, low framerate even on minimal setings. Updated just means new content and improved anything.

Wed Feb 25 2009 4:27PM Report
Micro_angel writes:

In a perfect world...

Tue Jun 09 2009 12:50PM Report writes:
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