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some people call this game asian, i can't see a half naked 15 year old girl toon here
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mithoss writes:

this games is made by asians ergo its asian. are you sane?

Sun Feb 05 2012 7:45PM Report
Majinash writes:

that map in the upper right reminds me a LOT of how linear the zones in Aion were, hope its not true.

Sun Feb 05 2012 7:46PM Report
Clocksimus writes:

At least Aion has zones like the Abyss..... If you want to talk about linear zones, take a good look at SWTOR.

Sun Feb 05 2012 9:52PM Report
stayontarget writes:

How's the combat? let me guess,  not to good.  Yeah they still need to work on that part.

Sun Feb 05 2012 10:11PM Report
revy66 writes:

The map is nothing like the corridor-based shit you find in usual MMOs, any video will tell you that.

Sun Feb 05 2012 11:23PM Report
yaminsux writes:

At least that shoulder armor doesnt grow ridiculously huge like WoW.

Mon Feb 06 2012 2:33AM Report
Yamota writes:

How you can see this game is asian is by looking at the character on the right. I mean, is it a male? female? boy? girl?

Look like a feminine boy but cant say for sure and that is how you see that the game is made in Asia.

Mon Feb 06 2012 4:51AM Report
narakuu writes:

why is it a feminine boy? oh thats right... because all western games make male characters big as barns and muscles like the hulk.

Mon Feb 06 2012 6:39AM Report
TalRasha writes:

Asian chat/quest symbols.


This game clearly needs more half naked toons.

Mon Feb 06 2012 7:22AM Report
mesmerise writes:

I can tell that it's Asian by (1) the Hangul script for chat and the quest log, (2) the eyes of the characters have a sort anime/manga vibe to them as well.  This being said, I like the Asian style artwork for games.  IMO, they tend to be more vibrant and use more facts of the colour spectrum than just dull greys and earthy tones.

To the poster a few above me, I still wouldn't mind if the shoulders were a bit smaller but this is decent.  I think that the comment about the "one on the right" looking like a feminine boy comes down to not just the body shape but also the face which has what some would call "soft features" which are typically seen as being more feminine.  However, like I said I still like the art direction!


Mon Feb 06 2012 7:29AM Report
0guz writes:

the game has two human races. one is western human (nuian), other race is eastern human (hariharan)

Mon Feb 06 2012 8:30AM Report
Aegrus writes:

"some people call this game asian, i can't see a half naked 15 year old girl toon here"

I do see a knight though that obviously spents more time cleaning his armor and make it all shiny And some boy...which, even with 50% of his face obscured by text, looks more like a girly girl. Not bashing asian games here though nor ArcheAge is playability, because i can't judge it. I just hope battles will be fought by more then emo's, goths and then some ;-)


Mon Feb 06 2012 3:11PM Report
0guz writes:

what i meant was, i dont know if this heavy armored is male or female but female human toons also looks like this in heavy armor. not like other asian games like tera,aion or blade n soul etc.

Mon Feb 06 2012 4:10PM Report writes:
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