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When Worlds Collide
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Frostbite05 writes:

um yea this is funny as hell.......not really can't really bash EVE but  i can bash smart ass players

Sat Mar 28 2009 10:13PM Report
Bruticus_XI writes:

How is he being a smartass? WoW has motorcycles now, who says the Gnomes/Goblins can't develop some type of Smartbomb and wipe out 70% of the world?

Of course, they would "accidently" trigger it, with some help from players through a goofily named quest chain.

Sat Mar 28 2009 11:29PM Report
Persephassa writes:

if a smartbomb can do that what would a doomsday weapon do? Obliterate Starcraft, Warcraft, & Diablo universes at the same time? o.0

Sat Mar 28 2009 11:35PM Report
miagisan writes:

was just a humorous pic nothing more

Sun Mar 29 2009 12:45AM Report
redcap036 writes:


Sun Mar 29 2009 4:06AM Report
JeroKane writes:

 This pic is old and this pic is fail. No matter how many times you keep posting it.

The 10,5KM range is fail. And so this pic is fail.

Sun Mar 29 2009 5:36AM Report
whatwat writes:

world is alot bigger then 10.5km:P would only hit the water

Sun Mar 29 2009 8:56AM Report
Wolfdor writes:

Still very funny!  Add a bunch of screaming WoW failboi's defending their game that needs no defending, and it becomes hilarious.  =D

Sun Mar 29 2009 11:33AM Report
Ekibiogami writes:

Lol at the wow fanboys.

Wow is fail. Nothing will change that.

Eve is Win. Nothing will change that.

Sun Mar 29 2009 11:48AM Report
whatwat writes:

wow has 12 mill subs eve has 50k online at MOST with around 500k subs yep wow is fial alright a h i ment eve i s fail

Sun Mar 29 2009 12:11PM Report
Bruticus_XI writes:

whatwat, what? what what you what in your what, don't what even what try to what your what around this what. What it?

Sun Mar 29 2009 2:10PM Report
whatwat writes:

couldint come up with something better? lol pwned

Sun Mar 29 2009 3:25PM Report
marth186 writes:

WoW only has more subscribers cuz it advertises like an whore and submits to the pleading and begging of fanboys. EVE for people who don't like oversimplified gameplay and want a challenge as well as strategy. And you could argue that wow has strategy in raids, but its always the same one. EVE is always different and strategy is more in the moment than anything

Sun Mar 29 2009 3:51PM Report
whatwat writes:

so? that has nothing at all to do with it wow is a succsess and eve is a failure compared to it doesent matter what the gameplay is in the end ALL that matters is the number of subs and if you think otherwise your a ignorant noob

Sun Mar 29 2009 4:08PM Report
KillerEwok writes:

according the comments here, SRS PIC IS SRS

Sun Mar 29 2009 4:28PM Report
miagisan writes:

holy sh*t you guys are tightly wound.

Sun Mar 29 2009 6:34PM Report
Spin6699 writes:

Bruticus how bout "the end of the world as we know it" XD

Fri Aug 27 2010 7:08PM Report
Luxumaru writes:

miagisan got it on the nose here, it was only meant to be funny, jeez you guys need to lighten up.

Fri Aug 27 2010 10:02PM Report writes:
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