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Apparently its the T14 robe with a Nexus hat (thanks!)
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Pivotelite writes: No, that is T14 armor dyed purple and the hat from the nexus vendor. Tue Feb 12 2013 1:52AM Report
mymmo writes: Thats so sweet looking.  reminds me really of Vivi :) Tue Feb 12 2013 10:45AM Report
xenorace writes: lol, I am lost for words. The female avatars in Tera are smoking hot IMO, but this is very creepy! I want to know how many guys is trying to swing the camera to get an under the dress shot of thoese characters! We might need to find them and lock them up before they do real harm :) Tue Feb 12 2013 10:54AM Report
Pivotelite writes: Sure there's guys like that Xeno, but there's also girls that love this race. Almost every girl I know who plays TERA plays Elin. And it's Korean culture... they love making little girl races. You've got one coming in Blade and Soul as well. Tue Feb 12 2013 11:59AM Report
vladakov writes:

Elin are a race in TERA, and you are the one that is looking at them as little girls, because they simply are not...

Tue Feb 12 2013 3:24PM Report
Doogiehowser writes: So for someone who knows nothing about Tera and its look and its natural to think they are little girls. So nope it is not that simple. Tue Feb 12 2013 6:26PM Report
Corehaven writes:

" Elin are a race in TERA ".  Yea I can draw creepy pictures of little girls wearing skimpy cloths with rabbit ears (or whatever they are on their heads) and claim that's a "race" too. 


But that doesn't change the fact I would still be drawing creepy pictures of little girls wearing skimpy clothing with rabbit ears on their heads. 


People who defend this game by saying, " Elin are a race!  They're not little girls! ".  Yea....okay.  Right.  Riiiiiigght. 

Tue Feb 12 2013 11:33PM Report
Br3akingDawn writes: Elin are a race that look like little girls but are not little girls!!! Wed Feb 13 2013 4:16AM Report
Zierrity writes:


The Blade & Soul race (Lyn) aren't nearly as exposed when it comes to clothing as the Elins are, but you are right about it not being unusual for Asian games to have little girl races. Though Bluehole Studio did take it kind of far with the "sexy" dresses and pantyshots when it comes to a race that looks like a little girl, that's just my opinion. While I don't agree with all this "ZOMG people who playes as Elins should get arrested" crap, I do see why some people might  think like that.

Wed Feb 13 2013 11:21AM Report
Mysk writes:

The Elin are super cute, and that's the primary draw IMO.  They also have a lot of sass.  Their /taunt and /angry emotes are particularly enjoyable.  In fact, a YouTube video of an Elin mystic taunting someone in a duel is what originally sealed the race for me.

I don't think that there's anything wrong with the race.  Their appearance doesn't bother me, and they're a ton of fun to play.  There certainly are some things that are over sexualized, but that's Tera in a nut shell.  It's not limited to Elins in the slightest.

The biggest problem with playing an Elin is dealing with people's reaction to the character.  Not so much the trolls, since that is expected.  Thankfully I never had cyber requests, but you do rarely get a genuine creeper.

Far more often than not, Elin players kind of "click" when in the same place. You jump, dance, and just act silly. It's a lot of fun.  I'll miss playing an Elin on my sorc, but designing my character after an anime (even a very, very good one) got very old and I needed a real change.

Note that the Elin in this screen shot is NOT my character.

Wed Feb 13 2013 11:24PM Report
Pivotelite writes: @Zierrity - B&S actually has a few really skimpy lin outfits, not nearly as many as Elin but they have them... also they where skirts a lot and when you fly around in B&S there's... an interesting view? Thu Feb 14 2013 11:41AM Report
Pivotelite writes: Wow can't edit... lyn* wear* Thu Feb 14 2013 11:41AM Report writes:
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