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It's kind of sad that my level 8 Gladiator looks cooler than my max level in some other games...
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alyosha17 writes: It's kind of sad that they downgraded the textures on the character models and the ground and disabled bloom and other lighting effects. Sun Jul 14 2013 2:06AM Report
Kamikazego writes: Well, Phase 4 is a completely different client than Phase 3 (the current) and supposedly it's adding more stuff, like Antialiasing. Sun Jul 14 2013 2:14AM Report
Sinaku writes: Still looks better than most games out right now regardless. Sun Jul 14 2013 2:15AM Report
alyosha17 writes:

I just can't stand looking at certain things when they are so much worse than what they used to be.  It's sort of depressing, and knowing that there was no real justifiable reason for them being downgraded so.  Especially the animations.  But also the loss of textures on materials, and the way individual chinks of metal would light up realistically when you moved in the light.  Now it's just a flat, boring surface.  In fact, a lot of things in ARR just became flat after the supposed "upgrade" from the original.


I guess it must look okay if you never played the original, or have amnesia, or if they add antialising.  But I can't stand all the false praise for one more minute.

Sun Jul 14 2013 2:58AM Report
Kamikazego writes:

No justifiable reason? I think that's an unfair assertion. I played 1.0 and even with my current setup I was getting horrible framerates.  (I can play the current version on maximum) Also, while the game may have looked better "texture-wise", the world was sparse and filled with a bunch of copy-and-paste sections of landscape.  I'm sure you could go to youtube and type in FFXIV copy pasta and find something about it.

The only animations I really miss are the "realistic" walk/run animations when you would start to move, turn around, stop, etc.  It looked like my character had inertia.

Sun Jul 14 2013 3:20AM Report
Kelador writes:

They have made the textures and animations lower quality so that it will run on a PS3 that is the reason..

From a bussiness point of view having it on the PS3 aswell as the PC and having everyone on one world will help sell the game which is what they want to do.

The could allow the PC version to have higher quality textures and I'm hoping they add them towards the end of beta, but animamations will have to be the same for both the PS3 and PC versions for cross play to work.

Sun Jul 14 2013 3:41AM Report
cpupower writes: What is sad, is that the mobs don't drop gear or weapons so your forced to look like everyone else. Sun Jul 14 2013 9:56AM Report
Kamikazego writes:

@Cpupower, You would think that, but I don't run into people very often that look similar to me.  Maybe it changes at higher levels or something. <shrug>  You could be right, I just haven't experienced it much.


Also, it's the same problem with other games though too.  You have the illusion of choice, but in the end everyone looks the same because there are "best in slot" items.

Sun Jul 14 2013 11:05AM Report
Mighty_Platypus writes: The actual reason for having to "downgrade" the graphics isn't so much because of being on PS3 as much as no longer copy and pasting. There are no more invisible walls in the middle of a field, each area is seamless, and every rock is its own rock. No more 'small' zones to make a big zone means more power required, means less people can play. From the beginning Yoshi has talked about making the game work on almost any machine. Sun Jul 14 2013 1:11PM Report
reploidx writes: graphics don't make the games guys, the game play does. Sun Jul 14 2013 1:55PM Report
alyosha17 writes:


In ARR, they decreased the zone sizes to like 1/50th their size of that in 1.0.  The large zone sizes were the reason for copy-paste originally.  Think about it.

Mon Jul 15 2013 5:23AM Report
alyosha17 writes: @cpupower or you could buy gear from crafters etc. Mon Jul 15 2013 5:24AM Report
Doogiehowser writes: You turn around looking so cool  and realise that everyone looks just like you.  Wed Jul 17 2013 9:53AM Report
Kamikazego writes:


Like I stated up a number of posts above, I haven't had that issue very often...  The only time this really happens is when comparing Disciple of Magic classes. You can only have so many different color/patterns of robes before people start looking the same..

Wed Jul 17 2013 12:41PM Report writes:
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