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most elite item in WAR
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curiousdaoc writes:

Awesome character name, nice way to show everyone that you're a twelve year old. Doctorheal? come on....try actually using your brain for once.

I swear, this generation is absolutely pathetic.

Sun Apr 19 2009 8:45AM Report
Thatim writes:

You are pathetic.


Juding aa whole generation without knowing enough. That is whats wrong with the world.

Sun Apr 19 2009 8:55AM Report
KillerEwok writes:

tru dat

Sun Apr 19 2009 8:59AM Report
numatic writes:

curious...go suck on someone elses flimsy pride the way you suck on another flimsy thing.

Do you honestly care that much what I name my character? I tried doctorhealgood but that was taken lol I'd have named him Turkeyclubsandwich if i knew it would irritate you that much :)

Sun Apr 19 2009 9:36AM Report
lornj writes:

based on the above post, im going to buy WAR just to make a character and name him turkeyclubsandwich

Sun Apr 19 2009 10:37AM Report
Jerid13 writes:

Eh I sorta agree, why play a ROLE Playing game when your just going to throw immersion to the wind and name your character a string of words rather than an actual name that you could invent.

LIke Doctorhector or something, I mean geeze is it really that hard to use a name instead of a string of words?

On the other hand yeah I agree its kinda stupid to argue about it, not like anyones going to change your mind.

Sun Apr 19 2009 11:30AM Report
numatic writes:

because i dont on an RP server if you want that.

Sun Apr 19 2009 11:58AM Report
y2mattitude writes:

Roleplaying has nothing to do with it. MMORPGs are still RPGs, would you play Oblivion with a character named XxXGokuVegetaSanXxXNOMERCY4U? I rather doubt it.

Sun Apr 19 2009 12:49PM Report
Thatim writes:

I would?

I find it more important how people behave, instead of their names? But to each its own I guess.

Sun Apr 19 2009 12:52PM Report
numatic writes:

would I? no. Do i care if someone else does? no. And neither should anyone else. Just because people dont play the game the way you want, doesnt mean they are wrong. Quit trying to impose your MMORPG rules of conduct on other people.

Sun Apr 19 2009 1:18PM Report
A1learjet writes:

Im still waitign for sponsership so I can name a toon Pepsi or CokeCola

And Doctorheal I hope you sent a bug in on that as we on destro dont get the same  item thats for sure.


Ps  I believe you play on Praag server  think we crossed paths  on my non rollplaying  alt  witch elf   HiFi

Sun Apr 19 2009 3:03PM Report
classyeskimo writes:

the poster wanted us to see the item, those who would be interested.  his name doesn't matter much with regard to that, although it is a pretty swank name, all the same.

and the item itself does look b.a., bro.

Sun Apr 19 2009 5:31PM Report
Visax writes:

Its bugged... it happens... so yea... about  the name thing.. as long its not on a rp server i dont care.

Sun Apr 19 2009 6:04PM Report writes:
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