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Clan heading to war
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Lord_Ixigan writes:

all 15 of them! yeah!

Tue Dec 29 2009 2:40AM Report
Lord_Ixigan writes:

also - the graphics still look like total trash and AV keeps trying to disguise that in their ads for the game.

Graphics may not be everything but if you can't even keep up with the graphics of two or three years ago then I find it hard to respect your game.

Tue Dec 29 2009 2:42AM Report
mrcalhou writes:

At least the graphics don't interfere with processing the visuals. I remember trying to play Anarchy Online a few years ago and couldn't understand what I was looking at. I do think the graphics look average ps2 though quality though. Tangent: love it or hate I still think FFX looks amazing.

Tue Dec 29 2009 5:16AM Report
JeroKane writes:

Well I don't mind the graphics that much either, as it's looking not that bad.

However, the floating shield is a joke. I mean, how hard is it to properly fix the shield to the arm, instead of having it floating half a meter from your avatar lol.

Tue Dec 29 2009 7:12AM Report
kakarotrage writes:

 Guillermo197 is right.. it's not about the graphics at all it's about the fact that they're amateurs

Tue Dec 29 2009 8:41AM Report
tryklon writes:

 what the hell is going on with Darkfall and the brown pallette?

Jesus people, explorer other colors.

What a bout some blue? Go crazy!

Tue Dec 29 2009 11:48AM Report
Frostbite05 writes:

rofl yea they do over use brown in the game regardless of what current players say.

Tue Dec 29 2009 12:11PM Report
Nizur writes:

There were over 60 of us, Lord_Ixigan. I just didn't get everyone in the shot.

The graphics are fine. They work well, especially in large battles.

There is a lot of brown, but then again I'm on the edge of ork lands in this pic, which is all burnt out from volcanoes.

And yes, the floating shield is annoying, but it's not detrimental to gameplay.

Tue Dec 29 2009 12:57PM Report
Fadedbomb writes:

@ Tryklon:

This is why you will NEVER find a WOWplayer in Darkfall. Darkfall players do NOT want kindergarten colors and crayon esq backgrounds when galloping to war with another clan.

Don't comment if you aren't even in the same Genre of interest of a game. Do you see ME posting on WOW screenshots complaining about it? 


Tue Dec 29 2009 12:57PM Report
Bloodaxes writes:

What does having more colors apart of brown have to do with wow? duh

Tue Dec 29 2009 5:09PM Report
tryklon writes:

 nothing bloodaxes, but the guy has to talk about something to attack right? =P

I bet in real life everything is brown when some country is at war. IF something blue or yellow appears the war automatically stops because it does not look "war-ish" enough.... yep, i bet

Tue Dec 29 2009 5:55PM Report
Nizur writes:

What's with the hangup on brown? There are plenty of other colors in the world. It just happens that the lands I'm in have a predominance of brown, especially during sunrise/sunset when everything takes on an orange/gold hue.

Tue Dec 29 2009 6:06PM Report
Rizzit writes:

it's because there are no toilets in Darkfall

Tue Dec 29 2009 7:44PM Report
mrcalhou writes:


I play DF. I'm in a clan on Yssam and I think they could use a bit more colorations. It would probably help if they opened up how far you can see the scenary in the background.

@tryklon and frostbite

I remember logging in to pink mountains, it was pretty grotestque (though i concede its not that they were pink, but rather textureless outlines that were filled in. spent hours trying to increase my depth. Its pretty sad.)

Tue Dec 29 2009 9:06PM Report writes:
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