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best water in a mmorpg
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Hugolin writes:

i had to resize it from 1680x1050 to 1024, but still you can see how nice the water looks :D

Sun Oct 18 2009 2:36PM Report
death1978 writes:

lotro water looks just as good

Sun Oct 18 2009 2:36PM Report
Comnitus writes:

LotRO water... AoC water... just two examples of games with better water. This isn't bad, but it's not the best.

Sun Oct 18 2009 2:53PM Report
Joker2240 writes:

 It better have good water graphics.. It is a ship/pirate game! There is no mmo out to date that I know that has better ship battles than PotBS.  

Sun Oct 18 2009 2:54PM Report
johnny12343 writes:

 aions water is better so is lotro and aoc 

Sun Oct 18 2009 4:19PM Report
tryklon writes:

 i think aion aoc and lotro have the best water, although maybe lotro is still the best by a bit

Sun Oct 18 2009 4:52PM Report
SelfDestructPro writes:

The problem with most water is that they make it too transparent.  That and the color is usually off a bit.  I've really only seen truly amazing water in singleplayer games.

Sun Oct 18 2009 5:21PM Report
Hugolin writes:

i played aoc and lotro, aoc water sucks its like a pool everywhere, this has more wind effect, looks more real.

aoc its more river water, and yeah its good, but this is another type of water, more caribbean like, lotro water here would not fit

Sun Oct 18 2009 5:26PM Report
Hugolin writes:

aoc its more river* change that to lotro its more river...


Sun Oct 18 2009 5:27PM Report
johnny12343 writes:

 Uh hugolin idk what you think water looks like i lived in hawaii for half my  life and water never looked like this, water is transparent to a large degree this games water looks like a overly wrinkled blue piece of paper 

Sun Oct 18 2009 9:26PM Report
Getalife writes:

Worst water i have seen so far in P2P MMO. LOTR and AOC got the best water graphics.

Sun Oct 18 2009 11:14PM Report
Beermangler writes:

MO has the best water... rivers that actually flow.

Mon Oct 19 2009 3:17AM Report
Tajin writes:

^--- This.

MO water is way better. Only thing I miss is current in the rivers. Vanguard had that.

Mon Oct 19 2009 8:36AM Report
Shastra writes:

AOC and LOTR water is better then MO. Also rivers flow along with the current, Not every pond, river or ocean you see in video games are supposed to flow. In real life, most of the water you will see is still unless you throw a stone or decide to pee in it.

Mon Oct 19 2009 12:04PM Report
DAS1337 writes:

For all of you who are saying other games have better water, you're all out of your mind.  Perhaps in this picture, you can't see the difference, but go watch a youtube video of a ship in action and then you'll realize how silly you guys look.  


And just to comment on the MO water.  It's not better, not even close.  And even if it were, too bad the rest of the game looks like a pile of crap.

Thu Oct 09 2014 9:26AM Report writes:
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