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Final Fantasy 15
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Fusion writes: I wonder how old that city is supposedly, since it wouldn't last long with all the flowing water eroding the buildings :) Thu Jan 02 2014 11:43PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes: How does Venice, Italy keep their city maintained with all that water.  Plus Final Fantasy 15 has modern day and near future technology in its world. Fri Jan 03 2014 12:35AM Report
rojoArcueid writes: very very nice picture. I hope Square Enix one day realize how awful their game design is when they create a marvelous city like this one but you cant even jump into the water. Fri Jan 03 2014 1:34AM Report
uberwolfe writes: ... "in-game graphics" LOL Fri Jan 03 2014 5:15AM Report
ZagatoMKR writes:

Looks nice! I wonder if it's made with the new engine they showcased not so long ago.


Fri Jan 03 2014 8:36AM Report
Varthander writes: seriously how can anyone think this is in game shot... specially when there is a logo of a wallpaper site in the corner. Fri Jan 03 2014 9:15AM Report
tom_gore writes: It says it's from FF 15. Maybe the guy has a time machine? Fri Jan 03 2014 2:21PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

no i have youtube to watch the TGS 2013 gameplay trailer


Fri Jan 03 2014 2:28PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes: Fri Jan 03 2014 2:28PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

@Varthander how can people say anything without even doing some research about the game and watching a few trailers?

@uberwolfe yes this is in game, not surprising since they had to cancel the game for current gen consoles and make it for the next gen consoles.  Watch the TGS 2013 gameplay trailer if you want.

Fri Jan 03 2014 2:35PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Heres a tech demo square enix made showing off real time graphics of PS4

And they are applying that technology to Final Fantasy 15

Fri Jan 03 2014 2:50PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes: 6 buries haters be hating like shit on final fantasy series Fri Jan 03 2014 10:36PM Report
BearKnight writes: This is a Cinematic FYI: NOT In-Game Graphics Sat Jan 04 2014 6:25PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes: Yet the in game graphics look like this from watching the gameplay trailers and the other screenshots i posted whether this scene is a cinematic or not Sat Jan 04 2014 6:50PM Report
Torcip writes: The others I believe, but this one you would need a literal super computer to render all whats going on in this screen in real time. Sat Jan 04 2014 8:15PM Report
Torcip writes: And I thought I would add, the Tech demo you linked "Agni's Philosophy" was stated by Square Enix to be running on a gtx 680, which hate to break it to you is almost twice the performance of a ps4. No game will ever look like Agni's Philosophy on the ps4 at a steady 60 fps, ever. Maybe next gen. Sat Jan 04 2014 8:27PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Square also reported that they will be optimizing that agnis engine to run on PS4 and Xbone at very close to the level of real time detail shown on that tech demo since the graphics cards they have are still like equivalent to a GTX 560 which is still pretty damn good.

Long time ago people thought graphics like the Last of Us wouldnt be possible to achieve on PS3 when it first came out too, same with other games like Beyond Two Souls and Metal Gear Solid 5.

Sat Jan 04 2014 8:54PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes: You dont need 60 FPS to make it look smooth, 40-50 is just as fine. Sat Jan 04 2014 8:55PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes: A tech demo is basically a test for a prototype engine which still needs to be optimized a lot.  Its one of the reasons why Final Fantasy 15 have been delayed to death to get it optimized and working on the next gen consoles at the level in game detail and its still not coming out for another whole year. Sat Jan 04 2014 8:59PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Heres a another trailer with more gameplay scenes.  Right now from what they have shown so far of FF15, the in game graphics are pretty damn close to that agni tech demo with destructible environment, plus open world and swimming.


Sat Jan 04 2014 9:05PM Report
Torcip writes:

I can see you are set in your thoughts but let me leave you with this. The amount of world clutter, superior lighting and shadow tech, fully rendered cloth physics are not techs that FF15 has or will have.  Scaling back will happen, not to say FF15 looks like crap, because it doesn't, but it does not look like Agni's even the least bit.  FF15 have wide open clean areas without much clutter or things being rendered other than what's necessary.  Try looking at the two again and notice the difference in how Agni has a hundred different things cluttering up the screen at any moment (biggest example is the cloister scene with the thousands of fire and electricity particles, and hundreds of candles each with their own flames) to make the world look more real while FF15 is very clean, has much lower draw distance, and is lit poorly when compared to Agni.

It's possible to run the same kind of tech on ps4, but it would have to run sub 30fps and probably at 720p.  Which if you've been playing games at 30 fps all along probably wouldn't bother you. But if you're used to 60 fps or even 120 fps, going back to 30 is difficult and an eyesore.

Sat Jan 04 2014 9:33PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

I do agree that the detail is not like Agni demo but i been just saying its kind of close, like 60-75% there, which is amazing for a game thats coming out in the new gens infant stage.  But I do believe in 5 years just like last gen platforms that games will look way better than they did around the consoles release.  I do believe in 5 years that games of all types will start to look like the Agni demos detail once devs will learned how to optimize these new engines they are making and also learned how to optimize them for the consoles.  Some games like the Witcher 3 or MGS5 already kind of look that good too.

Basically an example is like comparing graphics of GTA4 and GTA5 which were both on same gen consoles but GTA5 totally blows GTA4 out in both graphics and scale.

Sat Jan 04 2014 10:24PM Report writes:
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