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my lil (mmo)rpger in training
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Dulain writes:

"how I lost my eye-sight"

Sun Jan 20 2008 10:31AM Report
Ammon777 writes:

haha thats cute :-D

Sun Jan 20 2008 12:04PM Report
Jadetooth writes:

Yea, she might be sitting slightly too close to the screen :P


Sun Jan 20 2008 12:59PM Report
pigfist writes:

All those wires... is that a toddler trap?

Sun Jan 20 2008 1:53PM Report
TookyG writes:

Yeah that's definitely a death trap.

Sun Jan 20 2008 2:02PM Report
Misq2k writes:

Nice setup with the wires , are you trying to get your little one fried ??

keep it up worlds best parent!!

Sun Jan 20 2008 3:19PM Report
Zycie writes:

Yes, she's sitting too close and there are tons of wires, but you guys seem to forget that the parent who took the picture is about a foot away and watching her every move. It's a really cute picture too : P

What game is she playing though? It looks like something out of TRON.


Sun Jan 20 2008 5:28PM Report
xkey writes:

Thanks Zycie - and what child doesnt ever sit too close to the television once a week or month or year?

I'll say this one time and one time only : 

1) GFI

2) The unit on the floor which cannot be seen has GFI (and great surge protection to boot)

3) The unit on the wall cannot support weight of any amount it slides very easily on 2 nails that have come out of the wall b4 when the ex's cat would run behind the *previous* armoire that was there (her lcd was smaller than mine muahahaha) to hide from our daughter lol

therefore strangulation was not a possibility, electrocution was not a possibility so unless she were to poke her eyes out with the end of the cord when someone was going to the can she was safe!

4) I'm *massively/monstrously* protective of my one & only - to the point it would seriously pi** her mother off at some of the 'requests' i'd make of her with regards to our daughters safety. 

I'm just amazed/apalled at the arrogance, stupidity even imbecility of individuals that think they know something but .... don't ask questions first to acquire information and make "informed and educated" remarks and conclusions.  It's no wonder 80% biatch about almost every mmo or 50% of their life - inability to develop and utilize the grey matter nestled in their cranium - far easier to fire off mouth with a head up the posterior.  [not directed at you Zycie lol]

Zycie, the game was "Adventure" ... on her lil retro atari [she was only 2 years old at that time 5 months ago and no way was i going to buy her a Wii yet !!!  a) her mental capacity isnt there yet to fully interact with one and b) she'd probably have broken a controller or 2 in her early "terrible 2" stages   - the retro atari was a good way to get her used to being gentle with controllers and it was so inexpensive :) ]

thx zycie - you get an A for using your intellect and not making baseless erroneous assumptions :)  and yeah my daughter is "beautiful trouble" as i call her - cant wait until i either relocate to cali or wisconsin winter ends so she can play whiffle ball, soccer, and basketball outside again

Tron on the intellivision ... now that was a game one could play all night long hitting the sweet spot so that you could never die ....

Well, back to sesame street dvds, shape sorters and some c++ with the toddler :)


Sun Jan 20 2008 10:01PM Report
kloub writes:

so cute!!  nothing wrong with this pic... my son is 5 years of age and help's me build computer's and he knows not to play with outlets:)


Wed Jan 23 2008 8:14AM Report
nakuma writes:

awesome man, very very cute. I stiull have my atari 2600 too lol. the amazing thing? i still love to play it, lock and chase( love this game), defender, choplifter, spaced invaders, missile command...the list goes on.

games have been known and researched to develop a child's eye-hand coordination, and problem solving areas of the brain. Games such as tron, and others allow a child to think strategically and develop solutions to problems so this is a good thing not bad.

i have a nephew who grew up on games on the PC and now he is in private school and is a honor student :P doing high end algerbra, learning a second language. you seem like a good parent xkey dont worry about what others comment on.

Fri Jan 25 2008 4:37AM Report
xkey writes:


i could be better as a parent - but i'm happy with my lil 'beautiful trouble' as she is lol

thinking about getting her a Wii before summer but will be sure she gets a ton of outside playtime this summer to develop and further her motor skills and her group-play skills

i grew up ...poor but always had friends or our own game console so always variety
saw mousetrap(something like that anyhow) on a friends odyssey system and we'd go over there and play it, we had the 2600 & intellivision so they would come over here - eventually someone got a NES so we'd be over at his house etc or a few of us had commodore 64s

decathalon will always be the game i remember from the atari ....  middle brother was only 15 months younger than me , and dad would get into decathalon too ... so those were some good memories of us 3 in competition in decathalon on the 2600
and wearing out joysticks left and right with that game! lol [the suncom ones worked much better than the atari ones for that game]

take care,

Wed Jan 30 2008 9:42AM Report writes:
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