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vickypollard writes:

wow sum ppl need to go outside

Sun Mar 16 2008 9:15AM Report
Midaveg writes:




get a life

Sun Mar 16 2008 10:24AM Report
Protest writes:

It's funny how some folks are totally incapable of hiding their jealously. Nice setup pal.

Sun Mar 16 2008 10:37AM Report
mmorpgtest3r writes:

amazing set up for flight sims :P , but nto sure about world of warcraft >.< but still amazing :)

Sun Mar 16 2008 11:01AM Report
nikoliath writes:

mmorpgtest3r, i think the point of it is for multi-boxing

Sun Mar 16 2008 11:08AM Report
kitsunegirl writes:

Obsessed much? lol Neat setup!

Sun Mar 16 2008 11:24AM Report
Koddo writes:

my only question is, is there a seperate net line for each box?

Sun Mar 16 2008 11:35AM Report
WootNation writes:

God damn thats pretty nice.

Sun Mar 16 2008 11:44AM Report
millon writes:

agh botter!

Sun Mar 16 2008 11:55AM Report
DAS1337 writes:

Jealousy?  I'm dumbfounded.  What, he's got like, 4 computers sitting up there, 5 monitors... a couple keyboards..  That is a waste of space and energy.  I'd hate to see that electric bill.


That might be good for a video editor, but for a gamer?  Are you kidding?

Sun Mar 16 2008 1:19PM Report
DAS1337 writes:

Oh, I just noticed.. WoW is on the screen.  It's a botter.  I hate gold farmers.  Not just in WoW, in any game.

Sun Mar 16 2008 1:21PM Report
Stakex writes:

I believe DAS1337 to be correct, its a botting setup... thats all a settup like this is usefull for. Becuase really... who needs more then one or two computers? You can only play on one at a time.

Sun Mar 16 2008 2:36PM Report
drklunk writes:

LMAO. all that for WoW?!

Sun Mar 16 2008 4:17PM Report
zagreos writes:

Probably not. People play wow but that is not the only game they would play if they have a good computer. FPS is I would play.

At least he/she has money to buy the all that stuf :) I wouldn't mind having it.

Sun Mar 16 2008 8:00PM Report
Xavierxx writes:

what a complete nerd

Sun Mar 16 2008 8:58PM Report
Jinxys writes:

Hey mate nice setup there ! It's actually very well done. And no need to call the person a nerd or a botter ... a lot of people play two accounts at once in mmo's  .

Sun Mar 16 2008 9:28PM Report
Hashbrick writes:

The setup is sweet but the fact you need 5 WoW accounts makes me scream Opera.

Sun Mar 16 2008 10:46PM Report
Jamkull writes:

gotta give ya props, thought i was bad with 2 pcs and a laptop at one time or another. 

Mon Mar 17 2008 12:02AM Report
redcap036 writes:

-I agreed, 4 to 5 pc's all with Wow, we are looking at a Botter & Farmer's work desk.

-Remember that Wow doesn't need a high end pc to run, you could easlly buy a pc for under approx $300 au, that could run Wow.

-This is not a Nerd setup, it's to cheap ass for a Nerd setup.

Mon Mar 17 2008 12:04AM Report
Krogg writes:

People love to assume..

Mon Mar 17 2008 12:17AM Report
Dutchgg writes:

that is to sick go get yourself a life wallmarkt     XD    2,50 dollars next to the ammo shop

its sale so get yourself a life now!

Mon Mar 17 2008 4:40AM Report
Dutchgg writes:

that is to sick go get yourself a life wallmarkt     XD    2,50 dollars next to the ammo shop

its sale so get yourself a life now!

Mon Mar 17 2008 4:40AM Report
Sovren1 writes:

Hmm, who said 5 wow accounts?  I see two. I only see two computers.

4 screens for one, 1 for the other.   Anyhow, I know plenty of people who have 2 accounts in wow.  To say it's a botters setup, could be, but we can't know for sure. I have my laptop next to me..does that make me a botter because i use two computers two play many different games?

Mon Mar 17 2008 6:11AM Report
Dracis writes:

Actually there is 4 computers, two on the ground and two on either side of the center monitor. There may be a fifth computer under neath in the middle but it's hard to tell. I had a similar set up when I was hard core into SW:G, though it never looked that nice.

Mon Mar 17 2008 7:25AM Report
y2sky writes:

Heh, in WoW you may call him a "botter" or "farmer"

To an old-school EQ player, that's an "amateur"  =P


Mon Mar 17 2008 11:24AM Report
gamerman98 writes:

hahaha its...ok....ive seen better

Mon Mar 17 2008 12:38PM Report
balle68 writes:

impressive, how did you get the monitors to stand up on each other?

Mon Mar 17 2008 12:48PM Report
nakuma writes:

well if hes not a botter or farmer(which i doubt) , dude seriously needs to frigging unplug lol. go breath some fresh unairconditioned air.go to a restuarant, take ya girl out (if ya got one) go catch a movie, do something that in midst of other human beings. lolme i dont pay for electirity but i 2 PC's one of them I dual box on.  but damn that set up is OD'ing lol.

Mon Mar 17 2008 1:47PM Report
GGordon27 writes:

Hrmm, well thats a pretty nice set up there slappy, we know that out of the 15million subscribers of WoW there are 5 of them right there, owned by 1 person. I wonder what the numbers realy are for WoW, minus the alts, the gold farming accounts, inactive accounts, and free trial accounts. It probably knocks it back down to about 5 mil or so. Oh and BTW, you realy need to get out more dude, like most everyone in the comments have said, get out and see the world, in case ya haven't heard, we have flying cars now, and pets that talk.

Mon Mar 17 2008 2:19PM Report
Teala writes:

OMG....that is an awesome gaming set is an awesome internet, watch movies and play MMO's set up.  I like it!   ^_^

Tue Mar 18 2008 5:11AM Report
WaveZtream writes:

More the better :) I got a similar setup ^^

Tue Mar 18 2008 5:55AM Report
magic-mouse writes:


He got the monitors standing on the levitated parts of the table


There is 6 computers:

One in the middle (Barebone) 2 under the table 2 on either side of the screen and one more under the table in the middle.

Looks like a basic none disc setup where the bare bone runs as harddisc for the 5 computers saves money for harddiscs and a little elecrtical bill.

And if you think thats bad....

Wed Mar 19 2008 1:37AM Report
Kelador writes:

WOW FREAK lol. Some people have more money than sense.

Thu Mar 20 2008 8:18AM Report
Betaguy writes:

Im not a super geek, or, Well I don't think so....


Tue Mar 25 2008 2:09PM Report writes:
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