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I don't know why people consider Ryzom to be ugly. For me it's one of the preetiest games when it comes to scenery.
Ryzom  Ryzom 
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taramir writes:

Its far from ugly. But there isnt much detail or effects there so it isnt really 'pretty' either. But I like it.

Tue Aug 03 2010 11:08PM Report
Lydon writes:

I've yet to come across better spell effects than in Ryzom. They're beautiful and detailed.

Wed Aug 04 2010 2:14AM Report
Serpentar writes:

Ryzom has its appeal. Though the enviromental effects, and avatars were a bit on the drab and dated side.

Wed Aug 04 2010 2:19AM Report
tryklon writes:

The graphics are indeed very dated in bad, take the place where your character is for example, the balcony protections are simple 2D textures put there, they didnt even took the time to make some 3D objects to go there.

If you look down, the floor only has the textures, theres nos tones, trees, grass or movement efefcts, just the ground textures.

The light effects are extremely poor.

The avatars look very dated, strange and dont quite fit the environment since the scale is not right. The character is much smaller than the balcony, in fact it could simply pass throught hose holes.


The game may be good, im not saying it isnt, im just analising the graphic part of it

Wed Aug 04 2010 7:22AM Report
QSatu writes:

When it comes to grass and movement ryzom is simply the best. maybe on this screenshot it's not shown but the vegetation in this game is better than any other I played. And every thing waves on the wind in this game.

those 2d balcony protections.. oh come on Every frikking game has 2d textures like those. They didn't took the time to make those.. lol you can say that to 99% of all games tbh.

Character is small.. AND? Don't see a problem with that.

the only walid argument you gave me was the poor character models and I admit Ryzom is dated when it comes to characters. but scenery is as good as in WoW or even EQ2 to be honest.

I'm not saying Ryzom is as prety as AoC or any modern game. but when i see people saying EQ2 and WoW are gorgeous and ryzom is ugly it's a little annoying. (EQ2 has much better water I admit).

Wed Aug 04 2010 7:57AM Report
tryklon writes:


WoW has already 6 years and the fact is that it still stands the test of time.

By the sake of comparison notice the protections on the house, the grass etc.


You honestly think Ryzom has better graphics? Truthfully, we are all gamers here

Wed Aug 04 2010 8:18AM Report
narakuu writes:

how can WoW graphics stand the test of time when it failed the moment it was released...

Wed Aug 04 2010 10:24AM Report
tryklon writes:

narakuu, thanks for your great contribution to this conversation. The clarity of your arguments left me completely astonished

Wed Aug 04 2010 11:45AM Report
SuperXero89 writes:

The seasonal effects and the living world of Atys really make Ryzom what it is.  Take those away and you don't have much else other than a p2p grinder with a deep crafting system.

The skill system in and of itself is fairly need, but in the end, it simply devolves into the same old routine of tank/healer/DPS.

Wed Aug 04 2010 2:44PM Report
SuperXero89 writes:

fairly unique*

--I joke woke up

Wed Aug 04 2010 2:44PM Report
narakuu writes:

you're welcome tryklon and as a bonus I'll try to make my point long and drawn out with lots of details and a wall of text to make it maybe suit your taste even more instead of keeping it simple and straight to the point.


on a sidenote... I like the style of ryzom's graphics better then WoW though, but neither game presents anything worthwhile mentioning as far as graphics go, imho.

Wed Aug 04 2010 4:01PM Report
pepcfreak writes:

@tryklon - You do realize this game was released before or around the same time as WoW. And grax speaking it stops wow. As far as you saying the person in the picture being out of scale, well you wouldnt know that is the smallest race called Trykers. Looking at the age of the game in comparison against other games released at that time, this game wins. Not to mention its changing seasons, migrating animals, and the fact its classless. The mass pvp is amazing. Its a great game that has many battlescars but is very worth your time. If you would have started this game during its release you still wouldnt be done training in each of the unique weapon paths and exploring the entire world.

Wed Aug 04 2010 8:07PM Report
Shizaxxx writes:

pepcfreak, come on.. WoW is just as old, and the graphics are somewhat the same - WoW's might be a bit better. Besides, I remember that Ryzom's UI was/is a mess, and it takes a LOT of getting used to. Besides.. Those huge pvp fights? Never happens anymore. Anyway, back to the subject;                                           Vanilla WoW graphics>Ryzom

Thu Aug 05 2010 4:42PM Report
Shizaxxx writes:

Edit: Except for spells. Before WoW upgraded the spell graphics, Ryzom's WAS better, I agree.

Thu Aug 05 2010 4:44PM Report
Serpentar writes:

Thats the bad part, Ryzom has shifted hands so much and hasnt really recieved much in the ways of upgrades. So many MMO's that have been released around the same time, and gotten those upgrades make it look seriously dated. Why Ryzom and VG have such horrid luck is sad.

Fri Aug 06 2010 6:13PM Report writes:
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